Thursday, 21 July 2011

Another man's poison

Ohmigoth, you guys, I have guest posts and interviews coming out of my ears! Thanks so much!

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Today's post is inspired by a recent argument that I had with my mother about my eyebrows. Yes, seriously. Y'see, I decided not to grow my eyebrows back after all when I realised that I like my make-up much much better without any actual eyebrow hair getting in the way.

Mum was... not pleased.

Which struck me as odd, considering she puts up with and often encourages all my other random acts of aesthetic self-expression. In fact, I can list on the fingers of one hand the things I have done that she disapproves of. Please bear in mind that I have previously had blue hair, I have seventeen piercings, and am currently growing out my undershave. Yet my mother has only expressed disapproval towards:
  • my tongue stud. I was actually forbidden to get my tongue pierced. Being sixteen at the time, I went ahead and got it done anyway.
  • my tattoo.
  • apparently, my lack of eyebrows.
And this got me to thinking. I remembered that a girl I was friends with a few years back clashed with her parents during a short-lived experimentation with Goth; they didn't mind how she dressed, as long as she didn't wear any Goth make-up, in particular black lipstick. One acquaintance of mine was allowed to dress as Goth as she liked - except when visiting friends' houses, because her parents felt that it was 'disrespectful' for her to go into other people's houses wearing Goth-style clothing. To me, this seemed kind of bizarre.

Garments such as bloomers and corsets are areas of consternation for some parents - my mum originally worried that if I went to work in bloomers, old ladies might be alarmed by me, effectively, running around in what would have been underwear a few decades past. Many parents feel that corsets (and fishnets) give too sexualised a message.

It's funny how everyone has different things that they will and won't accept. "One man's meat is another man's poison," as they say. I was wondering if anyone reading this has had clashes with their parents or other family members over odd things like eyebrows (or lack thereof), or bloomers. Or if anyone's family had seemingly strange rules about what they will and won't permit.

By the way, are you bored of these daily outfit posts yet? I'm worried I may be overdoing it a little this week. In any case, here's me off to work yesterday. I wonder why people are sometimes surprised to learn that I often act as shop manager...

Skirt: Hell Bunny, Electric Ballroom Market (Camden), £20
T-shirt: Playdead Cult, The Sharp Practise, £20
Belt: random alt store, £25
Bow tights: Tesco's, £1.50 (half price)
Choker: gift
Boots: skip
Gloves (odd): one is from New Look, £1.50 pair, one is from Claire's, £4 pair
Hair clips: Thriller, £1.50 each
Hair falls: DV8 Fest trader, £35 pair
Coffin bag: gift
Jacket: New Look sale, I forget how much
Umbrella: Diamonds and Pearls, £6.99


Anonymous said...

When I was seven, I used to dress like, well, like a whore. I would wear strapless shirts, skirts and six-inch-heels... to church! For some reason, when I got older, my dad would freak out if I wore a mini skirt! With leggings! Then, about a year ago, my dad started complaining about my clothes again. "You wear to much black. I don't like the way you dress." Okaaay. That was only a little after I actually went goth, and I was still wearing the same type of clothes I had been wearing since sixth grade. I think my dad is just insane. Now, I dress however I feel like, because my mom approves of it, and he can't win that fight. I came home one day with jewels glued by my eyes and he looked at me and said,"You try to annoy me, don't you?" then walked away. Yeah, the black boots freaked him out too. :)

gothified said...

I'm male and have been a goth for about 15 years. Still, I don't get the thing with girls and their eyebrows. In my opinion it nearly always looks horribly artificial, out of place and creepy (but not in the good "i-love-creepy" way). It's like one of those very very bad boob jobs and about as attractive.
I will always prefer a girl with natural eyebrows to one without or with only a very thin line of hair left.

ultimategothguide said...

@ Gothified - um... thanks for the honesty. Not sure how I feel about having my eyebrows compared to a bad boob job. :-/

GlumPlum said...

Hello Amy, and let me say that your outfit looks spectacular :) I love your hair and your boots <3
Now to the odd stipulations my parents have on my "Gothyness."

1)I can pierce my ears as many times over as I want but no nose-ring nor any other piercings until I'm 18 and out of their house.
2)They don't care the length of my skirt as long as I'm either wearing stockings/fishnets underneath or a pair of shorts to cover the important bits ;)
3)My grandmother is the only one who takes issue with lip-colours (and almost everything else I wear, I'm not the "perfect, sweet, pink-loving" girl she remembers from when I was 5 -_-. We visited once a year and somehow she knows that I'm just going to "grow-out" of this "black wearing gloom.") She doesn't like me to wear dark coloured lipsticks particurely when I'm out with her (it doesn't stop me too much being 16 and the slightest bit rebellious when it comes to her but she tends to be more amicable to buy me items when I look more "presentable" in her mind so...)
4) The unspoken rule that I overheard my parents saying once, I can wear and look and present myself to the world in whatever way I choose as long as I keep my grades up and spend time focusing on my studies (which I have.) Bad grades = Make-up being taken away *gasp & faint* They know what gets to me is all I'm saying. For some people this rule wouldn't hold any water but for me, it means taking away everything that I love right now. It means taking away my freedom of expression and my admitted source of image. It's a rule I'm not breaking any time soon.

That's the basic law at my house. And I do go to school in the outfits you see on my blog with the make-up you see as well and I've never, ever gotten in trouble with the school. I don't even know where the dean of discipline's office is (and I go to a public school too, Uniforms are just too much stealing of freedom of expression in my mind). But, the only rules I have to follow are those set up at home and I don't find any of them to be unreasonable or intolerable.
Some of my own personal rules are that I look more modest when I'm going to a place with small children or church and that I never go anywhere without looking 100% decent with hair and make-up. I always want to look my best in public :)
Okay well I've blabbered on enough here for one day ;) I liked the question for this post. Till next time...:)
-Kelli <3

cam. said...

There are three things my mom has never approved:
1. Lip rings
2. Gauges
3. Long hair (I'm a guy)

My ear is only at 14g now and I don't have snakebites anymore (both which she got used to but did cry at the lip piercings at first) and she actually likes my curly hair now. I'm black but mixed with lord knows how many things so my hair is like 2 or 3 different colors. :D

She still hates my boots though. haha

And I don't think you outfit posts are getting old. :)

Tenebris In Lux said...

Please don't stop -- I actually like your outfit posts.

I've always wanted to wax off my eyebrows, but I'm not sure if my parents would support. Even if they DO support it (which they might) .. I don't know the first thing when it comes to waxing and drawing on eyebrows .. so .. I just leave them as is :-P

Teresa said...

My mom isn't a big fan of goth. Its already getting annoying to hear "Are you only going to wear BLACK?" when shopping. (I'm trying not to buy as many colors. Which isn't a problem, because mid-summer shopping always sucks anyway and I can get almost anything in black.) Also, she HATES the idea of black hair. Why? No clue, really. "Sure honey, dye your hair! Green this time? What, black? NO!" But, being the ever so rebelious (and stubborn as hell) 13 year old, I did anyway. And now it has blonde highlights. And its awesome. She also objected to the v-fringe... And Gothified was rather rude. Your eyebrows look nice! And keep the outfit posts (I'm still trying to figure out "Clothes I can wear everyday" and "Clothes that if I wore in public my mom would threaten to disown me" and outfit of the day helps.)

Orillia & Pandora said...

I love your outfit posts, especially this one, it was fantastic :)

Um I don't have many rules but my parents will not let me get a tattoo until I'm 18 :( and of course school must come first, I have no idea what they would do if I started doing bad in school... but I'm a great student, if I do say so myself, so no worries there. Other then that there are no rules!

Anonymous said...

Love the outfits Amy :) Mother was always very chill about my fashion. Even things that I felt uncomfortable about she thought looked fine. She didn't mind the fishnets, the boots, the corset, the makeup. But she isn't a fan of gore, and always had a problem with spikes, still isn't fond of Cybergoth fashion (Though not to mean I wasn't allowed to wear elements of it, she doesn't didn't find it becoming I suppose).

She claims her only rule was "You still have to look pretty" which isn't as strange/shallow as it sounded, she didn't want anything to "cover up my natural beauty" which, makes sense I suppose coming from a mom :)That usually meant less shocking stuff, and no eyebrow shaving.

And pst, Amy, don't worry, I don't think your eyebrows are anywhere near a bad boob job. (rolls eyes). They look great, promise. And good post :)

linnea-maria said...

Your outfit for work is gorgeous!
Well since I'm grown up I can dress the way I like, but I have a work and must think of myself as represent of the company. But in black clothes and nice colours on my nails. Gets head turning at work anyway. /Therese

Ashlee said...

I'm not sure we could ever grow tired of your outfit snaps.

There isn't really anything my mum doesn't approve of. I know she won't let me get my lips or navel pierced, but I don't want to do that anyways. She once told me that a sweater dress was too short, but that's it.

Thank goodness I don't live with my dad, though. I can imagine him having a problem with some of the things I do, especially with my hair.

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

With my parents, clothes and hair color were never issues, and I doubt shaved eyebrows would have been... My parents had pretty much the same as GlumPlum mentioned - do what you want, but be respectable/respectful and keep those grades up. Then again, that was a different time and body mods were neither as popular (even in the underground) nor as drastic back then, for the most part. If I were a teen now, facial piercings and tattoos would certainly be out, and if I were a parent I would feel the same - drastic things should probably be left till the subject is an adult, in my opinion. I guess I'm one of those who walks around saying "Kids grow up too fast these days..." ;-D

But of course, the bottom line (for those who are under age, which I know Amy is not) is to always respect your parents. It's worth trying to compromise with them and maybe sometimes you can even change their minds, but the final decision should be respected until you are 18. You get there faster than you think you will, anyway. ;-D Then when you are over 18 there is plenty of time to branch out, experiment and decide for yourself. And respecting parental limitations helps prepare one's mindset for the limitations future employers will impose. Just my opinion though!

Keep the outfit posts coming!! I love them.

Gibson said...

I know I should probably stop babbling about this on every comment I post but I very much love your outfits and you should keep posting them!
Why oh why can't I every accomplish anything thing so....suitable and kick-ass as you?!

Rora Monroe said...

My mother is pretty much okay with everything I have desided to do she does however have an issue with all the different tattoos and piercings I want (over 40 of each). Mind you she was the one to pay for my first tattoo and piercing so she brought it on herself. Shes also iffy about me wanting to shave off my eyebrows, but I'm 19 so she cant really do nothing about it.

Onyx Shade said...

I love you blog! And your outfit posts! I have always thought that hand done eyebrows are beautiful, one of my grandmothers used to do her own eyebrows. My parents are pretty open to what I want to do mostly because they don't want to cause a fight over it. But my mom does hate two things that I love. 1 is a DIY coffin purse I made. I found the how to on youtube. My mom hates it and says it embarrasses her when I carry it. But dad says its very me. SO I win that one. The other is a skirt I love I am saving the money for it so I can buy it but my mom says "YOu will get laughed at if you wear that" and then says she wont let me get it. I remind her that If I like it and feel confident wearing it then why should't I get it? I love your blog! I look at it everyday!

Lucidia LeFang said...

Your outfit is adorable Amy :)

Something I've always found odd is my parents don't like me wearing skirts with stockings (they think it looks too childish), and my hair falls usually raise an eyebrow or two, yet they didn't bat an eye when I said I wanted to get my tongue pierced. In fact, my mother gave me the money to pay for it. And my parents say I'm the odd one...

Angel of Darkness said...

I really love your outfit post!

I just can't get any lip or nose ring till I'm 18, and probably the same fore tattoos. Other than that they really don't care as long as I like. My dad never says anything about anything I wear or my hair color (except that I want a purple mohawk which I can't get till I'm older). But even then there's no issue at all.

jessieann13 said...

My mom has never really objected to anything I wear. I just can't get facial piercings or tattoos. *sigh*
And I love your outfit post! :)

Kreepette said...

My mom thinks corsets give too sexualised a message as well.

Swofter said...

I love your blog so don't stop! And I love your outfits, making me dream about someday reach my goal about being skinny enough to dress that way. Especially since everything is so goddammit small.

Qwack said...

My parents don't think they give too sexualized of images- but that if I wear them I'll get horrible grades and never get a job. Funny how those things work. :P

Dalestair Ophelia Zodiac said...

Face piercings = No
Real Dreadlocks = No
Dread Falls = Maybe
Make Up & Clothes = As long as I look Classy, Yes.

Also, I heart me some daily outfit posts - keep em up! :)

Sakara said...

I had pretty relaxed parents, but i always remember the day i came home with my first tattoo.. Dad just tutted and smiled. My mum took a good look at it, said well you better look after it's healing process(she was once a nurse)and that was that.
I got more stick from my aunt (mum's sister) who asked me to promise her i wouldnt get any more tattoos. I smiled nicely but never said anything lol

Anonymous said...

I had a few clashes with my parents when I was younger, but now that I'm grown they don't bother me about it. It's funny but my Mom and Dad seemed to object to different things. My Dad doesn't really like the all black clothing, so I try to be a little brighter when I visit him, and my Mom seemed to object more to my dying my hair black and the makeup I wore. But oddly enough when I got my nose pierced ( when my Mom and stepdad were out of town, natch) nobody said anything about it(!)

Ghoulina Bones said...

Well when I first started trying to dress more gothy, I was around 10-12. I told my mom about it and the only thing she said was "I hope one day you'll find someone you love and you can stop with this attention". She then proceeded to go in her bedroom and stare at the ceiling for the rest of the day.
After that she went ahead and accepted it for the most part. I started wearing fishnets under my middle school uniform pants, an ankh, and motorcycle boots.
At 13 I got my first corset, and started shaving my eyebrows into small sections.
At 15 I got my nose pierced and it was the first time she tried voicing herself again. She didn't want me to get too many piercings, she was gung ho about me getting my ears pierced when I was a tomboy and didn't want them, but she forced me to do it. She didn't want me to get my tongue pierced, nipples, genitalia etc. and I told her that it wouldn't be her decision once I was old enough, it's not like she'd see me naked anyway. But, my mom and I have never had a good relationship so I don't take her opinion into account.
My dad was really supportive at first, he's a musician and a hardcore fan of bands like Metallica and Megadeth. But he complained when he saw me till I was around 15, about me looking like I was going to a funeral, and "don't you ever wear anything other than black", or "You depress me". He also made me hold off dying my hair when I was 12, he told me to wait till I was 16, I waited till 14. I fooled him into accepting that I wanted to dye my hair a bright red, and by the time he was worn down to accept it, I told him I wanted black and he was all for it.
I think that's it really.

The Green Fairy said...

My parents know that the more they protest, the worse it will get (but can it get much 'worse'? haha) So yeah, for the most part they keep their traps shut and that's good enough for me! :P

Amy I ADORE your outfit posts and I also look at them in detail even if I don't comment. If you stop there will be trouble ;) p.s. I love this one a lot, and you're last one with the batman shirt. Yellow and Black work so well together and if I hadn't already chosen green as 'my' colour I'd be all over yellow.

p.s. wear more yellow. :P

Emily Lynn G. said...

No black lipstick or nail polish (just recently got nail polish, sense it's sparkled.) and always very reluctant on hair colors. No odd piercings and DEFINITELY no tattoos. My parents allow fishnet-like stockings. As time goes on, I'm allowed with more and more.

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

I myself couldn't shave my eyebrows, because my hands are too shakey to draw them back on. I've actually shaped them now, so they look quite presentable!

My dad was ever-supportive of all of us. He didn't care what we wore - I mean, he'd make fun of us, but that's not out of being mean-spirited. He's a usual dad, and thinks that making fun of each other is what the "cool kids" do.

My mother, on the other hand, was very passive-aggressive about it. But she did learn early on that "no i forbid you to x" was a sure-fire way to have me do x, and go all the way to z with it, too. She told me I was under no circumstances allowed to cut my very long brown hair off. I did it anyway and dyed it purple. i pierced my ears without permission. I ignored her "are you really going to y?" and did it all anyway. One thing she always liked, though, was the makeup. I never did anything bad or to spite her, but when it came to me and how I was going to carry about my clothing and style, I just did not give an ayatolla asshola what she said.

I've always said "well screw them and do it anyway" as advice, because it's what I did. What are they going to do - genetically grow back your eyebrows in a test tube and glue them on? Shave your head? Rip your piercings out? Probably not the best approach, but so far, so good.

ozzie.oxcide said...

I've been shaving my eyebrows off every few months since I was 16. My mum doesn't hate it, but she doesn't particularly like it, mainly because she thought it made me look like "a child with cancer", especially when I'd wake up with no brows, or after showering. Gotta love looking like an alien first thing in the morning ;)

Minty said...

I haven't had any REAL conflicts with my parents over how I dress, but my mom's very weird with what clothes of mine she likes; one time I got a black and pink dress with carousel ponies and candy all over it and she loved it, and thought it was very cute. A little while later I bought a VERY similar dress in the same colour scheme except it had deer and cosmetics on the hem. She hated that dress, which is weird because she actually really likes deer irl :/

Anonymous said...

My mother's okay with how I dress as long as there's:
1) No piercings
2) No Tattoos
3) No skulls if possible.
4) Suitable to the occasion
Dad doesn't say anything unless it's brought up in conversation.
And my brother has convinced himself goth is a negative subculture. He smiles every time I get cut off from a goth related opportunity. That's his only reaction.

Additional: Amy, you're awesome. You're blog has helped me out so much. Thank you. Love your blog!!!

KatSlaughter said...

My parents are okay with pretty much everything, but then again I'm not exactly flamboyant in my style. My dad objected to my first ear piercings; but he didn't say anything when I got my industrial/scaffold and since then I have gotten another three which will all join up into one lovely metal explosion. I know he disapproves but he respects it as being my choice. I think it helps having my hair cover my ears though, so at least the impressionable Public get nary a glimpse. It rocks to be 22 as well.

Saying that, I will not get any visible piercings -- I don't think. Just out of respect, you know? I'm considering microdermals under my collarbones but I wouldn't get anything on my face. I briefly flirted with the idea of getting a monroe but decided not to; mainly because I didn't think it would be a good idea but also because my dad would be disappointed.

My family is supportive of my dress style though. My mom buys me pretty frilly lacy black things, and my dad bought me stripy fingerless gloves with skulls on them (a little 14-year-old angst for me, but he tried). My sister got me a metal wristband, which also isn't exactly to my taste but I wear it because it was a gift from her. It was frowned upon when I cut my long-to-the-butt hair off into a mannish 'do, but I think that was mainly because I looked lesbian (I really did). Once it grew out a little and I dyed it purple they loved it.

They don't know about the freak show I participated in, in which I had hooks in my back and pulled against two other girls. They also don't know I'm planning on doing a suspension and talking about a full-leg scarification. Who knew having parents in another country would be so convenient..

BackCombedCrazyLady said...

My mum was a punk and wore clear plastic bags to school once and shoved safety pins in her face, so I can wear and do whatever I like to my body. She said she'd just be a hypocrite if she told me I couldn't wear certain things, like fishnets, deathhawks, PVC corsets.
My dad doesn't care as long as I wear clothes.

Your outfit posts are amazing!!!

LovleAnjel said...

My mom & dad had two issues:

1. piercings outside the one set on my lobes (I tentatively mentioned navel rings when I was sixteen and my mom said, "Are you TRYING to make me angry?")

2. PVC clothing. I had a pair of men's PVC trousers that I loved, and despite the fact that they were baggy on me, my dad would get very upset when he saw me in them (these were the pants that sparked the "you're going to get raped dressed like that" comment - really? In baggy men's trousers and an oversized long-sleeved concert T-shirt?)

E said...

The comments on this post are amazing. As is your outfit. You look deadly cute. :D

My mother usually explains to me why she doesn't want me to wear/do things to my body, so it doesn't seem totally arbitrary and nonsensical. For example, she's uncomfortable with me wearing skull patterns or accessories, because, as she puts it, there's enough death and suffering in the world, and it seems disrespectful that some retailer is trying to market a symbol of death and suffering as 'cute' and 'edgy'. I can understand and respect that (though I haven't stopped wearing my cute skull jewellery).

However, she occasionally decides that whatever I'm wearing - based on what seems like a whim - is "presenting too sexualized an image". Okay, Mom, but maybe I actually did intend to be perceived as a sexual being. Of course, I suppose my mother doesn't really want to know that.

Anonymous said...

So as someone on the wrong side of 40 let me give you my 'elder' perspective on things :)

The short version is, do want you want now because now (school/college/etc) is the one time in your life you can get away with it and not worry (within reason) about the consequences.
I may be taking some liberties with the intended blog audience, but I think it's safe to say that you're (mostly) living at home, being fed, not having to worry about bills. In 10 years time when you're looking for a job you will have to curtail the facial piercings and coloured hair but until then go for it.

More specifically...

Hair colour and placement are totally open to anything you want do. You can dye your armpits for all I care!

Piercings/tattoo's are fine, as long as (a) you're legally old enough to get them and (b) actually know how to take care of them while they're healing. You let that new piercing get infected, don't come running to me when green puss starts running down your face.

Also bear in mind that piercings come out, tattoo's are much harder (and more expensive) to fix. Think long and hard about what you get and where you get it.

Regarding clothes, girls typically have a harder time than boys just because parents are (probably rightly so) more protective of girls than boys. So while there may be nothing wrong with high heels & short skirts that won't stop anyone from worrying about you and/or refusing to let you wear 'that'. It's a sad statement to make, but the more you look like a hooker the more likely you are to get raped by some drunk asshole. So the more aware you are of how you look and where you are the better.
Doc martens and bondage pants never hurt anyone...

Anonymous said...

I just got back from a vacation with my aunt is South Carolina and my aunt had to approve of what i wore to airport so i picked out one of my favorite (and not sexy at all.) outfits. Which consisted of a black t shirt (with short sleeves) a pair of pants that goes down to my knees, a skirt that goes on top of that, and a slightly longer (by an inch or so.) skirt that went under the first skirt. Also i was wearing socks and shoes. (and yes everything in this outfit was black.) She said i was going to look like a hooker and the airport security was gonna go crazy on me. She didn't let me wear the skirts. I could go on about my other adventures but i wouldn't want to go off topic.

Ashlee said...

stilettowhore, I like what you said until you said that dressing like a hooker is more likely to get you raped. That's not true, what you're wearing doesn't make it more or less likely. Please don't spread incorrect and slut-shaming information like that around. Thank you.

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

Ash - I was going to say something. Then I forgot.

But long story short, stilettowhore, yeah, you're totally wrong. Rape has little to nothing to do with sex. Please get your information right before telling quite a few teenagers and young people that, if they get raped, it's because of what they're wearing and they should feel bad.

LovleAnjel said...


FAIL. Dressing or not dressing a certain way will not cause or prevent sexual assault. It's a huge lie which feeds the blame-the-victim "she really wanted it" mentality that makes it so hard for victims to come forward, and that allows rapists to justify their actions to themselves and society. That kind of thinking helps perpetuate sexual violence.

Shame on you.

T. Jade said...

My mom is pretty open-minded. However, I'm 17, and there are things she refuses to allow me to do.
1) No facial piercings other than the nose piercing that was my 16th birthday present. (And even then, I can't wear a hoop in it.)
2) No black lipstick
3) No shaving eyebrows or my head (haven't asked about the eyebrows yet, but I did ask if I could shave half my head... she said no.)
4) No combat boots and booty shorts. (Don't really get that one, but ah well.)
5) no dying my hair black. (I may ask about that one soon, because I'm between colors and it looks hideous.)

My stepdad is another story entirely, but I've become used to his daily scoffs at my outfits and the occasional, "so your going to school looking like a prostitute today?" even when I've got tights under my skirts and dresses, and I've got enough layers to make me sweat. (There really is no help for him.) XP

Kismet said...

Hello Amy,

I must say you are extremely lucky to have your mother even let you dress like you do. I mean, although my parents are okay with me wearing skirts that do not cover my behind (which I don't because that in my oppinion is inappropriate and disrespectful to both yourself and those around you) they are not happy if I want floor-length skirts or tights under a skirt that does not cover my knees. Because apparently, I'm "not supposed to" be covering my legs and that "hides my natural beauty". I won't lie, I do have very nice legs, but that does not mean everyone should see them.
In terms of makeup, in my house anything is OK, but I do not wear "anything" or any "wild" or unusual styles of makeup because they tend to look unflattering on me. I also like to avoid goth looks or too much eyeliner because if I get a tiny drtop of water on my face and it smudges it makes me look very untidy.
Speaking of your eyebrows Amy, here is my suggestion: don't take them off completely, but leave just a little bit. Then, draw over that in eyebrow pencil in a color that matches your hair. That makes them look much neater then if they were just drawn on. Also, I would suggest trying to dye your hair something like dark red, I think your eyes are very pretty and contrasting color hair would make them stand out more.

ultimategothguide said...

Hi Kismet,

Frankly I disagree; I'm an adult and how I dress is my own choice, not my mother's.

Also, this is an old post, I've already shaved off my eyebrows, but I grew them back because I got tired of drawing them on everyday. My hair is currently orange, I am considering dark red as a future colour choice. Thanks for the compliment. ^^

Anonymous said...

My mom is pretty open minded about what I wear, hear being a rock child and all (Metallica, Black Sabbath, AC-DC, etc.). I haven't mentioned my being Goth to my parents, though, but my mom stood by me in my purely metal head days. My grandfather, however, does not approve of my constant wearing of black. One day, he saw me in my black clothing and said something along the lines of "Look at this black. Black is a doleful colour." I tend not to talk to him about it, for we never had a spat, and I hope we never will.
Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to wear any sort of makeup whatsoever until I'm 16, and I don't know what I'll do when she sees me with dark lipstick and eyeliner.

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