Thursday, 19 May 2011

World Goth Day giveaway!

Well, it's here... my subtly-advertised giveaway in honour of World Goth Day this Sunday. I will admit that I'm a little apprehensive about this, I am NOT by any means a master craftswoman but for you guys, I have done the best I can.

(Re: World Goth Day - yes, Emily Lynn, you can cite my blog left, right and centre every day of the year. Like I'm going to complain about positive publicity?! Also, honoured over here. =D Oh, and the sharp-eyed among you might have noticed that one of the Goth Day founders, DJ Cruel Britannia, approves of my original Goth Day post. ^^)

This is going to be my last post... for four days, give or take. Nothing nefarious, I'm being whisked away to the seaside by my lovely partner. Since he doesn't read this blog (despite frequent nagging) I can safely disclose that there are gifts and cupcakes in his semi-immediate future. ;-) And lots of holiday snaps in yours (sorry about that...).

PRIZES!!!! Handmade by me, there were originally three pieces but let's just say that the third didn't quite turn out how I planned...

In our Goth goodie bag, we have this handpainted ankh pendant on black ribbon. It's made from a piece of animal bone that I found and cleaned (no animals were sacrificed in the making of this product), painted with Chinese calligraphy ink, and finished with a red diamante. I have made myself a similar one and am quite happy with how they turned out. They are finished with a layer of clear varnish so they have a nice lustre in daylight.

Part two of this prize is a bow... thing. It's held by a safety-pin, but there is a ribbon loop on the back so you could put it on a hairpin or a ribbon if you so chose. I think it neatly illustrates my policy for decorating things: stick a skull on it.
There will be one winner, chosen by the time-honoured tradition of pulling a name out of the hat. My Victorian top hat, to be precise, if I can turn it upside-down without squashing the feathers. If not, the bowler will have to suffice.

So... the rules:
  • You must be a follower to enter this giveaway. Anonymous entries are null and void.
  • Pop your name and e-mail address in a comment below so I can contact you if you win. Obviously you need to be comfortable giving me your address via email to send the items - I will never disclose it, post it publicly or contact you for any other reason than this yere giveaway.
  • Also, let me know your plans for World Goth Day. Because it's topical, I'm nosey, and I want good ideas for next year...
  • For extra credit (i.e. another piece of paper with your name on it in my hat) link to or post about this giveaway on your blog. Link me in the comments.
  • Yes, I will post internationally. No, you can't blame me for customs charges, things getting lost in the post etc. I will do my best to make sure that the items get to you, and hopefully in one piece. And yes, I will actually ship them. I have won several giveaways and had items never turn up so I know how disappointing it is. :-/
  • The giveaway will run until May 28th. A winner will be chosen May 29th. Any entries after May 28th will not go into the hat.
  • After the winner is selected, please send me your shipping info within three days or another winner will be chosen.
Good luck! And see you after my hols... stay spooky! <3


John said...

Would you like this publicised on the facebook page for World Goth Day? I am the male admin of the page

ultimategothguide said...

@ John - thank you very much, that would be fantastic!

'The Obscurialist' Dr. Sheridan Cult: said...

Giveaway <3! Woot :D
TheObscurialist [At] is my e-mail nom. And on my blog ( I'm going to blog about it to after I finished my dinner.

So far I have no clue what I'm going to do yet. Maybe I should arrange a lovely shoot with the dresscode 'Goth' where people can come to & where I'm going to photograph them.... hmmmm.

E said...

Oh, I love that ankh pendant very much. ...I'm just going to have to enter, aren't I?

My email address is, and while I probably won't be blogging about it, I will be celebrating World Goth Day. Nothing too fancy, since I have to work and none of my friends were up for a Victorian mad tea party (very disappointing), but I will be spamming my local radio station with requests for gothy tunes and dressing up like nobody's business. Since the radio station plays mostly Top 40 and country music, and I have to wear the dorkiest uniform possible for work, this should be interesting. :D

Suki said...

Fun idea.

I'm hosting a WGD event at one of our local clubs. I'm hoping it will be successful enough to do the event again next year.

My info:
Emily Anne @ sukihatesoranges at gmail dot com (yes, I'm weird about bots)

VictorianKitty said...

sophistiquenoir (at) gmail (dot) com

I'm stuck finishing up a home improvement construction project this weekend, so we won't even make it out to a club for WGD!! :( I will try to post a special outfit on my blog in honor of the occasion, if I can at least find time to remove splinters, do my makeup and take the photos...

Sophistique NoirGothic Fashion for the Mature

Miss Chaos said...

You can count me in.

And I have no specific plans for Sunday, I'm afraid. I could come up with something though...

bestpiggy said...

Oh my! I hope I win, I've never won giveaway.
My name: Oliuae
My email:
What I'm doing for World Goth Day: Going with my family to have a picnic in the commons in Salem, Ma. Then I'm going to my favourite restaurant wagamama for lunch. And for dinner- Raven's book store.
Extra Credit:

Extra Credit #2: The above blog also gets posted to my twitter.

amalie said...

i think i'm going to celebrate world goth day with my friends maybe bake some cupcakes.
P.S love your blog it's so informative(?) i have learned so much.

BallerinaDark said...

I'm surely going to try to get that wonderful necklace! It matches with my ankh earrings xD

my e-mail is: c h e r e l l e @ h o t m a i l . i t (remove the spaces :P)

I'm going to celebrate WGD by learning other The Cure and Siouxsie and The banshees songs with my bass guitar *-* and maybe I'll buy a cake for the occasion :) I also thought about making a professional photoshoot of me in all my gothic outfits! *-* oh it's going to be fun xD

Amphigoric Steph said...
Hmm, I will probably be wearing my best gothy garb... around my house while doing homework. I'll be sure to listen to lots of gothic rock though.

Lilly Peppermint said...

(Real) name- Jen Hanna

I intend to head out to the DV8 in the city for the first time on Saturday night, which naturally runs until Sunday morning. The event is a WGD thing, so that'll be my celebration. Aside from that, just dressing up, loving everyone having fun and indulging in dark revelry.

Your blog is fantastic. Enough said. I shall link a post about this giveaway for you as well.

Britney said...

OOOOOO!! I so hope i win!!

My name is Britney Mayorga (I'm not very fond of my first name...)
My email adress is

Since their arenot a lot of goths where I lives, Im gonna stay home and make chocalate cake to celebrate ( even if my family wont) world goth day. Im thinking about trying to make those spiderweb frosted cupcake you posted about. After that, I'll Crank up my sterio and listen all my favorite bands!!( The cinderella effect, sisters of mercy, Siouxsue and the banshees, The Cure!!...) And at the same time dance around like theres no tommorow, though the cinderella effect isnt really dancey type of music!!

SiouxsieL said...

I'm feeling lucky!
Siouxsie Law.

I'll be celebrating some of WGD by working on a big legal post for my blog (it's goth related). I'm not sure about the rest of the day. I'll probably wear my favorite skull skirt to the farmer's market.

Julietslace said...

Amy S at

I would put Juliets but alas that's not my actual name! Also, I'm making cupcakes and decorating to celebrate! xoxox

LovleAnjel said...

LovleAnjel at hotmail dot com
Karen K

I don't know what I'm doing - I'll probably bake some cupcakes (I want to try my hand at a chocolate stout batter) and go to dinner with the hubs.

SaryWalrus said...

Sarah Hunt at

Hopefully around world goth day I'll be celebrating with a lot of cliche'. Maybe go to the cemetery, do some DIY and baking some gothcakes with the lovely Ms Kitty.

I also linked to your give away here:

Kitty Lovett; A Charming Notion said...


Posting on my blog in a minute

We're drawing for my competition (LET ME WIN AND I'LL LET YOU WIN). And maybe sarah will come over? I don't know

Phoenix said...

Alex Queenin,

For World Goth Day I am hopefully going on a picnic with my wonderful boyfriend, then coming home and listening to a lot of gothic rock :)

iluvedogs4life said...

Hi my name is Kimberly ....and my email adress is (friend made this email -.-")....Omg i love the stuff u made ^^....For World Goth Day i might just be in my room in the dark listening to Black Veil Brides and what not. I hope I win (>///^<)

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