Thursday, 23 June 2011

Dreams Divide, Killing For Company and Die So Fluid, Southampton, 5.3.11

I have a tendency to overdress, and heading to Southampton to see female-fronted metal act Die So Fluid with my best girl Jo was no exception.

Jo and me in my kitchen pre-gig. That's my natural look. ;-)
Before the show we settled down with a bottle of cider each, little realising that the guys we were sitting by were members of support act Killing For Company. D'oh. (However, we ended up sitting by one of the guitarists later on - apparently he told Jo she was pretty. ^^ )
Mmm, strawberry cider goodness!
As we were some of the first people to arrive we managed to settle ourselves on a bench quite close to the stage. However this was pretty much wasted effort - as the first band, electro-Industrial act Dreams Divide, took the stage, it only took a couple of bouncy notes to catapult me onto the dance floor. ;-)

This was Dreams Divide's first gig and I was majorly impressed, I really enjoyed their set. I was shocked when the vocalist, David, announced that this was their first ever show - the performance was polished and energetic. Not to mention, their music was really catchy and great to dance to, I will definitely be downloading their album as soon as I get some cash!

Some crappy pictures of an awesome band... I really should upgrade my cameraphone. :-/
Between sets we had a good giggle at the DJ, who was wearing sunglasses indoors *rolls eyes*.

Dreams Divide had been an extremely pleasant surprise; I would definitely peg them as an up-and-coming act worth checking out. I was less impressed, (sadly, because they seemed like nice lads) by Killing For Company - don't get me wrong, they were talented musicians, just not to my tastes.

They are described as 'alternative rock', but I didn't think they were especially exciting. Nothing about their music really caught my attention; ten minutes later I couldn't remember a single riff or lyric. Judging from rave reviews I have read online, however, I'm probably in a minority, so if Lostprophets-meets-Nirvana-meets-Stereophonics sounds appealing to you, go check them out. ^^

Die So Fluid arrived on stage to thunderous applause, and within ten minutes the area directly in front of the stage was a mass of writhing bodies. Singer Grog looked beyond fantastic in some sort of holographic catsuit (!) with feathered shoulders, and seemed cheerful and chatty, happy to banter with the audience. One fan had apparently been travelling around all the way from Wales to catch every show on this tour.

Die So Fluid's alt metal sound has built a good reputation for the band amongst the UK alt scene, and it was good to hear them play a mix of audience favourites from their three albums, with most of the standout tracks coming from their newest release The World Is Too Big For One Lifetime.

Grog's vocals are incredible - strong, raucous, but oddly melodic - and do more than justice to the strangely poetic lyrics, which often cite folklore and mythology, suiting what several other online reviewers have described as an 'epic' sound.

The set seemed to be over very quickly, although this may have just seemed so because it was such an outstanding show. Thinking back, they did pack plenty of songs into what seemed to be a short space of time.

Sadly we had to leave immediately after the performance so we missed out on the meet-and-greet, but this was one of the liveliest shows I have been to for a while and certainly Grog has the best attitude towards the audience, very friendly and down-to-earth even whilst on stage. Definitely a ten-out-of-ten show, what a great night!

Jo has a theory that Grog and I look alike. I think it's just the hair. What do you think?


Tenebris In Lux said...

Cool! Glad you had fun.

Hmmm, it probably is the hair. People always say that my boyfriend looks like the Joker, which I could never get, but he can pull of a really authentic evil smile.

I'm pretty envious to say, but I'll be doing a post about the concert I'm going to this Saturday! :-D

snapexforever said...

I think you do look alike, from what I can see! (that's a compliment in my book ;) )

BallerinaDark said...

Yes you do look alike her :) it's not only the hair but also the make up! btw you the make-up reminds me also a lot of Adora Batbrat :)

Emily Lynn G. said...

Just checking out Die So Fluid right now- nice sound and great flow to their songs! Nice to get your blogs again, computer broke and I had to go without!

Callasandra said...

I think you two look alike same face, hair everything + you are both beautiful.

InfiltratorN7 said...

mmm I think I'll have to check out this Dreams Divide. Sounds like they might be right up my street. :-) I'm looking for new music to listen to.

Exploding Poptart said...

Actually, I think you look kind of like Chibi, from TBM.

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