Thursday, 11 August 2011

Morbid Fashion: An invaluable style guide for babybats and grown-up Goths

So after enjoying yesterday's beautiful sunshine, at the risk of a *shudder* tan, I spent the evening with a bottle of TruBlood and the new Morbid Fashion e-book, which I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend. Author Zellain describes it as a guide for the grown-up Goth looking to create their ideal wardrobe, but I strongly felt that it would also be of great help to those just getting started in the Goth scene, as it provides invaluable advice on how to achieve your perfect look.

I'm sorry; you haven't heard of Morbid Fashion? You can find Zellain's creation either at The Morbid Fashion website, an indispensible style guide for the Goth-about-town, or hop across to Tumblr (although it won't be easy in those boots) and ogle the inspirational images that Zellain has compiled. Oh, and... who's this? *ahem*


Today’s chilly London weather has gotten us in the mood for Autumn- the perfect opportunity for a peek at the McQ Autumn/Winter ‘11 collection in our showroom.
Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter  '11
Source: Morbid Fashion
The e-book's proper and distinguished title is Morbid Fashion: A Basic Guide to Identifying & Creating Your Grown-Up Gothic Style. At a compact 78 pages for the $10 price tag, are you getting enough bang for your buck? Most certainly. As well as advising on how to identify, collate and organise inspirations, Zellain covers closet clearing and organisation (a must for all of us at some stage or another, and yes there are some helpful tips in this chapter that I never would have thought of), building your wardrobe (with advice on seasons, colour, shopping and plus-size fashion), reference and resources (guess who gets a mention! You too, Ashlee at A Mortal Doth Approach, Hexotica, Black-Clad In Korea, Still Dark @ Heart, Miss Vermillion and VictorianKitty at Sophistique Noir! Goth points galore for us.. ;-)).

However, because I am perverse, my favourite parts of this e-book were not the useful, practical sections offering plenty of helpful advice (including the BEST tip for dark clothing care that I have ever read) but the sections where Zellain has waxed lyrical on what precisely she means by 'grown-up Gothic style', why it's OK if you secretly find Victoria Beckham more inspiring than Siouxsie, different style themes including "Eco Goth" and "Country Goth", and how you can turn closet organising into a way of revamping your decor. I was also intrigued by her mentions of her personal style, which she terms "Yuppie Goth". The only section I skim-read rather than obessively devouring was the 'How To Shop...' section, and only then because I know I will return to it as-and-when for reference and advice.

"Style", in Morbid Fashion terms, covers not just one's attire but also accessories, home decor, and a smattering of make-up, making it even more practical and helpful to established 'grown-up' Goths and floundering babybats alike. If you're expecting Zellain to tell you what to buy or how to dress, you're wrong - this book is geared towards helping you figure out exactly what works for you: to glean exactly what you desire from your style and then learn how to rock it.

Zellain's obvious patience in research, compiling information (from links and resources to basic but necessary stuff such as clothing care, underwear shopping and the shelf lives of cosmetics) is admirable and has definitely paid off. I have not dared to start clicking on some of the links under 'Independent Gothic Friendly Clothing, Accessories, Cosmetics and Jewelry Designers' (side-note: as an English person, it actually pains me to type 'jewelry' instead of 'jewellery' but I'll let you Americans have it your way this time...) because my bank balance might not survive the experience.

All in all, when I said 'invaluable' (twice), I wasn't joking. Whether looking to re-vamp your wardrobe or build an entirely new one, whether you want to pinpoint your inspirations or learn more about the intricate world of dark fashion, or even just check out the links, this is for you. Top marks, Zellain.

You can read a preview and add the Morbid Fashion e-book to your reading pile here.


akumaxkami said...

Fantastic! I'll definitely check this out!

Poptart said...

Yaaay! So happy to see outfit posts again!

Sal Kaye said...

Whoa, I get a mention?! Wow!
Big THANK YOU to Zellain (and to you, Amy, for letting me know!). :)


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