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Goth beauty product reviews: Lush

I'm feeling famous today! Why? Because I got interviewed by BallerinaDark for Gothic Divine Magazine, that's why! You can check it out here, along with my cheesy-thumbs-up photo. ^^

You probably already know of Lush, the store providing natural organic beauty and bath products, which you can smell a mile off and can't spend too much time in without risking a migraine from the cloying mix of odours. Nonetheless I love Lush, and often travel into Basingstoke to trawl my closest store for Goth-friendly products.

I have been meaning to get round to writing these product reviews for quite some time - in fact, I procrastinated on this for so long that my absolute favourite Lush product, Goth Juice, has apparently actually been discontinued. I'm going to review it anyway, in honour of the amazing powers of this marvellous purple gloop. I have one pot left and I'm guarding it jealously.

Goth Juice
When I first picked up a tub of Goth Juice, I thought it was overpriced, and would probably have no more effect on my fringe than the crappy old wax I was buying from the supermarket, which made my hair greasy whilst doing nothing to tame my cowlick. However, I bought it anyway, mainly because of the name (I love novelty products, and/or a good cliche) and the fact it claimed to be 'made from the tears of Robert Smith' (c'mon, we've all seen that Mighty Boosh clip).

Unlike in the above clip, Goth Juice is not a spray but a concoction of scented purple slime. The smell is a little bit pine-y, a little bit earthy, and would not seem out-of-place on someone with heavy eyeliner, velvet pointy boots and a clove cigarette. However it's not too strong or overpowering when the product is actually applied - unless someone has their nose resting on your head they probably won't smell it.

The gloop dries clear on your hair. Those with shorter hair would probably find it difficult to create spikes or texture with Goth Juice, but I've found it an absolute godsend in convincing my fringe to lie flat after spending the night sleeping on my face. I'd definitely award it five stars for hair-taming. Best of all I find that my hair doesn't look 'hard' or overloaded with product - I don't look like I've tipped a tub of Brylcreem on my head. And it only takes a little bit of gel on the tips of my fingers to get the same result as a heavy blast of hairspray, so a small but pricey tub actually lasts for months.

I adore this product. Why, Lush, why?!

Demon in the Dark Soap
I was leery of buying this to begin with as it was quite strongly scented and I often find that heavily perfumed soaps can irritate my skin. It's a lovely marbled green colour, wrapped in black wax, and smells of apples, cloves and spearmint. It's a fresh smell but also a little smoky, which I found pleasant. I have read reviews saying it smells like toothpaste but personally I thought the smoky-apple-clove smell was stronger.

It didn't irritate my skin, but I did find the wax wrapping to be a pain in the proverbial as it was a nightmare to remove and I keep finding bits of it stuck around the plughole. Yuck. There is not very much lather but it does a good job and doesn't leave a minty scent on my skin, thankfully. There are little bits of clove bud in it but again these are not irritating as I thought they might be.

This soap makes the skin on my body feel tingly but doesn't have a drying effect on my face - if anything it feels more moisturising. However this might have more to do with my skin than the soap.

Another con is that the soap develops a strange film on it if you let it sit, I think this might have something to do with the wax?

Overall this is a good product and I will definitely buy it again as it's nice to have such a delightfully-scented soap that doesn't irritate or make my skin feel tight. I'd rate it 3.5/4out of 5.

Glitterbug Massage Bar
When Christmas shopping with Bronwyn, she wanted to buy the Shimmy Shimmy massage bar as a present for a friend, but decided against it as said friend 'probably wouldn't want to be covered in glitter'. My immediate response was, "Ooh! Glitter! Where?"

I bought Glitterbug (yes, it's actually bug-shaped) instead of Shimmy Shimmy because I far preferred the scent and because the glitter had a slight blue/lilac iridescence that I thought was pretty. Apparently the Glitterbugs are available in various colours (gold and pink, iridescent or solid colour) but the shop I was in only had iridescent blue.

I love how the glitter looks on my shoulders and collar bones, but it feels a little bit sticky and when applying the glitter is scratchy. I would not want someone to actually give me a massage with it! The glitter sticks for days and days but thankfully doesn't transfer too much. I wouldn't recommend using it on your face or neck as the glitter particles are quite big. Because the glitter is iridescent it's almost unnoticeable until light hits you, which I thought was a lovely effect.

The scent is difficult to describe - warm, sweet and girly, and would probably appeal to those who like vanilla or floral scents. Smells a little bit like champagne!

Not for those who like their shimmer subtle, but from me a strong four stars!


Julietslace said...

I had no idea Goth Juice was discontinued! Hopefully they'll bring it back because I always wanted to try it.

Fatally Yours said...

Noooooooo!! I had no idea Lush had discontinued Goth Juice either...booooo!

I love Goth Juice and I wish they made it into a perfume because I ADORE the mossy scent of it.

Oh least I have 2 tubs left of the I just need to make it last.

Long live Lush, tho! They have amazing products!

Tenebris In Lux said...

"Goth Juice .. made from the tears of Robert Smith," I LOVE the Mighty Boosh.

I took a peak at the interview, and we have a lot in common as far as musical tastes. *high five*

Anonymous said...

I tried to love LUSH but all their products contain SLS and all really irritating things : ( And Goth Juice is gone for good, apparently, my friend works for them : (

SiouxsieL said...

Love love love LUSH! I haven't seen Glitterbug in my store; I'll have to look. I usually buy the Shimmy Shimmy bar (and put it on for yoga). I actually wrote LUSH about an accident I had with the product.

Lilly Peppermint said...

Goth Juice is my favourite product from Lush. I was devestated to discover that it's been discontinued. I agree with everything you have said about it and I love the scent so much I would prefer if it was stronger. I'm wearing the product in my hair today. Fantastic post!

Phoenix said...

Goth Juice is awesome, I don't know why they discontinued it. Agree with Anon up there though, heaps of their products contain SLS and other chemicals (unnecessarily - the natural ingredients in them would do the job perfectly), so I wouldn't really call Lush completely natural or organic. It's a shame because the natural ingredients they use are awesome! WHYYY LUSH WHYYY :'( I love some of their soaps though, despite the SLS. They're so yummy.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that I saw Goth Juice when I was there a couple of weeks ago- possibly it moves really slowly in my part of Australia? Is it rather recent that they decided to discontinue it?

On the subject of hair, I've used a couple of different solid shampoos by Lush but I still find that my black fades super quick. Does anyone have any suggestions about which is the best shampoo for coloured hair?

-Laurel (of the Belljar variety)

BallerinaDark said...

*-* Goth juice *-* me wants it badly!! I love the description of the product .. "made from the tears of Robert Smith" ♥

PS. thank you for posting about the interview :)

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