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Guest post: Goth decor

Here's a belated July guest post from the adorable Dalestair Ophelia Zodiac... you can see more from fabulous Dalestair at her blogaroo Nightmare Zodiac.

The weather is cooling down (or warming up, if you’re an Aussie Goth) which means it's the perfect time to do some spring cleaning. And what is great motivation for cleaning? RENOVATING, OF COURSE!!!   It is said that you can tell a lot about a person from their home. So how do you project your Gothic self into your house while still retaining a welcoming atmosphere for these who aren’t Goth? Perhaps these steps will help!

Step OnePlan – Don’t just jump in and start painting every surface of your house black. Work out your budget and how you want your room to look after you’re done. Also think about functionality – If it’s a bedroom, where are you going to sleep? How big is your bed? What else is the room used for? Can you comfortably fit everything in?

Also consider things like where you’re going to sleep while paint dries if you are painting, what furniture you are buying and when you can go and get it, as well as a VERY important thing if you are living with your parents or other people: AM I ALLOWED TO DO THIS!?

Step 2: Clean – I recommend four boxes/piles.

Keep, Maybe Keep, Salvo’s/Donation, Toss out.

Throw away all the rubbish. Pick up everything that’s on the floor that is toss out stuff. CHUCK IT AWAY! Leave everything else. This is how I manage to clean my room, and from a messy & busy  17 year old, this WORKS! :-) Listening to music that’s up beat helps. 

Next, pick up Keeps/Maybe’s/Donate items. Sort them through as you go. I usually start with clothes, then move onto things like stuffed toys, books, games or accessories. 

My bed is normally covered in junk as well, so I go through the same process again but with the stuff on the bed. Throw it out or sort it. If you’re not sure about something put it in the maybe box. All clothes unless they’re new or you KNOW they fit and you want to keep them should go into MAYBE box for trying on.

Once everything’s in bags and/or boxes I usually move it into the front yard or under the carport/garage.

You’ll notice how much cleaner your room is now that you have got rid of the junk. Now it’s time to do the same with furniture. Make little signs or write KEEP ME on sticky notes. Everything you want to keep should have a sign or a sticker on it. Then get some help moving all the furniture out your room.

If your room is covered in posters you’ll hopefully have decided what you are going to do with them once the walls are dry and it’s time to move back in. Are you going to stick them all back up, frame a couple and put them up or throw them out? If you cannot stand to part with them but don’t want them on your pretty new walls, why not create a folio with them in it? A simple binder should fit most A4 magazine style posters. Then you can keep them for as long as you like. 

Once your room is empty the renovating can begin! :-)

Step 3: Decorating – You will hopefully have planned when the new carpet is being put down or what colour paint you’re sticking on the walls and will have arranged to have the paint in time. Lay down a tarp and paint the walls. Seriously, masking tape is your best friend here. For more tips on painting walls click here.

I recommend light neutral colours on walls, so that when you move out, you don’t have to go through the whole thing of re-painting the walls neutral tones like some agents insist. Also, your parents are more likely to approve if you pick something they can live with.

Step 4: Arranging - Following the plan you made in step 1 as a guideline, once the paint is dried and the carpet/flooring down you can start to put your furniture back in. Where is the bed going to go? What about the book shelf? Do you really need that Ikea mirror or are you going to come up with a cute way of making it fit? Really think about utilizing the space you have.

Step 5: Accessories – This is the fun part! Depending on what sort of style you are wanting for your room you can go and decorate however your little black heart desires. 

Cute tips for a Gothic Bedroom

Mosquito Nets.
Black lacy mosquito nets are a lovely way of adding Gothic Class around your bed. They also help with privacy while you are sleeping. I’ve seen some nice ones on Ebay, like this one

Ceiling Mounted Bed Canopies.
If the Mosquito Net look isn’t for you and you have a bit more to spend, try the bed canopy. They’re very elegant and classy. They usually cover the whole bed and can be made of mesh, cotton, velvet and other materials.

Pillows and Cushions. 
Pillows and cushions can transform a bed, couch or chair. Pick ones that add to the look of your room, not distract it. When it comes to cushions, a little goes a long way.
Velvet or Lace False walls.
If you are like me and will ALWAYS end up with junk covering your bed and a small corner to sleep in or you want a way to separate your desk or television you have in your room to your sleeping area, why not create a velvet or lace wall?  All you need is a little bit of time and some basic sewing skills.

1. Pick out a nice fabric that hangs well and buy enough to go from one end of your room to another, while allowing room for hanging. It should also be almost floor length. You’ll also need either some curtain wire or a thick string (it should be ‘slidey’) and some hooks for the walls. 
2. Cut the material down the middle so that you have to pieces of material that go from almost ceiling to almost floor. Hem the pieces on the two long sides and at the bottom. 

3. Next, create a hem at the top that is big enough to fit your Curtain wire or string through, and slide comfortably. Sew that up.

4. Attach the hooks to the wall so they are opposite from each other on opposite walls.

5. Attach your false wall curtain. And you’re done. 

REMEMBER: Don’t over crowd your room!

Step 6: Put Humpty Dumpty together again – Your furniture is in, you have your accessories and now it’s time to put the whole room together. Go through your stuff and sorting into your KEEP – MAYBE – DONATION – THROW OUT BOX. Try everything on. If it doesn’t fit or no longer suits you DON’T put it in the keep. Donation or Throw Out. Try items on with other items. Think if you’ve worn the item in ages. Do NOT think “If I go on a diet this will fit”. You’ll only make yourself feel terrible, which I certainly do not want. Once your Maybe box is empty, your donations and trash FULL and your keep sorted, put it all away. Know which draws are for shirts, which for jeans, ect. If you can’t fit it all in, take it out and think about what you can donate or toss. If you can’t bring yourself to donate the $80 jeans you wore once, sell them on eBay!!! Get some money into your pocket to cover the cost of renovating or to buy new items that you need now you’ve thrown all the small stuff out.  
Your room is now clean and pretty and you should be able to utilize your space more readily. It’s time to curl up in the new bedspread with a good novel or hit the shops to pick up a new full length skirt now you have thrown away the one that was 3 sizes to large/small.

Lastly, some inspiration for your room design! I apologise for not knowing where most of these came from, they were on my USB I found… when cleaning my room! :-)
EDIT: Dalestair, I couldn't get your images to work! I have uploaded some that I found on Google in the meantime. Sorry - let me know if these are OK!

Source: Google
This image belongs to Marie's Manor Theme Bedroom Decorating Ideas
You can visit their site here.
Image is Copyrighted

Source: Google
This image belongs to Marie's Manor Theme Bedroom Decorating Ideas
Again, you can see more like this on their site here.
Image is Copyrighted


Pixella said...

I can`t see the Pics from your USB.;)

Anonymous said...

I love the black and the white pillows! *o* But a house with black walls is weird.

Tenebris In Lux said...

Very informative, really puts you in the mood to start doing something with your space now. Heh ^^

@Amy: How do you "earn" a guest post?

BlacKat said...

If I may add a few tips especially for those of us in dorm/apartment settings (where generally painting or permanent modifications are out):

Wall hangings are your friend. Can't paint the walls? Hang curtains on them!

Remember all those nice picture calendars? They make great cheap pictures. I have my room lined with castles.

There are a variety of decorating tapes out there if you can't use screws, although some are better than others.

Cloth covers can also help furniture, if you don't own your own. Cover that ugly apartment chair with fabric and put a pillow on it!

Washable paint can be used on glass, such as mirrors and windows. Just make sure it will in fact come off.

akumaxkami said...

Awww, I can't see the photos!

Dalestair Ophelia Zodiac said...


Amy! How do I fix it!? <3

kitty said...

Aww! The photos are dead. :( Love that first pillow though... decorative AND adorable.

ultimategothguide said...

@ Tenebris - no earning necessary! I accept guest post offers from most 'established' bloggers and will occasionally offer them to random non-blogging commenters who have interesting things to say. If you have an idea you can e me on beautiful.loser (at)

Dalestair Ophelia Zodiac said...

@Amy - haah haah, the pictures are fine. They get the point across plenty. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, Amy ^^
Do you have any ideas on some Gothling room decor? I'm 12...
I don't have much to work with, but my mother has plenty of lace,ribbon, and fabric. Got any Ideas?
It would be lovely for you to reply :)

Dalestair Ophelia Zodiac said...

Hey Anon - This isn't Amy, but hopefully can help! :)

If you have a wall colour you can live with, its very easy to change the colour of your bedspreads to a dark grey or black. Even a Blood Red would look nice. Check out Ebay or stores like Spotlight or Homeart. (I don't know the American/English equivalents, sorry).

Then all you need to do is cushions that can be made from the material your mother has. Cheap stores often have lovely dragon or bat trinkets, antique looking hand mirrors and the like.

Also, if you are allowed to, you can always hang up some Gothic art. Lots of the poster stores have some really nice pictures of Gothic ladies with kittens and bats and horses. :)

And if you have hideous coloured walls, the false walls mentioned in the post can easily be adapted to go around the perimeter of the room, rather than down the middle, as a divider. Simply attach 2 hooks in each corner of the room (2 on the wall, facing in to the room) and put your fabric walls up. I can imagine this would reduce sound too, so you can play your heavy music.

If you have any more questions about this comment or my article, feel free to ask.


Anonymous said...

@Dalestair Ophelia Zodiac:
thank you for the Ideas! ^^
I'll try them as soon as I can :)
BTW, you look lovely in your picture! =^.^=

ultimategothguide said...

Hello Anon ^^ thanks for your comments! I will do some more posts soon on Gothy decor suitable for babybats, promise!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, both of you!
That would be wonderful. It's a good thing that Goth runs in my family...Mom, my sisters, one of my brothers..So I'm pretty much good with being able to decorate how I like ^^ and Thank YOU for bringing me the Ultimate Goth Guide

Maggie said...

Even though I like my flat simple and utilitarian, I can't help but gasp at some of these pics. The two beds are absolutely stunning!

Maries Manor Theme Bedroom Decorating Ideas said...

Hi, you have 2 copyrighted photos taken from here

Kindly remove them or link them to


Maries Manor Kids Theme Bedrooms

ultimategothguide said...

Marie's Manor - hello, very sorry about that. Have now linked accordingly - is that acceptable to you or would you prefer me to remove the images?

Best wishes,

lovehoroscope said...

Ah, I actually found the post! I saw this mentioned over at NightmareZodiac and was looking for it as I like her blog. Glad I found it, great read :D

Anonymous said...

Great post! I was planning on giving my bedroom a castle theme. You know, like stone wallpaper and stuff? Could you try to do a tutorial to help? Thanks

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