Friday, 1 July 2011

Beaded mini crown tutorial

Argh. I wasn't the best blogger last month. I started a new job last week (annoyingly, at the same time I got sick) and it's the most physical I've ever had, I'm exhausted and just couldn't work up the oomph to post some days. Bear with me!

Hello, nine new followers! Where did you spring from all of a sudden?

So today is my 300th post, and coincidentally also Sophistique Noir's first-day-of-the-month themed post.

This month's theme? Beads.

I had the idea of making my own beaded mini-crown aaages ago, when I stumbled across an online tutorial, probably on one of the EGL LiveJournal communities. But I couldn't be bothered to look it up again (see above, re: exhausted) so I knocked together a little something from scratch.

You will need:
  • Wire (I used a packet of Gutermann Creativ silver-plated wire)
  • Beads (in my case, a tub each of Gutermann 8mm 'glasperlen' in Col. 9380 and Col. 9495)
  • Craft glue (Copydex)
  • Diamantes (Trimits Decorative Acrylic Jewels)
  • Ribbon (long enough to tie comfortably around your head, as wide as you like)
  • Scissors
  • Long-nosed pincers
1. Cut a piece of wire 10" long (measurements are ultimately up to you, depending on what size of crown you want. I didn't actually measure anything during the process, these are posthumous measurements). Bend one end of the wire so the beads won't fall off as you thread them onto the other end, alternating colours as you choose. Leave enough wire at each end to twist together with the pincers, forming a complete circle.

2. Cut two pieces of wire 4" long. Thread with beads as above, then use pincers to attach to opposite sides of your circle so that they meet in the middle in an arch.

3. Repeat above, except with slightly longer wires, one about 4.5" and one about 5.5".

4. When attached to the base of the crown, the four wires should meet in the centre. Twist them together with the pincers and tuck the ends underneath, except the longest end, which should be pointing upwards.

5. Add two beads to this pointy end. Glue them into place.

6. Glue a diamante to the top bead to cover the end of the wire and add prettiness. ^^ You can, of course, cover your crown with as many diamantes as you want.

7. The longer lengths of wire should form larger, more defined arches than the shorter two. This is what you want people to see from the front. Tie ribbons firmly to the base of the crown, around the base of these lengths of wire. Snip short and add blobs of glue for maximum security. Let glue dry overnight.

Et voila! The flower hairclips help to anchor the ribbons firmly. You might like to add hair pins or a discreet Alice band.
Please ignore post-work zombie face. XP
Listening to: Leech Jar - Emilie Autumn


GlumPlum said...

I love that crown to death!! It's simply wicked and it turned out so lovely. I might have to start up on my arts and crafts again. It really turned out beautiful :) And dont' worry, I completely ignored your post-work zombie face (plenty of practice ignoring my own face when I first get up in the morning *shivers* now that's not a pretty sight ;)
-Kelli <3

Smashed Doll said...

I love love LOVE your crown!!!!! I am definitely making one!!!!! thank you for the tutorial!!!!!

akumaxkami said...

Ooh, I've been wanting to make myself a mini crown as well. Might get on that soon!

siouxsieL said...

Great crown. It is like a goth "Miss World." Well done.

Deb Bradley said...

I so pleased to have found your site through Sophistique Noir. I've only had chance to read a few articles so far but have really enjoyed them. I've added you to the blogroll on my site - hope you don't mind. I'll look forward to future posts.

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

So adorable!! I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of these on the Goth blogs soon. ;-D Your zombie face is pretty cute, too. You look like an evil princess...

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