Friday, 8 July 2011

Skeletons in the closet

Do you ever get the urge to re-vamp your look? No, no, I don't mean in the sense that you wake up one morning, realise it was just a phase after all, and scamper off to exorcise the black from your hair, make-up, nails and closet, but when you become more attracted to a different kind of Goth look than the one you have now. For example, choosing to dress more romantically and elegantly if you previously had a hard-edged industrial look. Or vice versa. Perhaps you've been inspired by steampunk, lolita, Visual Kei or 40s fashion, and would like to change your wardrobe to reflect that a little more.

Source: Google
Image: VECONA (the fashon label designed and created by the former Bloody Crumpet)
Photo: Silent View
Images from the VECONA label currently make up a good half of my inspiration folder. Prepare to be seeing them A LOT.
Usually after I've been sick I decide it's time for a change (I don't get sick very often). This time around, I figured that I'd like to change my hair colour a little, do something about my piercings (too chunky and teen-angst, not elegant enough - although let's be fair, I've loved them for five years and don't regret them, I'm just going to change my jewellery a little), and introduce a more whimsical and romantic feel to my wardrobe.

Everyone's look gets a makeover every now and again. Here's some guidelines - from current personal experience - on sorting out your wardrobe when the urge takes you.
  • Be aware of what you want the end result to be.
Usually, let's face it, I'm a bit of a slob, and my room looks like something exploded in it. But I can be obsessively organised when I put my mind to it (y'know, I turn into one of those people who spends more time researching the book than actually writing it) and spend hours creating mood boards and inspiration folders relevant to the look I want. This helps me keep in mind what's worth having in my wardrobe, what I should customise (and how) and what really should just go. Similarly, you can make notes as you go through of what your wardrobe is lacking when it comes to achieving your dream look.
  • Don't do this when you're in a good mood.
Really. If I'm feeling positive, everything looks good on me and I can find an excuse to keep anything. It's best for me if I clear out when I've got a mild headache as nothing makes me more ruthless (or grouchy). If you can't be ruthless when putting stuff in your closet, you have to get tough when clearing it out.
  • That one pair of boots you've got that go with everything? Keep them on your feet whilst clearing out.
Try everything on whilst wearing those, for obvious reasons. That skirt that looks stupid when you're in your sock feet might look awesome with a pair of boots.
  • Be logical. You can't upcycle every old garment in your closet or you'll end up buried under a mountain of clothes.
Try harvesting lace, grommets, T-shirt slogans etc to jazz up the basics that you KNOW you'll wear, like blazers and tank tops.
  • If you can't decide whether or not to keep something, put it away in the attic or spare room for 3-6 months.
If you can live without it for that long, i.e. without wishing you had it, you may as well get rid of it because you're not going to miss it.
  • It's always difficult getting rid of a much-loved item that just doesn't fit any more - worse still when said item was a gift.
But when your loved one bought it for you, they would have been aware that over time either your shape or the garment's shape would gradually change (or wear out, in the case of the garment). Nothing fits forever. There's no harm in getting rid of it - and no need to feel guilty (although I need to keep reminding myself of this)!


Shi said...

Ah, great tips, Amy! I've been changing my style a bit at the moment - more Visual Kei, and sometimes dabbling into Steampunk - but I have so much trouble getting rid of clothes. I just can't help hoarding everything in the "but I might really want that one day!" pile.

Thankfully, I have a really big shed to store everything when I just don't feel like, and I can just bring it back when I need to.

By the way, I especially like the tip about clothes that were gifts - those I can never get rid of, even things given to me when I was 13! I'll have to try to remember what you said next time I clean out my closet :)

Nenedhel said...

Great Post again, I have moments like this every so often but I'm a bit of a hoarder and dont throw out or get rid of my older clothes as I tend to wear them on occassion, my wardrobe boasts various styles of'goth' with a bit of steampunk, biopunk/technopunk, lolita, dieselpunk, Burlesque, visual kei and cyber kei, etc... all thrown in O.O so I wont throw anything out just in case.

^^ very informative and full of great tips, thanks for this

Angel of Darkness said...

This was very helpful as I am looking for a more different look than I currently have.


Sunshine said...

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Emily Lynn G. said...

new item by new item, I'm trying to add and take away items to create my perfect wardrobe, so this was really helpful! Another tip could be to give away your gently used items to a friend, younger relative, or thrift store so you don't feel guilty-and the good karma will keep you feeling good about the make-over!<3

linnea-maria said...

Gorgeous picture. I am addicted to anything black and white striped, added with black its perfect. Looking forward to see more of your new style. /Therese

Callasandra said...

Good post Amy. Off topic here but I was listening to Ashbury Heights. When my older sister (who always calls me emo) said "thats not emo or goth music. And I didn`t respond I think its a from goth but what is your oppinion on that?

ultimategothguide said...

@ Callasandra - well, they definitely aren't emo. Technically they're synthpop which is closely associated with Goth culture.

Callasandra said...

Thank you for clearing that up Amy! And I hope your feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Question: do you have to choose on specific style of goth or can you just be your own mixture of goth?

ultimategothguide said...

@ Anonymous - funnily enough, I posted an answer to that question yesterday.

PinkPlumFairy said...

This Vecona really seems to be famous. This may sound ridiculous, but she's my boyfriends ex-girlfriend...

Kaya Brown said...

I would mostly agree, BUT anything you're not sure about I'd say just store away in the attic, you never know when you might suddenly lose weight or miss it terribly!:)

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