Monday, 6 June 2011

Red & Black Week! From corporate to creepy in 5 mins...

What a busy week - I'm racing against the clock again tonight, so apologies for a very rushed post and no time to do my daily reading of everybody else's blogs!

So I got home from work, got distracted by some yummy things that had come in the post, and then realised I had about ten minutes to change into an evening outfit and do hair and make-up for Red & Black Week.

Challenge accepted.

Yes, I'm rocking the mallgoth look tonight... what, I'm nineteen, I don't have to be a grown-up all the time you know...

Belt: charity shop, £2.50
Pants: free (ahem, dumpster diving again...)
Top (it says 'vampire'): Darkside, Camden £20
Necklace: Claire's, £4
Hair extensions (red): Peacocks, £2
Hair extension (black): Claire's, £12
Hairclips: no idea...

Five-min post-work make-up tutorial!

1. Remove boring work make-up with a cleansing wipe - except eyebrows.
2. Reapply foundation, concealer and white powder.
3. Apply primer to upper and lower eyelids.
4. Apply red eyeshadow all over the primer - pile it on. (I used Stargazer's imaginatively-named Red, it's brilliant.)
5. Line your upper and lower lids heavily with black liquid liner.
6. When eyeliner is still tacky, tap black eyeshadow onto it for a smoky line. Blend into the red on your upper lids, up to the crease.
7. Apply black mascara and lip balm.
Me with the same make-up, aged 17.
Very sorry for this rushed post, but I'm kinda proud of it in a weird way. Must go eat noodles now!


Tenebris In Lux said...

Challenge accepted (first picture) = ownage. I love it!

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

You're amazing. 10 minutes and you look great!! Most women can't accomplish that in 45. ;-D You look like you are ready for good times.

Sophistique Noir - It's Red & Black Week!

Jamie said...

LOVE your pants-I don't actually wear pants, but if I did, those would be the kind I would wear. And from one 19-year-old to another, there is nothing wrong with not being a grown-up-it puts the spice in life! I also dig the eye makeup-I wish I could do it myself but I fail at eye stuff.

SiouxsieL said...

Hahaha! You could be some type of corporate goth super hero. Your eye makeup is stunning. It looks like you did something crazy with your nail polish too or maybe it is just the angle.

Ivy said...

love this! you are a gothic fashion IDOL!and as for the first picture,:( why'd you flip me off?kidding i don't really care.

Corin said...

Seeing the older photo surprised look so different with a fringe! :) I used to have a straight fringe for a while myself, but it didn't look very nice with my face shape. Looks fabulous on you though!
Anyway...great outfit! I can't believe you found those pants for free.

BallerinaDark said...

I have the same hair extensions!! xD I'm not really into red but I'm definitely wearing my red shirts this week :D

GlumPlum said...

I love this outfit and I can't believe you put it together in the time you did! It looks great and I'm in love with your pants though I also don't really wear pants (I'm more of a skirt person). And your make-up looks great!! Even the old pic isn't bad at all!! I love the overall look!!
I'm personally participating this week through my make-up as I don't own very many red clothing items. Oh it's so sad T_T (;P)
-Kelli <3

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