Saturday, 9 July 2011

Goth's blackest day

This week, the Sophie Lancaster Foundation launched their game Tolerance in London schools. Tolerance is the result of years of hard work and research by Sylvia Lancaster, mother of murdered Goth Sophie, and aims to promote tolerance, obviously, and understanding and acceptance of different faiths, races, lifestyles and subcultures amongst schoolchildren.
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I thought I'd post a reminder of why ideas such as this are becoming increasingly a necessity. In 2008 UK broadsheet The Guardian posted a video, entitled Goth's Blackest Day, about Goth culture and the difficulties that many Goths face in they way they are perceived and treated by non-Goths.

Annoyingly I can't embed the video or find it on YouTube, so here's a link. The video also features Dani and Tasha, whose public transport plight I've posted about before.


MissVermilion said...

When I discovered Sophie Lancaster's Foundation some years ago I though it was so necessary to make people understand that some subcultures are discriminated nowadays and that's so unfair.It's an awesome initiative,I'm going to see the video right now!

Awesome post as always!

CNGB said...

I'm glad that they're doing something like this. I believe that it's one of the most important things that there is.

Hopefully this'll help.

GothD said...

These two are just hilarious. She is his dog? come on !!! you are a human for goodness sake!

akumaxkami said...

Thanks for posting this.

InfiltratorN7 said...

Wow what a surprise - saddo chavs causing a nuisance and trying to draw attention to themselves. Glad to see The Guardian on side and not utilising the usual stereotypes that you'd find inevitably in the Daily Fail.

I think the Sophie Lancaster Foundation are doing important work. I think it's good that they are going into schools and teaching about tolerance through games and such. The creative writing competition they had was a lovely idea.

Morcega said...

I don't really know but, see if it is this video =)

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