Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Coveting!: Pocket Full Of Posiez (TM)

Another new thing! Coveting! is a mini-series I'm going to post roughly monthly, where I'm going to turn the spotlight on sellers and craftspeople from all over the interwebs and show you their genius (and things I buy!). Let me know what you think. ;-)

To begin, allow me to introduce the fabulous Posiez, the brainchild of Queenie, who as well as having rather gorgeous hair is a talented artist, dollmaker and jewellery designer, and a friend of Jillian Venters of Gothic Charm School fame. Gothic Beauty readers may have spotted her recently in the magazine, too.

What can you expect from Queenie? Her Etsy shop contains such delights as badges and jewellery featuring her unique artworks, which would capture the heart of any Gothy girl, parasols with bats on (!), prints, wall decals, window clings, tote bags, coasters, ID cases, T-shirts and much much more! And check out the Pocket Full Of Posiez website, where you can admire Queenie's adorable artworks and ogle the limited editon dolls.

On her YouTube channel you can admire Gothy miscellania including picnics at the cemetery, Bats Day and club videos, and expostulation about the Goth scene of today. If you can't get enough of this Gothy goodness, try Queenie TV on Ustream, although they are currently on hiatus.

You can find the Posiez Etsy shop here, and I implore you to go take a look at the wonders within. I have a Posiez wishlist as long as my arm, seriously - how have I lived without a bat-and-cupcake window cling, one of her beautiful bat-frame necklaces, and a 'deadly cute fancy-schmancy pin' with bows, beads and other goodness?

Lastly, please admire my first Posiez purchase:

I know - a parasol this sheer is about as practical as a chocolate teapot as it does nothing to protect you from the sun, but isn't it gorgeous! This Posiez exclusive design is also available in opaque satin for those of you of a more practical nature.

It. Has. A. Bat. On. It. Also, it was cheap. A handmade parasol with box pleats and a bat on top, £20. No kidding. I paid an extra £20 to ship to the UK, but that was fair enough, good luck shipping a delicate parasol any cheaper than that. But £20. That's the same as my mass-produced Phaze parasol. I couldn't believe it.
I also have no complaints about the quality. The lace is pretty and soft, the box pleats are lovely and silky, I don't have any difficulty putting it up or down (and if you have seen me fighting with my umbrella you know how important this is to me). The handle is wood, not plastic, which is a nice touch. And it has a bat on it. I can't say that enough. (My coworker Doug has nicknamed me BatGirl. Anyone surprised?)
Yeah, it had to be done...

The boots are not from Posiez, I got them on eBay. But I love them.
Posiez answered my queries quickly and politely, the shipping was really fast considering it was coming halfway across the world, and honestly I couldn't love this parasol more. I can't wait to buy from Posiez again. Definitely five stars from me. <3

If 'spooky cute' is your raison d'etre, you need Posiez products in your life.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful parasol! I'm needing money to buy one of them for me, hehe' You see, I love comment the articles! Maybe beacuse no one comments in my blog... =S

punklace said...

Ive seen posiez designs before! so cute and creepy ^_^ Queenies artwork is beautiful. Love the parasol! your outfit is lovely too!

Tenebris In Lux said...

Cannot stress how cute that is ^^

Ever heard of the site Etsy? There are some really nice spooky vendors on the site. I believe there's a myspace/facebook page that promotes Gothy Etsy stores, so you might want to look into that.

chaoskitten[DF] said...

You've been mentioned on their facebook :)

akumaxkami said...

Squee! >_< You've got Sweet Lolita boots! <3

ultimategothguide said...

@ Tenebris - the parasol IS from Etsy ;-)

@ ChaosKitten - thanks so much for letting me know that, I'm not on Facebook but I had a look and it totally made my day. ^^ Wonder how they found the blog?

@ punklace - Thank you! I'm a fan of your designs ^^

chaoskitten[DF] said...

No problem! ^^ I knew you weren't on fb so I figured I should let you know :)

InfiltratorN7 said...

I remember coming across this site several years ago (mid-2000sish) but it didn't have all the goodies it does now, like the dolls for instance. It did have little animations wth the Posiez characters but they don't seem to be on there now. It's nice to see this site again and see it flourishing.

I like the spooky/cute aesthetic going on it. Everything looks gorgeous and very tempting.

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