Thursday, 5 May 2011

Shop review: Thriller, Bournemouth, Dorset

Apologies for vanishing yesterday, it was mine and Dan's 7th anniversary so we got together straight after I finished work!

This Monday I visited Thriller in Bournemouth, a great shop that was even better than I remembered it. It's not the biggest alt shop I've been to, but it might well be one of the best. However I still have my usual gripes, the same complaints that I have about almost every other Goth fashion store in the UK - where are the obscure band T-shirts? Why do I have to go online to find something with Bauhaus or the Banshees on it? Why do you stock those silly rapper sunglasses that no self-respecting alternative kid would be caught dead in?

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Other than these usual complaints, Thriller is single-handedly a godsend for the thrifty Goth - not once have I stopped by and not found something delicious on the sale rail. Better yet, there is ALWAYS a sale rail, and it's not just ridiculous neon crap either. I even found a couple of corsets lurking there (not in my size, unfortunately).

The shop stocks gear from most of the old hand brand names with very few surprises, one nice thing, however, is that a lot of 'scene staples' are still in stock from one season to the next, so you can always pick up a fishnet shirt or frilly tutu, whichever way the winds of alternative fashion are blowing (e.g. what the mallgoths and scene kids are buying by the dozen). There's no headshop gear so it isn't overcrowded with local chavs; instead you can treat yourself to collectable figures from The Crow and Saw; BEGoth dolls and Living Dead Dolls.

There is a decent selection of make-up; typical brands like Stargazer and Directions. There is also a rack of greetings cards from artists such as Anne Stokes and Briar; really beautiful artwork, I'm sure that Gothlings in Bournemouth know exactly where to buy each other's birthday cards. I was tempted to stock up but unfortunately I was operating on a strict budget.

The very, very best thing about Thriller, which I feel sets it apart from many of the other alt shops I frequent, is the sheer amount of accessories available, at prices that I don't actually mind paying. (It's ridiculous how much some shops feel they can charge for simple things like tights and armwarmers.) There really is something to suit every style, from large and wonderfully ornate silver-coloured pendants (some of these are really especially unusual), an entire rack of lovely ties (Claire's, eat your heart out, my Nightmare Before Christmas tie gets compliments whenever I wear it), suspenders, tights, badges, hair clips, ear plugs, bags, belts (again, reasonable prices) - and the best thing about all of it is that it isn't all exactly the same stuff you see in every other store!

Goth gossip: It seems that the vaguely sinister tastes of your average Goth are still a bit too much for the mainstream... this season of Doctor Who was co-written by none other than Neil Gaiman, and is reportedly 'so scary' that it's lost a million of its viewers. I may have to buy the box set (unashamed Neil Gaiman fangirl).


InfiltratorN7 said...

Just a quick comment on your goth gossip bit: who on earth reported the Neil Gaiman episode was scary?! I've never heard it referred to as that before. It was fun and amusing and a popular episode with the fans but certainly not scary. There weren't any scary elements in it. The creepiest episode this series was 'Night Terrors' by Mark Gatiss but really wasn't that scary to be honest. I certainly haven't heard anything about viewers being 'scared' off from watching Doctor Who. If anything that's what always drew people in since it first started in 1963.

ultimategothguide said...

InfiltratorN7 - it was in the Daily Mail.

Anonymous said...

Don't bother going if you are in a wheelchair or have a buggy! They put stuff in the doorway do you won't even be able to get in!

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