Friday, 19 August 2011

Review: Sunshine Luvs U

Little Monster Hat
I was originally only intending to buy a tutu from this Etsy shop, but as soon as I saw this hat I just HAD to have it. As well as being affordable, it's beautifully warm and very comfy (I have lots of ear piercings and some styles of hat press them uncomfortably into the sides of my head). The colour is fantastic, a beautiful vivid purple that goes brilliantly with black clothes.

I love the little horns (or possibly ears?). This hat couldn't be any cuter! I've nicknamed it my 'monsterette' hat. I did inspect it thoroughly - I don't know if it was hand- or machine-knitted, but either way I didn't spot any holes or flaws. I love the slouchy shape!

Just chillin'... slightly awkwardly. Bad posture much? :-S
Plague Rat Tutu
Most Goth girls probably own a tutu. They're cute, fun and a little bit dramatic, which makes them an ideal wardrobe staple. I own about five or six, but I've never spent £20 on a tutu before; usually I buy the single-layer £5 neon tutus from alt stores. So this was a step outside my comfort zone! I loved the outfit the model on Etsy was wearing, and spend ages trying to choose between the black and white Contradictions design, and this one. I think I made the right choice.
My biggest worry was that the waistband would be twisted or itchy, but it was neither. The tulle is stiff enough to create a damn good poof but soft enough that it didn't scratch my hips at the waistband. Of course, being a tutu, it's a little bit see-through; however there are so many layers upon layers that you could probably wear it alone over tights if you were daring. In the picture above, I'm wearing a white skirt and bloomers underneath.

Instead of a single layer of scratchy net, there are instead handfuls and handfuls and handfuls of tulle strips that must have taken an absolute age to sew together. The effect is utterly fantastic - it's SO poofy! The sheer amount of fabric alone makes it worth the asking price - this is not a half-assed job.

I wore the tutu to work (as you saw in a recent outfit post) and I don't think I've received so many comments on a single item of clothing. Because it's so enormous, like a proper dance tutu, it's a real attention-grabber; the shy and retiring might prefer a darker colour scheme than vibrant red and white. Pair these bright stripes with the wrong outfit and you look like a circus escapee, but it is more versatile than you might think - I've worn it with two different ensembles so far and am going to experiment with using it as a petticoat to give extra volume to other skirt.

Sunshine Luvs U also does custom tutus, knitted armwarmers and purses, and handy craft supplies like lace. The service was fast and courteous, no complaints there. I would definitely order again, in fact I now have my eye on the Gryffindor scarf...

P.S. If you snap up your own Sunshine creation, please do mention that Amy from the Goth Guide sent you, as she's currently running a competition to win a free tutu. A girl can never have too many tutus... ;-)


Lucy said...

Adorable hat! I'll have to buy one of those. (:

Ghoulina Bones said...

I've added them to my favorites on etsy.
I love the black and white tutu and the gloves.
I kinda want the red version of your hat!

Anonymous said...

I used to read this blog everyday, now I dont really bother. But i'm glad to see amy still doing her thing

best of luck

Venus said...

Adorable little hat! X3

Black Rose said...

Tutus are fun.
Have you seen the new Urban Decay pink eyeliner?

Anonymous said...

I want a tutu for me... I love cute things! But where I live =Brazil ¬¬'= it's hard to find something cool. Now I buy my clothes in online shops, because I'm tired to use "patty" clothes hsuahsuhauahs' I love cute and pink things, but I'm not a patty, ok?

linnea-maria said...

What cute thing you found on etsy. But could you tell something about the skirt you are wearing in the first pictures, it's cool. Is it a DIY?

Angel of Darkness said...

Love the hat. It looks great on you too! And you know, I might just have to find me a tutu, they are quite pretty.

Fae said...

That hat is so cute. I would love to get one to bad I don`t have money lol. Off topic here but my sister started this thing called "The Orange Hand" and It`s about bullying and stuff like that and it`s really cool. You write something in orange on your hand about bullying and its really cool I wrote "Treat people how you want to be treated" and I went around the whole day wearing orange and black. Best day ever and my sister was very smart to have done that. <3

ultimategothguide said...

Linnea-Maria - I'm not sure if it's DIY or not, I bought it secondhand. ^^

Fae - that's awesome <3

martha said...

you have a great blog, I have bookmarked it into my favorites as it has helped me alot in writing my literature review. I wil also recommend it to my friends.Thank you

Yuriko said...

Amy, I was wondering if you have any solutions for pale skin without makeup.
I was born,unfortunatly, with Spanish AND Italian descent, so I tan easily.

Gibson said... look like Meg White!

InfiltratorN7 said...

I don't own a tutu, I don't know any goth girls who do. :-S Didn't know they were popular among goths.

I love your sister's idea of the orange hand Fae. I like it when people try to raise awareness of bullying. It's a problem that has never really gone away. Gossiping behind people's backs is another problem that needs dealing with.

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