Saturday, 25 June 2011

Goth beauty: dramatic eyebrows, part two

Welcome to part two of my 'Goth eyebrows' mini-series - as promised, tips, tricks and techniques for drawing on your brows if you've shaved them off (or if, like me, your natural eyebrows are thin, fair, and invisible to the naked eye). If you missed the first post, you can find it here.

Your new brows can take any shape that you like... for a clubbing or festival look, many Goths like to have an extreme diagonal arch up the forehead, as demonstrated by Adora BatBrat in this helpful (and cute!) tutorial vid. Please be careful with those scissors!

As you can tell from this video, possibly the best and most common tool for drawing on new brows is simply liquid or gel eyeliner - you can also use felt tip liner but be warned, it might smudge easier and the line is likely to be thicker and possibly blobby. You will need steady hands but this will come with practice - it may be worth experimenting with liquid liner for a while before shaving off your eyebrows or you could end up with a disaster on your hands on the first day of college...

There are, however, plenty of other options. Because I do have eyebrows, albeit very fine ones, I like to draw on my brows with a soft black eyebrow pencil. This allows for a more natural daytime look whilst still being very thin and hopefully dramatic. Keep your pencil sharp for a precise, defined line, or allow it to soften for a natural look (preferable for school or work).

My brows
If you have fair or fine brows, you can also use an eyeshadow a shade or two lighter than your hair colour to define them - or, if you have unnaturally-dyed hair or coloured streaks in your hair, e.g. purple or blue, you can use a matching eyeshadow colour. (You can, of course, use a coloured eyeliner to draw on your eyebrows if you have no brows at all.) It's surprising how creative you can actually be with eyebrows! One of my favourite tips is from the Green Fairy, who paints her brows on with green glitter make-up.
If using eyeshadow or glitter, use a fine and slightly damp brush to paint on the shape that you want (this is where it's handy to have a fine natural brow that you can use for guidance). It may be helpful to rest your elbow on a flat surface to stop your line wobbling.

To create that smooth even line with whichever medium you choose, mark where you would like your eyebrows to begin - do try to make it level! It sounds obvious, but I tend to tilt my head like a curious bird when doing my make-up which often leaves me with wonky brows...

As you begin drawing, you may find it comfortable to rest your hand against your cheek bone, brow bone or even against the edge of your mirror if you're standing. If you draw the line too thick, don't worry - use a damp cotton bud to wipe away any excess. Matching your brows is the hardest part, but this comes with practice, and is easier with an eyebrow pencil than liquid liner. Just take your time to start with and don't panic if you can't get them EXACTLY even - most people's eyebrows are not precisely symmetrical anyway.

If you get caught out with a broken pencil or run out of liquid liner, you can in a pinch use a kohl pencil as a quick fix. This is far from ideal as the line is usually too dark and too smudgy - run a cotton bud over it to pick up any excess, then pat liberally with your usual face powder to lighten. Fix with hairspray if you have some handy.

Job interview? Tentacles and Teacups comes to the rescue with this great tutorial for drawing on natural-looking brows. ;-)

You can achieve an almost endless variety of looks with drawn-on brows. Here are a few to inspire you:
Source: Photobucket
Yes, this is a 100% unisex make-up tutorial... lack of eyebrows is definitely one Goth make-up trend that the gentlemen of the scene can definitely get in on... there is of course the no-eyebrows-whatsoever aesthetic pioneered by shock rocker Wednesday 13, but that hardly requires a tips-and-tricks page, now, does it?
Source: YouTube
An extreme arch creates an exciting look.
Goth Goddess of Tumblr, Miss Superstar ("Being beautiful is defined by how I am feeling not by your perceptions,"), has the most gorgeous diamante brows (argh. I plowed through Tumblr for two hours to find this pic. Not even kidding).
Source: Tumblr
One of the best things about shaving your eyebrows is being able to incorporate them into some seriously dramatic make-up looks, as demonstrated by Razor Candi.
Source: We Heart It
Spiderwebs, dots, curliques and other designs give extra interest to your make-up look - just practise, practise, practise before you leave the house!

And last but most definitely not least, the undoubted Queen of Spooky Brows has to be Mrs. Neil Gaiman herself, the badass Amanda Palmer:
Source: Google Images
This woman has the most incredible liquid-liner skills I have EVER seen. Amanda, we salute you.

Well goodnight darklings, I've been really ill this week so I'm kinda proud of myself for keeping up with blogging - I can't even see Dan because one of his close relatives has a severely low immune system so he can't visit when I'm sick. :-( Been feeling rubbish since Wednesday so hopefully tomorrow will be a better day! Thanks for reading. ^^


Julietslace said...

Oh have a rest girl! You deserve it :3

Ashlee said...

xD I cut Bettie bangs yesterday. That was poor timing, on my part.

Anonymous said...

If you don't have ANY makeup on hand, you can also use a black pen or permanent marker as eyebrows. I do it often :3
(the marker WILL come off with rubbing alcohol or makeup remover xD)

The Green Fairy said...

Oh Amy thanks for the mention! :D

And I think Amanda Palmer's eyebrows are tattooed on.

I love eyebrows!

Gaia_Noir said...

How timely - I was looking at my old school portrait photos today, with the shaved off eyebrow tips gel-linered on in an extremely pointy straight line (or, indeed, in a lovely Amanda Palmer rip-off) :) However, post-shaved-eyebrows-experiment, my own fuzzy eyebrows pencilled in extra grey-black seem to look the sweetest and most old fashioned on me. I did once even read something about fuzzy dark eyebrows being so much the rage in the late 1700's that some ladies actually stuck on fake ones made from mouse fur (this could be an urban myth, though...!).

shexdreamsxfiction said...

Loved reading this! Ive had no eye brows for but found this pretty helpful!

InfiltratorN7 said...

I thought it was Marilyn Manson who started off the no eyebrows look. When did Wednesday 13 start? I guess in the end it doesn't matter too much.

A bit of randomness I read in a David Bowie biography: In the early-mid 70s David Bowie had written 'All the Young Dudes' for Mott the Hoople which turned out to be a hit for them. After that he wrote for them 'Drive-in Saturday' which they refused to take, saying they were successful in their own right now (mmmm). Bowie got really pissed off with them, got drunk and tried to take revenge by erm.....shaving his eyebrows off. Then he decided to use the song himself.

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