Saturday, 23 July 2011

A little 'help' from my friends, tentacle hat, and other things

Thanks everyone for supporting Darkside International, I've had loads of volunteers so that's brilliant! I'm keeping the next person on my list o'doom a secret, but I will hopefully be contacting them shortly so they know I'll be lurking about on their blog for a while... ;-) Please remember, fellow bloggers, I can't contact you unless you have given me an e-mail address as comments other people's blogs don't always work for me. PLEASE, if you volunteered for interviewing, either leave me your e-mail address or ask for mine in the comments. Thanks. ^^
Now, this is a very 'bitty' post, which I hate doing, but there are a few little things I wanted to post today so I'm squidging them all in together. Forgive?

1. An amazing hat - please vote for a talented lady
I have something to share with you guys (no, not preggers! Nothing like that, actually). As I was drooling over Gothic Charm School's Tumblr this week, I came across something utterly delightful!

A lady named Megan Bishop has entered a competition created by headwear genius Stephen Jones wherein hat designers and aspiring milliners can submit a photograph or illustration of their originally designed hat for the chance to be a part of Hats: An Anthology, an exhibition hosted by the Bard Graduate Centre in New York. The selected hat will be displayed in the Bard Graduate Center Gallery as part of the exhibition. Oh, and the winner also gets an internship with Stephen Jones.

The winner will be chosen by a judging panel, but special consideration will be given to the top-voted entries. To clarify, I don't know Megan, have never met or spoken to her and we are not affliated in any way. But I am going to vote for Megan, and I am re-blogging this in the hope that some of you guys will too! Why? Because Jillian Venters re-blogged a picture of Megan's entry, and it is AMAZING.

I need a tentacle hat in my life. I really do. You will be able to vote for Megan here after August 11. And if you feel like being W.O.W.E.D., check out her portfolio here. My favourites are (deep breath now): the teacup hat, the toadstool hat, the bunny hat, the stripy top hat with feather, the soldier-style hat, the hat with the freaking pirate ship on it (!), and the big black bonnet. If anyone knows where I can buy Megan's hats, please let me know.

Megan says, "Please support my Octopus Tentacle hat design in this amazing competition to win a millinery internship in London with Stephen Jones! Please support my design by visiting my page and reblogging~!
Thank you so much, every reblog and heart of my work means so much.  <3 to you all!"

Vote for Megan!

Oh, and a hint to Gothy milliners reading this - my birthday is September 19th. And I like reviewing things (look out for many, many photos and reviews coming now I have my new camera...). That is all.

2. Things For Sale, coming shortly
Speaking of new camera - there will be Things For Sale coming from the depths of my closet(s) over the next couple of weeks, if you are looking for random items of black clothing at cheap prices, please keep an eye open. I may ship to other countries depending on how expensive P&P turns out (don't get me wrong, I will charge for P&P but, for example shipping to Belarus is £41 which I don't really think is worthwhile for, say, a £5 item...), please ask if you're interested!

3. A little 'help' from my friends...
Every Saturday lunchtime, my dad meets me from work and we walk to a nearby cafe called Boswells. Each week, a little old dear in a Salvation Army uniform GLARES at me over her cup of tea. Relentlessly. No matter how much I smile politely and try to ignore her and get on with my mocha/chocolate milkshake.

This doesn't bother me quite as much as it amuses me, although I imagine that if I were a Christian Goth I might be more offended by a fellow Christian judging me based on appearances alone. However, today I couldn't resist texting several of my friends about the woman's continual application of the old-lady evil eye, and the responses I received made me laugh so I thought I would share them!

Jodie's tip: "LOL. Just stare back!"

Mum's tip: "The temptation to say as you pass, 'It's OK, God will forgive you your judgement of others, even though that's His job,' must be quite strong."

Sioux's tip: "Bloody cheeky cow! Smile sweetly at her and make the sign of the cross..."

So there you have it... a little advice from my loved ones!

4. An outfit...
I'm slightly behind on outfit posts, this is from Thursday. I'm at my nan's house, I walk to work from Nan's place.

I was trying to show off my new jeans, which are an amazing black/violet dye effect! No luck...
Jeans: Jennifer Fashion, via charity shop, £3.41 (staff discount, heheheh...)
Belt: random alt shop, £25 (I really get my money's worth out of this belt...)
T-shirt (The Eden House): concert, £10
Gloves: Claire's, £4
Wristbands: gifts
Necklace: gift, given during my second attempt at experimenting with Goth, when I was aged about ten.
Batty hair bow (not really visible): gift (came in a coffin-shaped gift bag with a whole load of other lovelies that my nan got me for Christmas one year)
New Rocks (not seen): skip


MissGracie said...

I LOVE YOU. You have no idea how long I looked for that woman's shop. I saw it once, adored all of her hats, then didn't bookmark it and of course, forgot the name of her site. Also, I love your little glovies, I may make a stop in Claire's.

Julietslace said...

Oh just ignore the Salvation Army woman, after all the charity is homophobic! They're obviously not the most tolerant...

And please review some books if you get any, I appear to have ran out of decent books (is that possible?).

Tenebris In Lux said...

Oh my sweet goodness I LOVE that hat! *drools with you* Definitely voting for her ^^

Yeah, broke again. Kitty's sale was really tempting, but I have no money. Once I "open shop" on Etsy I should be making a little bit of money ..?

I like this outfit post, too. Nice bathroom tiles ;-P

Alarick said...

Is this a female oriented site? I ask because I've been browsing for a bit now and 99% of pictures are of girls and most fashion tips are geared towards girls.

Not that I don't enjoy looking at the pics of beautiful woman but there are guy goths out there too ya know! Just remember that we exist is all that I ask.

Could you/someone please point me to a site that helps guys too?

kirtsy said...

I like your blog dont take it the wrong way amy, but I dislike posts like this....not sure why. I guess I just find them a tad uninteresting.

Dalestair Ophelia Zodiac said...

I honestly do not mind "little bits of this, little bits of that" posts. They give you lots of information quickly. :)

The hats. Oh My Goddess, gimmie gimmie gimmie!!! :) Certainly am going to vote for her.

It's funny about that Slavo's woman, because in some places (Smithfield Salvo's for example)they love having Goths and other "Alternatives" in their stores. And then you go to other places and they watch your every move in case you steal something or damage something or, I don't know, pull out a gun? It's crazy. :/

Prejudice isn't nice. *shakes head*

Your mothers comment sounds like something mine would say.

Allison Paige Eckfeldt said...

Holy shit.

My birthday is september 19th also. epic.haha

Anyways, I love reading your blog. Keep up the awesomeness.

kitty said...

Ohhhhhh.. I like that hat! I know a friend who'd love it to little bits.. too bad im broke. LOL

as far as the sale goes, Im in the us so my opinion probably doesnt count much for it anyways, but heck, youve got blog followers, why not try selling your cared for bits and ends and such here to?

oh, and since I forgot in the last post I commented on, im still up for interviews/guest post if you want. my email is okay? :3

Anonymous said...

This is so off topic but I want to be goth, but not lose my tomboyshness. Any help with that?

The Green Fairy said...

Amy I feel you should know this by now that if you wanna find anything octopus related, just ask me and I'll have it book marked already :P

When you see the price I'm sure you'll understand why I don't already own one of these hats. :(

siouxsiel said...

Cute hair.

When I was much younger, I used to growl at people on the subway if they looked at me funny (or if they were wearing fur (I feel kind of bad about the fur part now though)).

Ghoulina Bones said...

I absolutely love that hat!
I really like Sioux's tip of using Christianity as a way to get the woman's attention off of you.
Oh and my email is:


Lilly Peppermint said...

So I forgot the email adress earlier.

The outfit you're wearing is really cool. I love you style.

Orillia & Pandora said...

Oh how I would love to have jeans like that, even though I can't see them... they sound fantastic :) Claire's is the best isn't it? I liked this post, lot's of little bits of information, perfect really.

@Alarick there are a few good posts here on gothic fashion for men, though I understand it is hard to find a good blog focused solely on men's gothic fashion. Honestly you just have to google gothic fashion for men and you should find something slightly helpful. Good luck :)


Hexotica said...

Hhhmm...I'm not a milliner but I have a lot of pretty things if you would kindly give a fair review! Email me at and I'll arrange a freebie for a review/birthday gift! :)

ultimategothguide said...

@ Hexotica - really?!?!! Thanks so much! I would be happy to review your pretty shiny things and even happier to receieve a freebie! I will e-mail you as soon as possible - thanks so much <3

@ Orillia - thanks ^^

@ The Green Fairy - honestly, I saw that hat and thought of you. ^^ What IS with all the octopi, anyway? I should have asked you that in the interview... ;-)

@ Anonymous - this is the third or fourth comment I have had along similar lines. Post coming up on 'tomboy Gothyness', I am getting there, honest!

@ Kitty - cheers m'dear, you're on my list of future victims. I WILL be selling my items here; I just needed to be able to take decent photos so that people could see what they're buying.

@ Allison Paige - woo! Birthday buddy! Did you know, our shared bday is also International Talk Like A Pirate Day?!

@ Kirtsy - yeah, I try not to do posts like this too often. Sorry :-/

@ Alarick - this isn't a specifically female-oriented site, but I happen to be female to I expect it sometimes seems like it, although I am trying to do more stuff for guys I am a little clueless in that department so please be patient with me! You can find the stuff I have specifically for guys under the 'gentlemen' tag in the sidebar. The pictures are mostly of girls because I'm finding it exceedingly difficult to find nice pictures of Gothy guys in interesting outfits. If you happen to know any good places for me to search that would be helpful.

@ Juliet's Lace - will do ^^

@ Miss Gracie - love, backatcha ^^

Ophelia Black said...

This is random, but you and Allison Paige also have the same birthday as Hermione Granger.

Emily Lynn G. said...

Sioux had the best advice. Old people are just twisted, I know my gram would act the same way. Just embarrass her by tolerating and loving the f*** out of her!

Gibson said...

Hm....I've always been curious. What religion to you follow, if any?

Rothcomilitary said...

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