Saturday, 6 August 2011

Blog round-up, the third

I have rather a lot of posts added to my 'favourites' this month, so let's see what you guys should be reading this week! In the order I came across them:

  1. Our favourite walrus, Sary, has a list of reasons why dressing Goth ain't easy!
  2. Read about early Goth experiences at The Life and Times of Bohemian Blitzkrieg.
  3. Angel of Darkness queries Goths listening to non-Gothy music.
  4. A post that actually made me cry a little bit at Gothy Two Shoes. Natalie is so brave for posting this.
  5. Let no one say I am addicted to Blogger! SebastianTheGirl, aka Sebastian Columbine, on YouTube, has some great videos. Check out her channel.
  6. Boots is back! Sincerely, Boots is one of my absolute favourite Gothy blogs and this fab tutorial shows why. Want more Boots? Course you do. Gothic dancing post is epic.
  7. Gorgeous craftster Hexotica gives us a tour of the Worn Wild Alternative Market.
  8. Le Professeur Gothique - a Goth blog for academic professionals. What more can I say?
  9. There's lots going on at the Graveyard Picnic - Saskia dissects the nature of various Emilie Autumn fans and travels to London to meet Voltaire. Not that I'm jealous.
  10. All those looking for perfect examples of Gothy decor need look no further than The Dark Victorian's apartment.
  11. The Alternative Mindset covers many sections of the spooky spectrum, from reviewing Goth clubs to sensitive subjects such as Goth girls and eating disorders.
  12. Goth Barbie knows how to dress. (and the guys should check out her 'Ken doll', too.)
Lastly but very importantly, those of you interested in the upcoming Filthy Victorians 2012, wherein the lovely Kitty Lovett has determined that those who are insane among us shall spend said year dressed top to toe in Victorian garb really need to check out her latest post on the subject, with resources, inspirations, help for those who don't wish to go Victorian for the whole YEAR but still want to get involved, and talk of a possible forum, e-group or other.
Source: Tumblr


Anonymous said...

Hehe, good post. This blog's really good. :)

Julietslace said...

Yay! I always look forward to these because I find new blogs :3

Ghoulina Bones said...

Aww I was linked.
Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Awh Amy, Thanks. I'm glad I'm back too. ^^

CatacombKitten said...

Aww, thanks for linking to my posts ^^

Anonymous said...

Aw, Amy! You linked me! I'm so honored. Thank you very much.

BIG, HUGE Hugs from NYC!

ultimategothguide said...

You guys are all welcome! Thanks for being so amazing! <333

Allison Paige Eckfeldt said...

Thank you for linking my blog! =) Im honored!

Angel of Darkness said...

What can I say. Thanks you so much for linking to my blog! Thank you! :D And more blogs to check out, yay!

Chloƫ Noir said...

I especially thank you for the tip on Sebastian´s channel...She really has good videos :)

GothBarbie said...

Wow thanks so much for linking my blog! How sweet of you! I love all the effort you're putting into explaining and sharing the goth things in this world. Yay for more goth blogs!

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