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Gothy hair extensions

Goth and Industrial hair extensions, falls and accessories are a great way of changing your look from day to day, as well as being more extreme in variants of colour, style, material and texture than any form of traditional hair extensions. No ‘natural look’ here!

Cold Cyber Princess by ~TheTerrorCat
They are very often home-made with supplies bought from craft stores, although companies like Plastikhaar and HeadRazor specialise in these accessories. Popular synthetic materials for falls are plastic, wire, wool, foam, tubing, and of course synthetic hair/dreads (although human hair dreads are also sometimes used).

Here's a brief guide to the various types of extensions available.

Clip-on falls.These are quite the simplest kind of fall available, and merely clip on over a ponytail with a crocodile or claw clip. Therefore they can be instantly attached or removed. These falls are available in all kinds of styles, and are usually sold in pairs so that they can be worn on either side in pigtails. They are usually made from synthetic hair. They are simple to attach but may fall (no pun intended!) off if the clip is not good quality or your ponytail is thin.

Tie-in falls.These falls are attached to a ponytail band or ribbon so that they can be tied in over your own hair. These are often in cyber or industrial styles – see Miss Needles for examples. Again, these are usually sold in pairs. They can be very heavy.

Clip-in fringes or streaks.Does exactly what it says on the can. You can also get fake fringes (aka bangs) on a hairband. This is a good way to update your look without going for the chop, but it might look obviously fake unless it's good quality.

Pinch-braided falls.
Pinch-braiding is when the synthetic materials are braided into your real hair. This allows the hair to be snipped off when you want to try something new. Be sure to track down a certified stylist for this.

Synthetic dreads.Synthetic dreadlocks are temporary and can be removed without damage to your own hair. They can be quite expensive as they take longer to attach than other types of extension. It might be worth learning how to do your own if you have the time and patience.

The most usual method of applying dreads is braiding your real hair, then wrapping each braid round and round with synthetic hair and sealing into place with heat and/or glue. At this stage they are known as ‘sticks’ or ‘silky dreads’. For more realistic dreads, the surface of the wrapped ‘stick’ can be teased to give a more matted appearance, or the piece of wrapping hair can be back-combed before it is wrapped round the underlying braid. You can either braid all your own hair first, then use separate pieces of hair to wrap around the braids, or, you can use just one piece of looped-over extension hair to make the entire dread.

If your own hair is quite short, you can simply have synthetic hair braided into your own hair until it’s as long as you want the dreads to be. This method involves no damage to your real hair, since it’s all tucked away inside the dread. When you get fed up of the dreads, you just snip the end of the synthetic part off, unwrap the dread and un-pick the braid underneath. The biggest drawback with this style is that it can be painfully heavy – that’s a lot of hair attached to your poor head! These can also be the most expensive style of all.

Semi-permanent hair extensions.These hair extensions can be made from synthetic fibres or real human hair and are glued onto thin strands of your own hair. They come in loads of amazing colours, and you can have various styles done with them - a full head of extensions to give length and volume, or bright streaks of colour. They have to be applied by a professional, which can be pricey, but they last for six to eight months. If you choose human hair extensions, you can do anything with them that you can with your own hair - hairdrying, straightening etc. Synthetic extensions can be hard work as they hang dead straight and as such can look very unnatural, plus you can't use any heated styling equipment on them.

Braiding synthetic hair into your real hair is an easy and relatively cheap way to extend your hair. Braids are also one of the easiest styles to DIY – all you need is strong arms, several packets of synthetic hair, and time! You might also need someone to help you with the ones round the back...

Goth gossip: Fans of The Cruxshadows are probably aware that frontman Rogue and his wife, fellow band member Jessica, have been expecting a baby... the sonogram was posted on the CXS news page in December, but there has been no word since - does anyone have any updates on the arrival status of the bouncing baby Cruxshadow?


Anonymous said...

Indeed, Rogue and Jessica had a bouncing baby girl, Angelina. She was born, I believe, in April.

Emily Lynn G. said...

How funny.I was reading this article, saw the Spookywebs slide featuring the sonogram, and flipped!(you're my only place of goth news and updates so I had no clue, -5 goth points.) I didn't even know a child was on the way, and I guess the blogger above me says she was already born! <3 yay!

Jukebox Juliet said...

Just gonna put this here, 'cause I don't really know where to ask it. What does everyone have against My Chemical Romance? In the begining, yeah, they were goth. But emo? Never. Gerard even says emo is shit. I hate it when I'll be walking around in a My Chem shirt and other goths call me emo or a wannabe. Obviously, I'm not emo, nor am I a wannabe. They're my heroes, they've saved my life, yada, yada, yada... pretty much all that typical MCRmy gooey shiz. But honestly, what's so wrong with My Chemical Romance? Also, loving everything you're doing here. :)

Unlacing the Victorians said...

@ Jukebox Juliet- I don't get the big deal about MCR either. They play good music, and they change their sound and their fashion style with each album- something that I actually find very refreshing. Not enough bands try to experiment with new things in my opinion.

Although I've never had anyone call me a poser for wearing an MCR shirt... guess there aren't that many Goths in Pittsburgh.

Anonymous said...

The Facebook page for the Cruxshadows announced their daughter and even has pictures of her :D

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

My cousin (er, second cousin's ex girlfriend really) Ashley's hair got melted by bleach. As in, "i'm melting, i'm melting, what a world, what a world", puddle-o-hair style. Her solution? hot pink hair extensions to her hips. hardcore.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Amy,
My name is Elizabeth and I live in Spain.
Spain is boring. There aren't many other goths around so I feel alone.
I'm 14 so no clubs or anything.
What should I do???
Thanks 4 everything
PD:goths here listen to Paramore imagine my feelings...

BlacKat said...

You wouldn't happen to know of anyone who makes falls with a smaller or different type of clip, one that doesn't require a ponytail or braid? I'd love to play with falls, but I'm afraid I don't have enough hair to put into anything remotely resembling a ponytail.

Zoe Alice said...

So, this isn't really about the post but it's a positive piece of goth news to share with you.

So, I live in a very small market town in the West Country (not by choice - I grew up in cities...) where people are, uh, let's be kind and say oldfashioned. And as I was buying chocolate in Spar today I noticed that there's a little article on the front of the local newspaper about a local goth couple who went for a black and purple themed wedding. Sighing inwardly, I scanned the rest of the article (well, only a couple of paragraphs really) to see what they had said. And... it was just all really good things about it being visually stunning, quirky, creative, etc., and not a single "that girl is wearing black on her wedding day, she must be a Satanist with parent issues" comment even implied!

It's only a little thing but it did give me hope, considering the local mentality...

Ashlee said...

As a fan of emotive hardcore I resent the negative comments about emo. It should be "emo" in the same way that mallgoths are "Goth".

My boyfriend is planning on getting some CyberGoth hair. His hair is around 3-4 inches long and fine, though. He also works in a fast food chain. What kind of extensions do you think would work best or would it just not work? His job won't let him get blue hair, so I don't think they'd like him coming to work with synthetic hair.

Anonymous said...

I did the big hair thing
my mum is freaking out:D

Gaia_Noir said...

Psst, BlackKat - since you ask, I can do you lightweight dreadfalls with a nice secure claw-clip, if you like :)

Dreadfalls can be ordered from my site here:

I've made these type of falls for a few ladies with longish pixie haircuts - don't go crazy on the dancefloor in them, and ideally bob-length hair would be better, but if your hair's only 4-6inches long, then yes, you could just about get away with my clip-in falls.

I'm currently trying to invent individual clustered clip-in Steampunk extensions. designed for super-short hair...but it'll be a wee while yet before they're ready. Watch this space!

Qwack said...

Feather hair extensions are a lot of fun, too! ^^

Sakara said...

ooh this is great site for learning about fake hair

BlacKat said...

Wonder if you could attach falls to a nice headband or wrap? I have about an inch and a half worth of hair on my head - doesn't take clips very well.

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