Friday, 24 June 2011

Styles of Goth fashion: casual Goth

Casual Goth is, if I might make so bold, a fashion subset that all of us dabble with from necessity at one time or another - some of us when just starting out in the Goth scene, some due to school, college or lifestyle, and some simply from preference.

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Of course, casual Goth probably means something different to each of us, but staples are likely to include black jeans, some plain black skirts of varying length, a simple, sturdy pair of black boots (many younger Goths wear Converse-style canvas boots as part of their casual attire), some black T-shirts (band T-shirts and slogan T-shirts being obviously the most popular), a jacket, hoodie or blazer, and accessories such as armwarmers, necklaces, tights and studded or bondage belts.

Hair and make-up are usually kept simple - a smoky eye and nude lip are often sufficient for this look, whilst low-maintenance, low-fuss hairdos such as pigtails or ponytails, or just leaving your hair to do its own thing, are the ticket.

Brand name pieces can be useful for a casual look on those days when you've just rolled out of bed and need to get going pronto, but beware - too many brand pieces together tends to be obvious and creates an image more mallgoth than casual. Brands which do a handy-dandy selection of casual streetwear include Spiral, Criminal Damage (nowadays more scene/emo style than Goth, but they still have some nice pieces), Hell Bunny, XS Punk and Living Dead Souls. But just to reiterate, I would advise mixing-and-matching with thrift store or army surplus pieces to show that you didn't just buy an Insta-Goth Kit. (This also means less stress on your wallet!)
The essence of casual Goth, basically, is to pare your dramatic wardrobe down to the most practical essentials whilst still keeping that sense of dark style. As I've said before, most of us can't wear bustles and corsets from day-to-day, but that doesn't mean that we don't want to look like ourselves and keep our personal style intact. If corpgoth is the go-to look for the working Goth, casual Goth is best suited for the darkling attending college or uni.

Juliet's Lace has a lovely article about casual Goth fashion which I highly recommend that you check out.

Goth gossip: Throbbing Gristle's record label, the infamous Industrial Records, has been 'officially re-activated' and has re-released TG's entire back catalogue.

P.S. No, I haven't forgotten about the upcoming closet culling, if I may pinch a phrase from Gothic Charm School. I'm just waiting to get a decent camera and work out some sensible postage charges for overseas. Current goodies include a velvet blazer, a Cyberdog tank top, and a pleated tartan mini. ;-)


LovleAnjel said...

aka LazyGoth. Which is my style when I'm not all CorpGoth for work.

snapexforever said...

I'm glad you did this one!! Casual goth is the only way I ever dress, hahaha. Before I was into goth, I always went the casual route too. Even now in my early twenties, I'm still a "tomboyish" (?) sort who likes to be able to move in my clothing (it takes me ten minutes in the morning, tops, and I don't do makeup at all). I've just always been into comfort over decadence, and think I look better dressed down. WAY DOWN ;P

That said, I LOVE looking at all the eye candy the more time-consuming styles of gothic dress yield :D

Angel of Darkness said...

Now this sounds like me. Every once in a while I go more extreme.

Anonymous said...

Is there anyway I could combine the practicality of casual goth with the beauty of cemetery goth? I adore cemetery goth, but school makes items such as corsets completely impractical. I can't even imagine trying to change out of such a complicated look and into gym clothes without being late for class... :(

Anonymous said...

This is a great article! Because we all know that all those eye candy goths obviously have the time to get dolled up for those photos that pop up every time you search the word goth. It's just not logical to go victorian or cyber every single day. Especially with school and work. It's terrible because I would like to get up and take two+ hours getting ready, but that's not going to happen. Nor am I about to sit through class all day with a corset and five layers of beautifully shredded pantyhose and a mini skirt. I Love extreme goth, but it is simply hard to pull off going day-to-day.

Lyric Delaney said...

Soooo....Well, I was rather confused when a more gothically inclined friend called me "somewhat gothy". Now I'm not.

Appreciate the article!:)

Anonymous said...

I would think it is not fair to call casual goths 'lazy goths'.

Plain jobs aside, some careers, for us the 'closer to 30' goths, which just so happen to depend on your credibility, are easier handled in a more casual look.

So no, not in a sense that I put my career above myself, but growing into goth, as time passed, I discovered that although I adore the more dramatic attires, I simply feel more comfortable in a casual/elegant style.

I do buy and wear more dramatic pieces, every now and again, but even then I do so that they tend to blend in my otherwise casual look.

This is on a day to day basis. Now sure, if there are events planned for the evening, I do spice it up a bit.

Most days, probably only few of our subculture could tell I'm also one of them. I don't mind that at all. I know, without a doubt, that I am a goth and as long as I'm comfortable and happy with my life, whether I'm easily spotted to be a goth, or not, is really not something that worries me.

Anonymous said...

Even though I find this style a bit boring, it's totally where I'm at right now! Just starting out with goth. Trying not to upset my parents too much...

Lyss said...

As a mom to a very active two year old, this is the most practical option,

Anonymous said...

I used to wear clothing that was a bit more elegant and detailed, but nowadays, I tend to wear more casual type clothing. It's very comfy, and since I'm in college, it's a great and practical way to express my love of goth without needing to get up earlier!

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