Saturday, 18 June 2011

Guest post: A Goth's guide to miniskirts

Amy says: I'm sure you all remember Claire, who was my first ever guest poster on this blog. You can now also find Claire at Mad Girl Anachronisms. All photos belong to Claire and are used with her permission.

Here is a simple guide for wearing miniskirts. Some of it might seem like common sense, but hopefully it will provide you with inspiration and some helpful reminders.

- There's no need to ignore miniskirts all winter. If you wear thick tights or leggings under it you should be plenty warm.
  • While flowing, loose-fitting skirts will blow around in the wind, fitted skirts made of thicker fabrics will not. Here's an example of a windy day skirt:
  • Don’t wear a mini without tights if you’re going to sit in a hot car with leather seats. If it’s unavoidable, bring something to sit on that won’t leave a funny pattern on your thighs.
  • If you’re not wearing tights, or you’re wearing tights that are fishnet or lace, make sure to put sunscreen on. Nothing is more annoying than using body glue to keep your lacey thigh-highs in place and then realizing you forgot sunscreen.
  • If you’re going to wear a mini to take a walk in the woods or something similar:
- Don’t wear delicate fabrics such as satin
- Don’t wear anything with ribbons or d-rings hanging off of it (you might get caught on a tree if you do)
  • When checking to see if a skirt is too short, make sure you can walk up stairs without your bum showing (unless that doesn’t bother you of course, to each their own).
  • If it is too short, try wearing another skirt or a petticoat under it. This will also add some lovely volume.

Minis are versatile and can be used for all styles of goth fashion, such as:
  • Steampunk
  • Trad goth
  • Perky goth


Daisy Fiend said...

I love mini skirts <3
And I made the mistake of going for a walk in the woods with my boyfriend in a skirt that had a few D-rings hangging off of it. Haha:)

adler666official said...

hahah yes advice of hot leather sits ^^ my man loves when skirts gone too short especially when i hit the try this with any man you like to have and I'm pretty sure it will works :)

akumaxkami said...

Awww I have the skirt in that second photo.

PinkPlumFairy said...

Did the thing with the two layered skirts today. One ruffled black pleated skirt undernath a shorter red skirt. It was pretty cool because, when the wind blew, only the top skirt went up und not the lower one^^

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