Friday, 10 June 2011

Red & Black Week! If you go down to the woods today...

As my grand finale for Red & Black week, Dan and I spent an hour or so bumbling about in the woodlands in the freezing English 'summer' wearing a corset and heels (me, not Dan...). Thankfully I am quite pleased with the result. ^^

EDIT: Regarding location - so far, except obviously for the pics taken on hols, all the photosets with the 'picspam' tag have been taken within 5/10 mins walking distance from my house. The pics below were taken in a small patch of woodland beside a well-used public footpath. There used to be a house at the edge of the path but it was demolished a couple of years ago due to asbestos... whilst it was empty, in our earlier stupid teenage years we did of course break in and explore a few times, it was hugely creepy. It was rumoured to have been a witch's house - actually she was a schoolteacher called Mary, but the whole 'witch's house' thing sounds much more Gothy and spooktacular so we'll leave it at that. As Dan and I were exploring what I guess was the witch's back garden, we stumbled across some fallen-down old sheds quite by chance. As I said, it's a well-used footpath, but these abandoned places were so well-hidden amongst the trees and ivy that we had walked past them a hundred times without even knowing they were there...

Corset: £60, Stinky Fish
Fishnets: can't remember
Red skirt: Primark, £5
Boots: Pleaser, £50-ish
Black petticoat: Foxtrot Vintage and Retro, £20
Necklace: Avon, £8
Shrug: New Look sale, £3
Mask: fancy dress shop in Bournemouth, £9.99
Coat: Necessary Evil via Kate's Clothing, £45
Coffin earrings: £5.99, Thriller

Thank you, VictorianKitty, for running Red & Black Week, it was great fun - same again next year? =D


Tenebris In Lux said...

I love the third-to-last photo! Glad you two had a fun time, I need to explore the wilderness in a corset and boots sometime with my beau, too xD

Corin said...

Such a pretty corset! Your boyfriend took some cool photos. I wish we had more forest in this part of the Netherlands, freezing or not :)

SiouxsieL said...

Amazing! I want that mask!

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

Perfection! Everything about this outfit is just... perfect! The shrug, especially. As the Queen of Shrugs I truly appreciate such a beautiful piece!! And you gave me some new ideas on how to wear my red velvet mini skirt, so thank you!! :)

I *love* the idea of doing Red & Black Week annually! Consider it done. Announcement will be made (and credit given) on my blog in my wrap-up post tomorrow!

Sophistique Noir - Red & Black Week Grand Finale!

Jamie said...

Your photos are so gorgeous, and I love the outfit. I especially like the first and second photos, the setting is just so mysterious and atmospheric-in other words, fabulous for a Goth photo shoot! And now I can't resist a brief song parody:
Into the woods to take some pics
Wore a corset amongst the sticks
Into the woods to be so Goth
And awesome is our Amy!
/done being a Sondheim nerd

Sabayon said...

That mask is fabulous and I love the long sheer black skirt over the red miniskirt.
Also, what else would you wear for a walk through the woods?

Anonymous said...

Great photo shoot!

Orillia & Pandora said...

Oh this is absolutely lovely! <3

VictorianAndroid said...

You look so nice!! I like the sheer skirt over the red mini skirt as well, it very interesting.

Hayley said...

Love the last two photos! Incredibly creepy!

Aislingchild said...

I love this outfit! It's wonderful! <3 I want it...The mask is gorgeous but I personally love the corset! Wonderful photos as well...

Dark Fantomzy said...

hi Amy! love your blog and enjoy reading your posts! i think the photos are wonderful, my favorite is the second to last always your outfits are amazing :)

ultimategothguide said...

@ Dark Fantomzy - thanks very much <3

@ Aislingchild - you can get a similar corset from Corsets Boulevard on eBay ;-)

@ Hayley - why thank you ;-D

@ VictorianAndroid - thanks very much ^^

@ Orillia/Pandora - cheers =D

@ Ms. Lou - thanks, although you should have heard me whining, "I'm cold... I'm gonna bust a rib in a minute..." haha!

@ Sabayon - I did consider a veil and bustle so all things considered this was quite sensible ;-)

@ Jamie - LOL thanks very much! We were in a tiny bit of woodland where an old house used to be; it was rumoured to be a witch's house, actually! We stumbled across some fallen-down buildings completely hidden in the trees, quite by chance... there was a beautiful wooden greenhouse with all the glass gone, wreathed in ivy... we're saving it for our next shoot. ;-) So far all of my picspam locations have been within 5/10 mins walking distance from my house!

@ Sophistique Noir - thanks so much!

Phoenix said...

That outfit is just gorgeous! The setting is beautiful too :)

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