Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Goth traveller - and a guest post at Sophistique Noir

I'm feeling very famous today! You can catch my first ever guest post over at Sophistique Noir, and I have also been mentioned on the lovely Gothic Divine Magazine!! Please do check out my guest post for VictorianKitty, it includes pretty pictures in the English countryside taken by my lovely fella Dan. =)

This is in fact my first post on location; I'm house-sitting for my dad whilst he's away on holiday - and celebrating the arrival of my new pink boots, which I will OF COURSE post a picture of as soon as I'm home.

Since I have left my notes at home (nice one, Ames) I have not the foggiest idea what I was intending to write about today, so I figured I'd pull together a timely post about travelling with a Goth wardrobe. It was previously suggested by a reader that I write about the difficulties of travelling overseas with a Goth wardrobe, e.g. surviving customs, but since I have never actually travelled internationally nor even been on a plane, I figured I should do some more research on the subject first.

Many Gothlings, myself included, find it difficult to spend a night away from home without The Goth Essentials. Such essentials often include, but are not limited to:

  • Boots
  • Spare boots
  • Corset
  • Can of hairspray
  • Face in a bag (aka make-up kit)
  • Three eyeliner pencils
  • Spare fishnets
  • Poofy skirt
  • Suncream
Just to show how bad things can get for the Goth-away-from-home, for two nights at my dad's place I have packed:
  • 1 velvet corset
  • 1 poofy skirt (white)
  • 2 frilly skirts (black)
  • 2 pairs gloves (1 striped, 1 lace)
  • 1 handbag full of make-up
  • 2 toiletry bags
  • 1 pot Goth Juice (from Lush, invaluable for those of us with silly fringes)
  • 2 pairs tights and 1 pair stockings (stripes, fishnet, rose patterned)
  • a blouse, a waistcoat, a T-shirt, a small bag of jewellery and hair accessories, three pairs of socks...
  • miscellaneous underwear
and so on and so forth. Three bags worth of stuff. Since becoming part of the dark-clad throng, my days of throwing two T-shirts, a pair of jeans, a toothbrush and a bottle of mascara into a bag for an overnight trip are very much a thing of the past. Go anywhere without a bag of make-up and a spare corset? Surely, you jest.
Source: We Heart It
How beautiful is she?! *dies of envy*
I have run into problems with my tendency to overpack when travelling to festivals by train. Apparently, a rather large, customised suitcase does not fit well into a train carriage full of passengers, and the luggage racks are always full. I was shedding badges from the case left, right and centre by the time we disembarked, and feeling, well, not in one of my better moods, that's for sure.

At least a corset or frilly skirt can be rolled up and shoved - carefully - down the side of one's suitcase or backpack, and a top hat can be stored relatively safely in the obvious place atop one's head. The real bane of a travelling Goth is the parasol. Yes, you can indeed hang it gracefully over your arm, but if you are like me, you will spend half your time tripping over it as it somehow entangles itself between your legs, and the other half panicking about snagging the beautiful lace or somehow unravelling the box pleats. In fairness, I probably don't help myself by worrying so much.

Half the time I feel that the only consolation for the Goth struggling doggedly across town in platform boots, with a corset and  hoop skirt forcibly manhandled into their backpack, is the knowledge that they'll look damn good when they get there...


Anonymous said...

It is difficult! I packed mostly jeans and t shirts this time and left room in my luggage to buy things here and be able to take them home. I wanted to pack my tall heeled lace up boots, but decided on my Demonia platform sandals instead as they would take up less room. Atleast I have room for the stuff I bought, though it is filling up fast.

Violette B. said...

I totally see your point!
I have a natural tendence to overpack as well, so this creates funny situations when I visit my parents, who live in another city. Constant (but funny) comments about it are spread during my visits all the time. My mum does her best in those ocassions! Things like "Ey Mary, you brought the magic bag but where´s the talking-umbrella?" (lovely reference to Poppins) are the "day by day".
What can I say? The comments are totally justified!

Fallen Angel said...

Thank you so much! This is so going to help me with packing for my cross country trip at the end of this month!

Jacqueline said...

where'd you get them owo

Dirgesinger said...

I have read your guest posts and the mentioning of you and they are awesome! As this post too:):) When I was planning my trip to England for a week, I have packed two large travelling bags full (and they were really big!) and well, did not use half of the clothes - but you know, a Goth an always change her mind which corset or flowing skirt to waer this day or that! :P

Anyway, very nice post again.:)

ultimategothguide said...

@ Dirgesinger - I couldn't agree more, variety is the spice of life as they say. Thank you very much ^^

@ Jacqueline - pink Lolita platform boots with bows to be precise. eBay is god. ;-)

The Green Fairy said...

hahahahaha Oh dear, this has seriously got to be the hardest thing I've encountered about being goth. Screw the wankers that tease you and throw things, I'd take a crowd of them any day over packing/unpacking my suitcase for a trip. In fact, as we speak my suitcase from my trip at Easter is still sitting at the foot of my bed virtually untouched. It's too hard! :P *cries*

I've found that if you want to take several pairs of shoes (as we all do) wear the biggest ones, and pack the smallest ones as they take up less room. I normally buy new hair products when I get there, because I often have a shit fight getting like 7 different cans of whatever I'm using at the time to get my hawk up through security check points. Also, I suggest not wearing heaps of jewellery if you're getting on a plane, as the metal detector people make you take it all off. (You'd be shocked at how many times I've been asked to kindly remove my spoon :P hehehe)

Also, if you can afford it, purchase extra luggage weight when you book your tickets. It only costs like 15 bucks or something here for a few extra kilos, but if you're over and won't unpack when you're checking in it's like 50 bucks for every kilo you're over the limit. Yikes!

Oh I'm so glad I'm not alone :P There's no way I'll ever be able to travel in my full goth style overseas! What ever will I do!

BallerinaDark said...

I had to mention you in Gothic Divine Magazine ^_^ this blog of yours in one of the best I've seen so far :)

anyway I don't find such a difficulty to travel around with my goth clothes. I'm a magician in making it all fit in one luggage xD

Anonymous said...

Aww, a picture of Ewelina Walecka ;)

HalloweenQueen said...

I empathise greatly, i took 3 bags, in fairness one was my handbag, to a friends house to stay for one night. I need extra with me because it also depends what mood im in so i just travel with my fav stuff. I dunno how you manage spare boots, im always trying to tailor an outfit around my boots since the choices are knee high doc martins or knee high new rocks...heavy heavy heavy.
great post x

InfiltratorN7 said...

Rule of thumb when travelling by train: 1. Don't expect to get a seat. 2. Don't expect to find storage space for your luggage. 3. Travel light as is possible. 4. Expect to travel back from a trip with more items than you went there with! Cambridge is always a particular bugger for me as I always come back with armfuls of heavy books.

InfiltratorN7 said...

I forgot to mention if you're going to travel by aeroplane than don't go to the airport wearing loads of jewellery, belts etc as you'll be stuck with having to take it all off when going through the metal detectors (as well as removing other items like your mobile phone, mp3 player, wallet etc). You're also likely to have to take your shoes off if they have bits of metal on them.

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