Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Love Letters and Panic! at the Disco, Portsmouth, 15.5.11

Hi darklings! I'm looking forward to a great day today; coffee with my chums Bronwyn and Sioux, then hopefully meeting Dan later if he can manage to escape from work... ^^ My dye job went great yesterday, I did take some pics to show you but it doesn't really show up too well... suffice to say my roots are now a pinky-purply-red colour, which I'm really pleased with.

Anyhoo. As you may know, the last concert I attended was a Panic! at the Disco gig in Portsmouth. I debated over whether or not to review it here as obviously Panic! aren't at all Goth, but I would definitely squeeze them into the 'alternative rock' category. I also know that there are Goths other than me who like their music; I love the Vaudevillian undertones and their current almost Neo-Victorian tinged style. Plus, extra kudos to Brendan and the boys for wearing bowties and braces on stage. I do love a gentleman in proper attire. ;-)

I went with my friends Bronwyn, Rowenna and Shirley - we really struggled to get tickets. Ro spent hours on the laptop the day they went on sale trying to hunt some down for us, and eventually we were successful! We arrived in Portsmouth with almost an hour to wait in the freezing cold.

I mentioned in a previous post that I was somewhat startled to see how the alt rock fanbase has changed over the years - where once upon a time the queue snaking right out of the building and around the car park would have consisted of black-clad, multipierced emo teens and babybats, I was now facing the stares of several hundred Converse-clad Twihards with bouffant blonde hair. Yikes.

Nevertheless, we made it into the building unscathed, if a bit chilly, and beelined straight for the merch stall. The support band, Love Letters, came on almost straight away, which was nice. Usually at relatively big-name gigs there is half an hour, at least, of arsing around before anyone takes the stage.

Love Letters seem to be a little-known band, mixing alt rock and rap in the manner of Linkin Park. Certainly not to the tastes of every Gothling, but I thought they were good fun. Energetic, talented, and tuneful enough to bounce around to. I will probably be downloading their track 'Back to the Animal', if I can ever find it.

They were only on stage for about fifteen minutes - then they handed over to Panic!, who stepped on stage to roars from the predominantly pre-teen audience.

Before I go on to rave about what an excellent performance the headliners gave, allow me to take a moment to discuss a definite peeve that we had during the show. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Panic!'s sound is not really appropriate for moshing, right? Secondly, if you are a thirteen-year-old idiot who insists on flailing around as though he's at an Iron Maiden gig, please do attempt to slam into the other people who are participating in your sad attempt at a mosh pit, not the people around you who are trying to watch the band in peace. Some fans ended up spending half the damn gig trying to stand upright with plonkers slamming into us from every direction, which was a pain in the bottom, and it wasn't much fun having to try and shield the smaller, younger girls next to us who were worried about getting hurt. The guys moshing at Die So Fluid had enough manners not to catapult themselves into everyone else, plus I stand by my opinion that Panic! is perhaps not the most suitable band to mosh to...

On the slightly funnier side, when one lad slammed into me hard enough to knock me over and Bronwyn tried to push him off me, she ended up giving ME a shove instead, sending me straight into the middle of the 'mosh pit' (sarcastic quote marks). I'll never forget the expression of horror on her face!

All photos taken by Bronwyn.
Brendan treated us to a display of his skills on keyboard, guitar and drums as well as vocals, all whilst being as charming and chatty (not to mention witty) as a gentleman in a bowtie should be. I was pleased to see that as well as crowd-pleaser favourites (no, Brendan, these people still haven't heard of CLOSING THE GODDAMN DOOR), including the song that got me hooked on Panic!, Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off, and tracks from the new album, the band didn't neglect to play some songs from my favourite Panic! album Pretty. Odd. It's so offbeat and weird, I just love it! <3
This was a really fantastic gig - I feel that Panic! are often underrated in the alt scenes because of their mainstream appeal and irritating pre-teen fanbase. I love how their sound has developed from emo-esque alt rock to something a little more bizarre and cabaret. Would I be blaspheming if I suggested that fans of Rasputina and their ilk check out Pretty. Odd.? Probably.

Nevertheless, an amazing band to see live, Brendan is charismatic in the extreme which makes him wonderful to watch. There was a lot of banter between the band members, and although I'm not convinced that some of the jokes made to the audience weren't scripted, they were funny. Couldn't have been a better show.


Dalestair Ophelia Zodiac said...

Love Panic! <3

Great post, my dear!

Ashlee said...

I know some people on the internet were joking about how they'll start moshing to... I can't remember. The slow song that Brendon broke his ankle during. Because how do you brake you ankle during the slowest song of the set? they asked. I don't think that would quite explain the moshing, though...

Anyways, Panic!

E said...

I'm seething with jealousy right now, thank you. It sounds like an awesome show - apart from the would-be moshers, of course.

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