Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Goth beauty: make-up videos for guys

Hey, you guys remember my amazing Puppycatmeow hair extension? Look who's on Blogger!

So I'm really pressed for time today, I have a bellydance class, which sadly means, yes, it's lazypost time. Forgive me, darklings. :-/ (Also, Real Life is kind of appalling at the moment, Dan and I have been having WORDS since Monday night so I just wanna hide under my duvet. (I can tell you guys that, it's OK, Dan doesn't actually have time to read this blog! He knows I talk about him sometimes though...))

I promised more make-up and fashion stuff for guys, and I have been doing my research. I thought this lazypost might be a good chance to share with you a couple of the gems I have stumbled across on the interwebs.

A note, however - girls, you're not excluded. With Goth make-up, what's good for one gender can often be good for all. You can adapt almost any make-up tutorial for your own purposes.

With that said, please enjoy the following!

A brief but brilliant tut from the lovely Joji:

And some dramatic, dark eye make-up from a charming chap. I don't think he's one of us black-clad types, but I really like this make-up. ^^

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