Monday, 8 August 2011

Day 2: Share photos and experiences of your babybat days

I was intending to post something else today, not just a Goth Challenge post, but I had to finish some health and safety training for work *yawn* so I'm running short on time! Without further ado, then, here is the next installment of the fabulous Juliet's Lace's Goth Challenge (many sparkly bats for Amy of Juliet's Lace <3).

Day Two: Share photos and experiences of your babybat days

Surely you guys have already seen enough of my embarrassing babybat snaps, but I'm sure I can dig up some more!

My first cemetery photoshoot, with Dan. It's probably cruel to share Dan's mallgoth phase as well as my own... One of us 'grew out of it'. One of us sleeps with a bed full of cuddly bats and monsters. Go figure.
Yeah, so I went through a phase of wearing cheap plastic Halloween wigs. Shut up, I was happy. You can't see the make-up too clearly, but I used to do the same dodgy-liquid-eyeliner doodles every day. I also used to colour in my thin brows with liquid liner. Unfortunately I hadn't discovered eyeshadow primer, so my eyeshadow would fade and I would be left with scary black brows and naked eyes.
One of my first 'Goth' outfits. Everything I'm wearing in that picture was worn so much it fell apart. Except the belt. I still have the belt.
I was so excited when I found this Cure T-shirt. This was not long after I discovered 'real' Goth and passed from 'clueless mallgoth' to 'overeager babybat'. I hadn't yet discovered DIY so when my Cure and Fields of the Nephilim T-shirts lost their shape, I GOT RID OF THEM. That haunts me TO THIS DAY.
Another glimpse of the scary eyeliner. I still have, and still wear, everything I'm wearing in this picture, but by god I'm glad I learned to accessorise.


BallerinaDark said...

What brand are the shoes in your last picture?? TUK maybe? I love them!!


residentreject6 said...

hello! ^^

I love your blog! you have saved me from many a goth problem/crisis over the past few months.

I do have an issue to ask you about though: I am a metalhead, and also a goth. I listen to both gothic music and metal. I am commonly mistaken for a mall goth, and it irritates me. I have days where I wear slipknot, or korpiklaani, or my chemical romance shirts, and I have my normal days wear I wear tophats, and cloaks, and corsets. I have renamed my style as a "metal-goth" or "metal-loving-goth." what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Amy you are adorable i'm a lerker and just thought you should know this fact

-best wishes

Phoenix said...

These are such cute photos! That sucks about the t-shirts though :( I love the shoes in the last photo! It's a lovely photo of you ^^

LovleAnjel said...

You are so cute in those photos! That's not all that embarrassing, honestly. Except for the wig.

Anonymous said...

Lol, when I was a babybat, I was more Tim Burton-esque than i am now.

residentreject6 said...

hallo! sorry me again, I remember seeing Joji on your blog, I can't remember when, but I reread it last night. Anyway, I found his devianrt profile, and his photography is really cool! I don't know if you already have it, but here it is:

Fae said...

Is it bad to admit that I love the shoes in the last picture??? <3

ultimategothguide said...

@ BallerinaDark - they're Demonias. ^^

@ residentreject6 - metal goth sounds like a good description to me, I have a Slipknot hoodie and few T-shirts from metal bands as well. Others shouldn't judge a Goth by their T-shirt, people might like more than one type of music! Ignore the eye-rollers, they don't know you...

Also, I LOVE Joji's photography.

@ Fae - no, I love them too!

@ Anon - thank you! ^^

@ LovleAnjel - the wig. Yikes.

@ Phoenix - aw, thank you! XD

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for sharimg! I love reading your articles. You got me thinking about my own experience and inspired a post on my blog :)

Lace Front said...

Good job with the post! Keep up the good work!

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