Sunday, 14 August 2011

Budgetgoth tips: bootsales

I'm not sure if countries outside of the UK hold car boot sales, I expect they do, but I'm not sure! If you do live in a bootsale-free country, you're missing out on a wonderful tradition wherein we crazy British load up the boots of our cars (that's 'trunks' if you're in America) with our unwanted goods, park up in a field and sell 'em to other crazy Britishers at rock-bottom prices. I've sold my own unwanted crap at bootsales before, but today was all about the buying...

A puppy!

Bronwyn, Her Royal Cuteness, tries on a jacket.
You can't see exactly how gorgeous she is here. Everyone who meets her has an 'OMG' moment. Seriously. My homeirls are pretty. <3
Babybats, do not turn your nose up at rummaging around at a bootie. Sure, it doesn't sound like fun (rummaging through old people's bric-a-brac and secondhand lipsticks, woohoo...) but if you grab a few friends it's a great way to spend a morning and pick up what amounts to a more original version of a Goth-in-a-box kit without having to set foot in your local ridiculously expensive alt store.

However, bear the following in mind:
  • Wear suncream! There is no shade, anywhere.
  • Bring a jacket - there's no shelter either.
  • It's easy to get carried away and start buying junk you don't need, so try to keep in mind a) your ideal look, b) what things you are actually looking for and c) the fact that if you buy stuff you don't really want you'll only have to get rid of it a week later.
  • There is no cash point and nobody has a card machine. Duh.
  • Try your hand at haggling - most people at booties just want to get rid of stuff and not have to take it home again, so you might be able to wangle a lower price.
Why is it worth it? In fact, why am I writing this post at all?

Because, this:

Coffin bag: £2.50 (I now have two vaguely identical coffin bags, but I love them so I don't care)
T.U.K. shoes: free (secondhand from Bronwyn's sister)
Scallop tights: 10p
Secret Fantasy perfume, brand new in box: £4
Hot pink garter: 20p
Night of the Living Dead skirt: £1
Halloween cookie cutters: 50p
Whalenet tights: 20p
Grey skull sweater: 20p
Crown earrings (not pictured, still in my pocket!) 50p
Alice Cooper 'Trash' album: £1
V for Vendetta DVD: £1
Lace rose hair tie: 20p
Black diamante and leather choker: 20p
Black feather boa (to be worn in hair, obvs): £1
Black lace gloves: 20p
Burgundy lipstick: 50p
Dark red lipstick: 50p
Blue mousse eyeshadow: 50p
Silver liquid liner: 50p
Black nail varnish: 50p
Avon 'MagiX' illuminator: 50p
Metallic blue glow-in-the-dark false lashes: 20p
Purple feather fan: 20p
HIM halterneck top: £1
Within Temptation long-sleeved top: £2
Goth manga T-shirt: £5

I don't think I missed anything! The grand total was about £25.

I wore:
Boots: skip
Jeans: Tesco, £10
Rat top: Emilie Autumn concert, £20
Fishnet top: gift
Sparkly bat hair clips: Tesco Halloween, £1.50
Collar: Red Haze, about £15
Spiked wristbands: gifts
Glovies: XS Punk, via Stinky Fish, £4.50
Please ignore face o.O


Serendibite said...

The coffin bag...the make-up...the clothes.... *_*
I haven't been to a car boot sale in years, they used to hold them every Saturday in a nearby town. I remember getting a scooter from one, I loved it! xD I need to go to more of them. All those pretty things. <3

Unlacing the Victorians said...

V for Vendetta is one of my favorite movies! And damn, I can't believe the coffin bag and the clothes were being given away. Probably someone who decided that Goth wasn't for them, but still.

I have never heard of boot sales before. Thanks for sharing!

ultimategothguide said...

Unlacing the Victorians - some of the clothes came from a 40 year old woman who felt she had to 'tone down' her Goth style now that she was getting older. I pointed out that most of the Goths around here are aged 35+, but at least I got some good bargains!

Gibson said...

My mom's name is Bronwyn....

Gibson said...

Egad! Crazy deals!

Tenebris In Lux said...

Those are crazy deals! :-o

I still need to hit up one of the charity shops around town for some last-minute school shopping.

Parasitic Alien said...

I don't think there are any bootsales where I live, but there might be. America's a huge country, so there must be a few somewhere.

EcoGoth said...

Never heard of a boot sale before but I find a lot of amazing goth clothes and supplies at the local thrift shop, Good Will, flea market and even a yard sale or two. I'm all for rummaging through 'junk' to find treasure.

Teresa said...

I think boot sales are a british thing- I've NEVER heard of them outside of england. We have garage (or yard) sales, where people sell a bunch of stuff they don't want in their front yard. They have some nice things sometimes. Sadly, no one in my town appears to be a goth... I got a little flag with a skull on it (to go with my pirate scarf) and one place had halloween stuff (A skull goblet and black cat statures!) but I couldn't buy them... I also went to an estate sale recently. Its when a person dies and their relatives sell a lot of their stuff so they don't have to deal with it all. I got a really cool dresser.

akumaxkami said...

Hmm, it sounds like boot sales are pretty similar to flea markets here in the states. ^_^

Mike Piasta said...

Outfit post, hooray! The thing I look forward to most when I visit!

I've heard tales of these fabulous car boot sales from my family (My Mother is actually from England, came over to Canada when she was young) but I've never had the pleasure of going to one myself.

Have been cruising around all the Garage/Yard/Sidewalk sales looking at things, but haven't found anything at them sadly.

Coffin bags are awesome, I don't have any but I'm always a bit envious of the one my friend has. I still think that Gas Mask bag you posted awhile ago is the greatest thing I've ever seen, I want!

Phells said...

It does sound very similar to flea markets or garage sales, although I don't usually see such treats at the ones around here. Nice finds!

Celeste said...

Boot sales sound quite intresting, I've never heard of them before.

Cherish said...

Car boot sales are wonderful, (We call them 'Trash and Treasure' here in Australia). I'll be heading down there again next week I think.

Btw, thanks so much for writing this blog, I've been reading it for awhile and it's helped me a lot!

Moratoria said...

I'm going to stop being incredibly lazy and just reading and post a comment. Why? SHOES. Those. Those are fantastic. And no better price than free!

Budgetgoth! <3

siouxsielaw said...

What a score! No boot sales here. But even if we had them, I don't think I would find so much great stuff. Unbelievable.

Nina @ Death Books and Tea said...

Love the look of those cookie cutters! *wants* I keep telling mum we need to go to a car boot sale...You did so well there!

Stefanie said...

Car boot sales are awesome! But as I found out yesterday (Sunday for any international peeps) people can be so dumb. There was a guy selling nail varnish at £1 a bottle and I bought black and dark purple and he said "Going for the Goth look are ya?" I said something about liking dark colours [while I feel affiliated to Goth I don't really dress it much :( ] accompanied by a withering look and the first thing I said to mum when we left the stall was "Goth is a lifestyle not just a look." She just nodded.

InfiltratorN7 said...

I haven't been to a car boot sale in years. Why is it whenever I go to them there always seems to be cars filled with bags of free McDonalds toys that they're trying to sell off for 50p? o_O I love going to Toy and Train fairs and comic fairs. Great places to go find collectable goodies like annuals, comics, figurines. Go to one of these and you are guaranteed to find half the stalls filled with Star Wars merchandise. Haggling for rarities can be fun. You can also get merchendise from the US in advance of when retailers here will get them.

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