Tuesday, 28 June 2011

FaerieWorlds and FaerieCon

Many conventions and festivals in countries all over the globe are either popular with Goths, despite not being Goth-specific, and/or are considered to be welcoming and friendly to even the most unusual-looking of us darkly-clad spooksters. Many of the most Goth-beloved cons include anime and comic events, steampunk events, horror expos and faerie fests.

Every time I come online this summer I seem to discover a new faerie fest, which are, obviously, events and gatherings dedicated to faeries and the faerie subculture. A lot of Goths are interested in faerie, be it via folklore, aesthetics, or something as simple as modern faerie fashion (which reminds me, I bought the sweetest white fairy wings last fortnight for - get this - £3.50!).

Some of the biggest events are those which take place annually - for example FaerieWorlds in Oregon, 'the premier mythic music festival on the West Coast'.

For me, the big draw of FaerieWorlds is the sheer amount of stuff going on - from artists and musicians to entertainers, and even an arts and crafts vending village, I can't imagine there being a single boring moment. Plus, faerie events are a wonderful excuse to dress up in one's most spectacular finery.

But those on the East Coast should not despair - FaerieWorlds has a sister event, FaerieCon, taking place annually in Maryland. I think their own website describes it best: "Array yourself in your most beautiful faerie finery, don your wings, gather your friends and family and cross the threshold! Once inside, you will find the largest gathering of faerie artists and authors in the world who look forward to meeting you, amazing, magical apparel, beautiful jewelry, mysterious masks, handmade crafts, fashion shows, performers, musicians, storytellers, exhibitions, panel and workshops.

"And at night, the gates of Faerie open once more at the Good Faerie and Bad Faerie Masquerade Balls, acclaimed the last two years as the astounding highlight of FaerieCon. Look deep into your heart: are you a Good Faerie or are you a Bad Faerie? Make your choice, create your costume, and dance the night away in the Magical Realm.

"Surrender to the glamour of faerie and join us!"

Doesn't this look AMAZING?!

Goth-friendly attendees at this year's FaerieCon include artist Amy Brown, the band Qntal who will be playing at this year's Bad Faeries' Ball, faerie musician Priscilla Hernandez and author Melissa Marr (a personal favourite). Previous performers at FaerieCon and FaerieWorlds include the bands Faun and Rasputina.

P.S. So I'm thinking I'm probably going to take the plunge and shave my eyebrows off today, I'm sick of constantly plucking to keep them thin, a nice clean shave would be so much easier. I'm just terrified I won't be able to draw them on right again! But if I can do it, anyone can, so I'll let you know how it goes. :-)


Claire said...

I love faeries! I wish there was a faery fest in the midwest. Oh well, there's always the renaissance festival.

Excerpts From Hell said...

I live in Oregon and FaerieWorlds is actually one of our biggest festivals for all communities here.....its super loved.

But I personally think that I love the Good Faerie and Bad Faerie Masquerade Balls better. They tend to be during the cooler time of year so I can get all decked out. And they bring in a more interesting selection of music I thing :)

Smashed Doll said...

Wow this sounds amazing I wish we something even slightly simalor all to this. All our fesivals involve too much alcahol and awful music.

Vivienne Moss said...

I wish I could go, but, alas, hard times equals not being able to do everything I want. One of these days, one of these days....

akumaxkami said...

I'm pretty sure Minnesota has a Faery Festival too, but I doubt it's nearly as large as these East and West coast events.

Anonymous said...

This post made me smile as I had happened to have gone to New York Faerie Festavil on sunday.

InfiltratorN7 said...

Those faery events look amazing. I'd love to go to one though I'm not aware of there being one in the UK. There might be, there is that Fae magazine after all so maybe. I heard from someone that in the faery subculture there is a hierarchy that's got something to do with wings where you start out with baby wings. Don't know if any of that's true though!

I think this is a subset I want to explore more and find more about. I know so little but like what I've seen so far. I've always loved Brian Froud's artwork and I really like Tony DiTerlizzi's work as well. For Froud I recommend tracking down the Point Fantasy book 'Brog the Stoop' which has cover art by Froud. It's quite rare but the story is good, it's the only Point Fantasy book I've ever found (in contrast with Point Horror which are found in libraries and charity shops everywhere).

I recently found out about the Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball which looks amazing! It's over in LA so it's unlikely I'll be able to go anytime soon. I love to browse through the photo galleries at all the gorgeous outfits people are wearing. There does seem to be a bit of a crossover with steampunk as this one has a goblin workshop and The League of Steam.

ultimategothguide said...

InfiltratorN7 - there are some events in the UK of this type, go to FAE mag's website for info and tickets. they mostly seem to be in the Glastonbury area. Thanks for the link. ^^

InfiltratorN7 said...

Thank you Amy, I'll have a look at their site.

*blinks* There's a mermaid magazine too! Wow. That's kind of cool. I'm tempted by the £6 for both Fae and Mermaid magazine offer.

Just looking at the Faery Ball info and noticed mention of a steampunk. There definitely seems to be a crossover between the two. Something that I wasn't expecting. I wonder if it's the goblin collection (like how in Labyrinth the goblins seemed to use a lot of mechanical devices).

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