Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Red & Black Week! A touch of scarlet...

Are you ever so pleased with an outfit that you just wanna let it speak for itself?
Let's be fair, I'm about words more than pictures so I'm not going to do that - but this is the outfit I wore last month to go see a Panic! at the Disco gig. Let me just say that the fanbase has changed rather a lot since the last time I attended an alternative rock concert; I wasn't expecting a bunch of identikit Twi-hards, but that was what I got... I felt like a pumpkin amongst bananas!

But what the hell... let people stare, when you feel like you look good you don't mind putting on a show.
Dress: Oxfam, £3.99
Tights: British Heart Foundation, £1.50
Socks: Primark, £2
Shrug: Primark, £6
Pocketwatch necklace (it says, 'Time can be funny in dreams' and has a picture of Johnny Depp as Tim Burton's Mad Hatter inside): gift (from Bronwyn whom I attended this concert with!)
Cog earrings (not seen): Claire's, £1.50
Mismatched gloves: lace one is from New Look, £1.50 the pair; crocheted one is £4 a pair from Claire's
'A' bracelet: gift, it was a friend's family heirloom and has an amazing Gothic-style 'A' in real gold
Waistcoat: charity shop, £4
Boots: free (yup, scavenging again)

How, you may be wondering, does this ensemble qualify for Red & Black week?

This amazing hair extension and the adorable red roses are from Tressa aka Puppycatmeow on Etsy; I've always wanted superlong fantasy hair and Tressa made my dream come true. ^^

What do you guys think?


Saskia said...

Wow, you look absolutely fabulous! I love this outfit! The extension looks really good on you, too.

Sabayon said...

Wow, unless pounds are really worth more than I think they are, this is some legendary thrifting. That outfit is gorgeous.

Ashlee said...

You went to see Panic? I'm pretty jealous.

They aren't properly alt. anymore; they're pretty popular now. Well, I think so. My boyfriend has heard their songs on the radio, so they must be.

Audronasha The Countess said...

I love your hair and that outfit. it's suits you so well. The make up looks good too. I'm checking on that hear on etsy :D

Gothically yours

GlumPlum said...

I love this outfit! Your dress is just so beautiful. It makes me envious :) That hair extention looks fabulous too. I just think the little red flowers in it make it so pretty and it really completes it. This is a very beautifully put together outfit if I do say so myself (along with all your other post-ers ;)
-Kelli <3

Sada said...

The braid and the flowers are just divine! The entire looks (makeup etc..) is perfect.

Heartagram Lady ♥ said...

I loooove your outfits so badly!! T_T I'm jealous... I can't get anything like that here where I live... and it really sucks... ¬¬

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

This outfit just made me fall in love with you a little bit (more). ;-D I love all of the frills and details. And the hair...!! I've got my eye on one of her pieces now. :)

Sophistique Noir - It's Red & Black Week

Nina @ Death Books and Tea said...

Brilliant! Well done for getting it all at such a cheap price! I just love charity shops!
PS I love your whole blog in general.
Nina @ Death Books and Tea

ultimategothguide said...

@ Ashlee - I heard Siouxsie and the Banshees and The Cure on the radio... heheh. In all seriousness I think Panic are underrated by the alt scenes because of their large mainstream fanbase, I love their Vaudevillian undertones and witty lyrics, alternative or not. ^^

@ Nina - Thank you <3

@ VictorianKitty - aw, thanks! ^^

@ Heartagram Lady - thank you! Can you shop online? I'm thinking of selling off some of my old stuff via this blog soon... ssh ;-)

@ Sada - thanks! =D

@ GlumPlum - aw, thank you. My eyeliner swirly bits were very much inspired by your blog, although not as intricate as your designs by any stretch!

@ Audronasha - thanks!

@ Sabayon - I'm kind of lucky ;-)

@ Saskia - thanks so much! Have really been enjoying your red and black week posts too ^^

Julianne said...

OMFG that hair extension! Amazing! And don't worry, at least half of those identikit Twi-hards would have been hoping that one day they would grow up to be you. I have always watched people more interestingly dressed than me with jealousy.

Corin said...

Sorry I'm a bit late with my comment, but I wanted to add that you looked sooooooo pretty! I love the braids that you attached to your hair...I had no idea such beautiful hair pieces were for sale.
Great outfit!!

Anonymous said...

So. Much. Pretty.
Oh, Amy, what would my blogging life be like without you? ;D

Abigail Bunting said...

Oh, wow. This is just exquisite. I love that dress, and the hair...

Christopher Courtley said...

The extensions look great! Very realistic.

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