Saturday, 14 May 2011

A personal take on 'tropical Goth' - warning, contains colour!

I know that many of my readers also read the lovely This Is CorpGoth, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who was amused (and inspired) by dedicated corporate Goth Trystan's invention, TropiGoth. Trystan describes the style thusly: "Goths can too be seen in summer or hot-weather clothes! It's what I've been calling TropiGoth for over a decade now.... I have a mad passion for sundresses. There's something so easy & breezy about little dresses you wear with nothing but undies & cute shoes. I collect them, but I don't seem to have enough reasons to wear sundresses -- except for tropical vacations! This may be why I invented TropiGoth in the first place..."

When I saw this adorable rainbow-coloured sundress with its peacock, flower and butterfly print turn up in the charity shop where I volunteer, I just couldn't help myself! At first I wasn't sure how on earth I was going to work it into my wardrobe - then I remembered Trystan's TropiGoth look. All right, so I live in England, which is not known for it's tropical climate, so my personal spin on this look did in fact include a woolly hat, huge warm Cruxshadows hoodie, and stompy boots. But the thought was definitely there, and I am very pleased with the outcome.

I'm wearing:
Sundress: Be Beau, via charity shop, £6.74
Black tights: no idea
Dreadlock hat: Gobbolino, £20
Gloves: Claire's, £4 (they glow in the dark, too!)
Bat necklace: Fifi's, £4.99
Glasses: Claire's, £4.99 (I think)
Watch: Punkyfish, £32
Assorted wristbands: gifts and market stalls
Shrug: Spiral, £12
New Rocks: found in dump
Hair extensions: various, approx £2 each
Dozens of multicoloured glittery hair clips, not seen: British Heart Foundation, £1.99 for four
Bag: Living Dead Souls, gift
Hoodie: £20 from Cruxshadows gig

You can see why it takes me a long time to get dressed in the morning.

To see how TropiGoth really should be done, go check out This Is CorpGoth.

Oh, and as promised, my new boots:


Julietslace said...

How on earth do you keep your fringe looking so trim? I currently look like cousin It.

ultimategothguide said...

I trim it weekly ^^

Shewearscrazywell said...

I love it! Oh..and I have found a new goth fact I think it is me...hipster goth (I follow trends, dress however I like, but all the time keeping the creepiness in my black little heart) :) Hee hee! Hearts, Janna Lynn

Anonymous said...

i want your zombies.

Lucidia LeFang said...

Those outfits are adorable! Makes me want to (attempt to) add more colour to my wardrobe. c:

Kaitlyn said...

I like the tropigoth idea, it puts a whole new spin on a sun dress :)
I also love the pink boots!

Unlacing the Victorians said...

never thought tropical summer wear and goth could actually be done.

I friggin' love it. :)

Phoenix said...

So cute ^^ I love your new boots and the outfit you are wearing with it too!

Serenity said...

Before I saw that you were wearing a dreadlock hat, I was like "omg, she got dreadlocks?!?!" As if you weren't gorgeous enough. :P
And ooooomg, boots! Ever since Emilie bought those sparkly glittery Victorian boots (which I found on Amazon but haven't the courage to purchase), I've been kinda obsessed with pink boots. Those are really sweet. X3 <3!

ultimategothguide said...

@ Serenity - aw, thank you! ^^ I did once attempt dreadlocks when I had short blonde hair. It ended... badly.
I'm saving up for Emilie's sparkly boots <3

@ Phoenix - thank you!

@ Unlacing the Victorians - <3 thanks!!

BallerinaDark said...

ooohh the boots *-* !! You look gorgeous and I love your fringe ♥ but I have to be honest I don't like the look you made with the flower/butterfly looks too messy for my taste..I would wear it alone with very few accessories! :) and it would surely look amazing with your new pink boots ♥

Anonymous said...

Aww Cute like a kids art project, I thought it was an apron at first though. I saw the picture before I read it.

wings unharnessed said...

Love the skirt. :) The boots are cute too. Speaking of adding colour into the wardrobe... (guilty confession coming up) I wore the brightest colour I have in... quite a while... Ok,OK... I wore a pair of pale blue jean shorts (the really short ones with rips and white out splatter) with black tights (which I accidentaly ripped this morning, a black t-shirt, and black (fake) leather hightops. My friend commented that it was the brightest thing I'd worn in FOREVER (I had a good silent laugh).

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