Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Catching the last train home... Holiday snaps (4)!

OK, so it wasn't literally the last train... but I had such a wonderful time with Dan that I didn't want to go home and go back to work at all. :-( I love Dan so much, I can't express to you what an amazing, crazy, romantic time we had so I just hope all these photos go some way towards showing it!

So let's round this off with some photos from our last day.

I'm laughing in the second picture because my heels were so high that Clive insisted I squat down... he looks faintly nervous here, but honestly, he was the nicest chap. ^^

Can you see the creepy black beast stalking me in that last picture? Really it was just some dude's dog, but it makes for a good picture... XD
Even evil geniuses need tea. I wasn't actually TRYING to look like a Bond villain here so I don't really know what happened.
Catchin' sum Z's at the coffee shop


My cute boyfriend ^^

Dan whistling.
What would Scooby Doo?

This is no laughing matter.

Listening to: My Red Shoes - Sarah June


Ashlee said...

The last two pictures made me laugh. "Do do do do do, just whistling... HEY."

Serenity said...

Cute! It looks like you had a wonderful time. What does your stockings have on the front of them. There seems to be a pattern or words on them, what does it say? <3!

ultimategothguide said...

@ Serenity - they say 'BITCH' which is not very elegant or original, but I like them. ^^

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