Saturday, 7 May 2011

Gothy music videos

Yes, Gothlings, it's time for another of my patented Lazy Video Posts! (Tangent: I have just found a drawing in my notebook of some strange pointy-shouldered creature with an arrow pointing to it, helpfully labelled 'not chupacabra!'. I know that has nothing to do with anything, but I wanted to share it with you.)

I know I said I'm not going to be That Girl Who Posts Music Videos All the Time, but I really wanted to share a few of my favourite Gothy music videos. I just... can't help myself. If you're not one of those people who can happily watch music videos on someone else's blog, scroll down to the 'Goth gossip' bit at the bottom and then come back tomorrow, kay?

This is the song that really got me into Goth music... after my initial mallgoth phase thinking that Linkin Park and Slipknot were the epitome of Goth, I came across and learned otherwise. I popped across to YouTube and searched for some of the band names I had discovered - this was what I found. I fell in love with The Cruxshadows, and this is my very favourite song of theirs. After spending most of my youth wondering why I didn't seem to really 'get' music, it was great to find bands that kind of exemplified what I wanted my music to sound like: dark, danceable, with lyrics about things other than boobs and guns.

I'm not sure if this is technically a music video, but there's nothing I don't love about it. (FYI, yes, I am one of Doctor Steel's Toy Soldiers. Nurse Division.)

I love Ashbury Heights - their look, sound, everything. <3

The Scary Bitches. Not to everyone's taste, but really, what's not to love?

Goth gossip: David Cameron, the UK prime minister, has been immortalised as a Goth and as a punk, amongst other subcultures, in posters promoting Witney Music Festival. Check out Cameron's Robert Smith makeover here.


Claire said...

Nice. My favorite gothy vids are The Olde HeadBoard by Rasputina and Dead is the New Alive by Emilie Autumn

☥Viktoria Nightshade☥ said...

I love Winterborn! My favorite song by the Cruxshadows is Marilyn My Bitterness. Long live goth music! XD

Gulag said...

Don't forget Angelspit! DestroyX's makeup in "Fuck the Revolution" is AMAZING.

Chloë Noir said...

Great choise :)
And I absolutelly love Scary Bitches.

chaoskitten[DF] said...

Love Angelspit and DestroyX's makeup too ^

Thanks for the introduction to Ashbury Heights and Dr. Steel. Had heard of them but never listened to them before. Have Spiders on repeat! :D

Angel of Darkness said...

I love the song Spiders by Ashbury Heights. :) And I really don't have any favorites truly, there's just too many to choose from for me.

InfiltratorN7 said...

Cruxshadows are awesome. I never get tired of dancing to 'Winterborn' when I'm out clubbing. :-D I liked that Doctor Steel show clip you posted. I'm going to have to watch more of those, thank you for introducing them Amy.

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