Monday, 20 June 2011

Adventures in corpgoth

So you may remember when I started my new temp job back at the office (my last day was Friday) I was determined not to fall into the jeans-and-T-shirts trap of tiredness and boredom and instead create a reasonably stylish corpgoth look for myself. It's probably fair to say that I failed. For the first couple of weeks I managed to get up on time and pull together a reasonably attractive and Gothy outfit, but for the latter half of my contract that extra half-hour in bed became more important than stripy socks or lacy cardigans, although I did at least manage to apply make-up every day, which was an improvement.

However I am learning, and I think that next time the trick will be to make sure that I own enough bits and bobs that I can mix-and-match each day without actually having to think about it; i.e. go shopping at Heavy Red and Qutieland and snap up some gorgeous blouses. A dressy blouse or shirt looks far more pulled-together than a T-shirt and would have done the plain black trousers that I ended up wearing every day (at least it wasn't jeans this time) a whole lot of favours, particularly if the blouse happens to be lace-trimmed, brocade or velvet.

I did take pics of my outfits daily for the first couple of weeks, but as they became more boring I stopped bothering. :-/ Oh, and some of my corpgoth attempts were, shall we say, not winners, so I won't post those here either. But there were some outfits that I was quite pleased with:

This was what I wore for the interview at the job agency.
Shirt: found in a skip (I know, I'm a hobo...)
Watch: Punkyfish at Argos, gift
Waistcoat (green velveteen, yummy): charity shop, £4
Trousers: Bon Prix, £12
Necklace: charity shop, £1.50
Belt: charity shop, £3.50
Trousers: as above
Shoes: from my mum
T-shirt: Panic! at the Disco concert
Bracelet: Simone's Jewellery, £15
Necklace (vampire fangs): Claire's, £4
Blazer: Travelling Trends fashion show, £13
Skirt: charity shop, £3.99
Shoes: as above
Scarf: Primark, £4
Edward Scissorhands T-shirt: gift
Blazer: Raven, £35
Socks: charity shop, £1.50
Maribou-trimmed cardigan: £30, Bon Marche
Necklace: gift from Dan <3
Purple vest: Tesco, £2
Charm bracelet: bought it from a group of Goth and Lolita girls at a school Christmas market in Basingstoke.
Skinny jeans: Primark, £7
Belt (Levi's): skip, again.
Trousers: as above
Belt: as above
Jumper: Primark, £4
Necklace: Claire's, £4
Jumper: £4, charity shop
Skirt: £5, vintage store
Stockings: £1.50, charity shop
Heels: £4, charity shop
Necklace: £4, Claire's
Jumper: Tesco, £6
Skinny jeans: as above
Uggs: charity shop, £3
Belt: as above
Silk scarf: £18, Mooch...
Tunic: £4, charity shop
Necklace: gift
Worn with black bootcut jeans.
An obligatory office-bathroom-mirror photo. With hindsight, closing the stall doors would have been adviseable. :-P I like to call this look, "Help, a giant corsage is eating my head."
Corsage: £1.50, Primark
Necklace: £1.50, Primark
Jumper: £4, Primark
Belt: £35, some alt shop in Southampton
Trousers: as above.

Well, that's probably enough of me for today. Thanks for reading. ^^


Sal Kaye - Still Dark @ Heart said...

I think you did pretty well with your corpgoth outfits. Me, I'm still trying myself.

Tenebris In Lux said...

You didn't do bad at all. I'm envying the belt buckle in the first photo ..

I set out my clothing the night before. Or even a day ahead if I feel like it.

Me, right now? Blue jeans, black T-shirt, recently shaved (undercut/Mohawk) hair. Nothing much.

Nightmare Zodiac said...

You're amazingly pretty! o.o

Really nice looking outfits! I am envious. :)

<3 Dalestair

Unlacing the Victorians said...

The closest you got to corpgoth, in my opinion, was in that last photo. But there were aspects of all but perhaps one or two outfits that hit the type of look you were trying to go for.

Maybe a longer black pleated skirt might have made it look more... corporatey?

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

You didn't fail!! Everything you wore was office-appropriate and still visibly alt. Maybe the t-shirts were borderline (depending on the office), but you dressed them up well. Yeah, you'll probably evolve over time but I say you succeeded nicely this time around. Variety truly is the key, I think. Or maybe I'm just justifying my own addiction to bits and bobs... :-D

I especially love the sixth outfit shown! And the last outfit; I adore giant hair flowers!

CycloneAmber said...

love ur gothcorp styles!!
I should do the same thing for my bar job.
btw love the spooky web link!

Piperita Patty said...

So cool! My favourite outfit is the third (maybe because I have a thing for stripey socks) and I really love the corsage in the latst photo and the waistcoat of the first. I really love charity shops too!

Julianne said...

Yay for so much charity shop clothing! I need more vaguely-goth yet work-appropriate clothing too. I see more charity shop trawling in my future, yay!

lulita said...

you did it pretty well!!
I`m older than you so I have been working for the lasts .... 15 years, and at the beggining of the winter season (I am from Argentina, so is winter here)I realized that all my corporate outfits were made of basics in black; red; white and gray .... not so creative but pretty easy to make them fit while you try not to wake up!!! :P
(excuse me for my idiomatic mistakes)

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