Sunday, 5 June 2011

Red & Black Week! Some inspirations, and outfit the first

So today is the first day of Sophistique Noir's Red & Black Week; I am perhaps a little quick off the mark here as the official sign-up post hasn't arrived in Bloggerland yet, but I'm meeting a friend later so really there is no time like the present.

Firstly, today's red-and-black themed outfit, worn for a nice traditional English pub lunch today (a woman in the pub must have never seen a Goth before, she nearly fell out of her chair twisting around to rudely goggle at me *sighs*). Apologies for hastily-taken pictures; as I believe I have mentioned my camera kills batteries and I can use it for a maximum of ten minutes before it destroys even brand new batteries, so these snaps were taken against the clock...

Hairclip: £3.99, British Heart Foundation (plastic skull glued on by me, obvs)
Hair extension: £2 for two, Peacocks
Shrug: £4, charity shop
T-shirt: 50p, charity shop
Skelanimals necklace: DV8 Fest trader
Bracelet: gift, Alchemy Gothic
Skirt: £29.99, Camden market
Tights: £6, Claire's
Boots: £20, Peacocks sale
Sadly you can't see my red and black eyeshadow too well. XP

Now, to get Red & Black week started in style, I've gone through my massive folder of inspirational Gothy images found all over the web and re-discovered my favourite red-and-black pictures. You might find these inspirational with outfits for this week; or simply pretty to look at in general. Either way, I hope you enjoy them.
The red and black bride! A big thanks to Danielle, who says, "I'm glad you liked my outfit :) I got married to my lovely hubby on Oct. 13th 2006. That outfit was made for me by Gallery Serpentine ( and was awesome."
Source: We Heart It
 Razor Candi looks amazing, as aways...
Source: Photobucket
Gothic Beauty regular Nephania.
Source: Google
A beautifully co-ordinated couple... and a guy who takes body mods VERY seriously.
Source: We Heart It
 Countess Grotesque on the catwalk at Nocturna 2009.
Source: Flickr
This picture is from Whitby Gothic Weekend... I just really love this gentleman's whole look!
Source: Vampire Freaks
Source: YouTube
This chap looks very thoughtful...


Saskia said...

Great outfit! Striped stockings ftw!

Corin said...

Your outfits are always so well detailed. Love it!
The pictures make me long for another gothic festival. :) I especially love how the red & black couple have matched their outfits.

Tenebris In Lux said...

Gorgeous post! I like the hair extensions AND you pulled off the red and black tights really well!

Sophistique Noir said...

Great outfit!! I really like the striped tights with that skirt. You did great with the photos with such a short time limit. And the inspiration images are breathtaking!!

Sophistique Noir - Red & Black Week

SiouxsieL said...

Love the tights. And the hair. The Vampire Freaks photo is amazing.

Lilly Peppermint said...

Wow all of the pictures are amazing. x

Sara said...

Red doesn't realy suit me, sadly, s I won't participate.
Razorcandi *drool*

Loupie said...

Your inspiration pics are stunning.

Nicely coordinated outfit too. Yay for pub lunches.

Sada said...

Great outfit...i LOVE those striped leggings! Fab.

Julianne said...

2 for £2 hair extensions! Why is there not a Peacocks near me?

Danielle said...

Wow, I keep finding my wedding pics in the most random places. A friend pointed me here. I'm the red and black bride at the top--my name's Danielle but I go by Drachemaedchen on LJ. I'm glad you liked my outfit :) I got married to my lovely hubby on Oct. 13th 2006. That outfit was made for me by Gallery Serpentine ( and was awesome.

ultimategothguide said...

Hi Danielle! You looked amazing! I have credited the image accordingly, thank you very much :-)

Megan Harris said...

The chap at the bottom is Dro, the bassist from Deadstar Assembley! Just thought you would enjoy knowing the gorgeous man's name! He's super nice too!

Anonymous said...

hi am not a goth but i do like you and just signd up for colleg and i am a woman and do like dances and poetrey

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