Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A belated blog round-up

Of course, all the posts on various blogs I had saved to my 'Favourites' vanished into the ether when I lost my computer, but I am seeing so much great stuff on the interwebs at the moment that I figured I could pull together a pretty decent blog round-up and a nice list of spooky reading material in no time at all.

In no particular order, may I present to you the following:

BabyBatDanielle had a wonderful DIY idea; how come I never thought of making armwarmers out of my OWN tutorial? I must have some spare fabric, somewhere...

Dismantlynn of brilliant new blog Color Me Goth wrote a post on the pressure Goths put on themselves to look their best, entitled Gothic Appearance Pride.

AislingChild summed up my own babybat fears and worries with an acronym, no less, namely TBBS or Timid BabyBat Syndrome.

MissMeow gave us Siouxsie fans a make-up tutorial to die for.

This post is slightly outdated now, but I love these Gothy lifestyle tips from Ashlee at A Mortal Doth Approach.

Juliet's Lace shares with us her top tips for Autumn. This was perfect as I'm really getting into the Autumn 'mood' (is there such a thing?).

GothBarbie met Elvira. Oh my Gawth. o.O

Jayne_Jezebelle wins my Best Dressed Spooky Girl award. I love everything she has ever worn, ever.

Best Goth cooking blog *ever*. Undisputed. Sweet Nightmare Kitchen is perfection.

Sincerely, Boots has a reviews page! I WANT those tights.


Jayne_Jezebelle said...

Aw, thank you <3

Toxic Tears said...

I recently bought a pair of leggings like those tights.:) Wore them today actually, need to upload muh pictures.>_<

LucretiaLevi said...

Thanks for all the links, I´m always looking for new gothic reading material (and thats also why I´m so glad that I recently discovered your blog, although it will took me forever to read all your posts, but I´m really looking forward to it, because you cover many different topics and I like your writing style. Besides you sound so experianced, almost couldn´t believe you´re so young... however: Keep on writing!)

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