Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Red & Black Week! Playing catch-up...

Yes, I missed a red and black week post yesterday... I know that the lovely VictorianKitty says we don't have to post every day, but... but... I wanted to. Unfortunately real life took a turn for the decidedly shitty and I had to escape for a wee while. To make it up to you, we shall have two red and black posts today. ^^

Firstly... something a little bit crafty.

Yes these pics are old (and taken on Halloween, w00t!). And yes, they feature white heavily as well as red and black... but I haven't really touched on Gothy home decor with this blog yet, so I figured why not post a really simple way to add some ooky-spooky Goth cred to one's humble abode. I'd had this stacking set for years and finally got bored of the gold... a little bit of a make-over with poster paints and a bit of red nail varnish (for the blood drips) et voila!

Mine are a little schizo and say, 'Zombie parts', 'eye of newt', 'deadly nightshade' and 'charms of powerful trouble' but if you are more organised than me you could easily stick to a single theme instead of mix-and-matching zombies, witchery and Shakespeare...

Secondly, a red and black blast from the past is in order...

This was my favourite outfit in my early years of Gothdom... actually I still like it a lot, although I wish I had figured out where a corset actually goes... d'oh. Bless. Also, I did my make-up in exactly the same way all the time, and am not hugely impressed with it now. But never mind.

Top: Tammy, £15 (had it since I was 12, still got it...)
Necklace: present from Mum
Corset: made by Mum
Vintage petticoat (worn over skirt): £20, Foxtrot Vintage and Retro, Salisbury
Skirt: from a bridesmaid set, £15, Grattan
Boots (not seen, sadly): Camden Market, £135

P.S. On a subject that is neither red nor black but a fetching shade of green, some of you may remember that one of my new blog ideas was to interview other Goths... well, a certain Fairy has beaten me to it and done a hell of a good job too, since I can't comment on blogs at the moment unless they have a pop-up box like my own blog (for some reason) I'm going to hope that the Green Fairy is reading this and put myself forward for an interview. If I may. ^^


Anonymous said...

Love your outfit in the last to pictures! It's so pretty...

On a completly different note, do you have any tips for a budding baby bat? I've just gotten my first parosole (^^) (sorry, I like the neo-victorian sort of a point, although it is rather expensive) from my grandparents and it's pretty..anyway, back to the point. I've been interested in goth culture for a while, love the music (esspessially Emilie Autumn and Tori Amos :)) and I want to get involved! However, I'm a little baby bat (12) so can't go to goth clubs and stuff. I live in a quiet part of North London and have seen a total of 1 goth (that I can remember) in my time :'(. So, how can I get more involved in the gothic culture and do you know any good shops for clothes? I like 'The Gothic Catwalk' but, unsurprisingly, would like to buy things from more than one shop! And the greatest tragedy in my life right now is school uniform :( Any tips on how to avoid it would be greatly appriciated!

Ashlee said...

I'm not Amy, but I have a few tips.

Thrift stores are your friend. Cheap clothing is awesome, and sometimes you can find really great things. You can also dye the clothes black if they're and ugly colour.

The second thing is DIY. It's cheap, relatively easy, and you won't look like everybody else.

My last tips is that the internet is your friend. There are all kinds of Goth sites (although most won't be that great and they tend to say the same things). The few that are good, though, are pretty great. There are also forums.

About the school uniform: The Lady of the Manners answered a question about them.

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

Ah, I believe this is our first craft project for Red & Black Week! Yes, white is allowed. :) And what a lovely Romantic/Medieval Goth outfit. I can see why it was/is a favorite!

Sophistique Noir - It's Red & Black Week!

The Green Fairy said...

I am reading it! Sorry I didn't realise you already had interviews in mind! Eeep! I originally (when I first started my blog) wanted to interview different people around my area about sterotypes but I decided I'm no good at asking strangers questions in person and so never did it :P But I like this idea better.

I'll pop your name on the list when I get home and please vote in my poll to direct me as to how frequent you would like to see the interviews.

p.s. Nice post! I never thought about posting old pics, as I never wear red nowadays because of the green clashing with it. May see if I can dig up something.

The Cemetery Dreamer said...

I know this is a really old post, but I just couldn't resist telling you: I have that red velvet top from Tammy, also since I was 12 and I still wear it! Go us =]

Also thank you for the idea about re-painting those stackable storage boxes. I have some which have faded in the sunlight so I might give this a go!

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