Thursday, 15 September 2011

Coveting! The Zombified

(c) The Zombified
Welcome, darklings, to this, the latest edition of Coveting! wherein I am proud to present the remarkably talented Krystal, aka The Zombified. This multi-talented artist has turned her hand to everything from comic books to jewellery, her creations all exhibiting a sweet-but-morbid flair that could make almost any Gothling weak at the knees. Imaginative and original artists like Krystal are the fuel of my passion for Goth culture, bringing cute, dark, and sweetly twisted designs and ideas to life (in a suitably zombified form, of course) for the rest of us.

The brains behind The Zombified describes her work as 'original Halloween and horror-inspired artwork for the Darkly Inclined', and it is certainly that. The versatility of her charmingly macabre designs means that you can make a piece of Krystal's work part of your life in many different ways, as they are in her Etsy store featured on T-shirts, compact mirrors, T-shirts, pins and badges, and even the most utterly adorable greetings cards! If you haven't yet bought your Christmas cards to send to all your spooky friends this year, darklings, can you possibly resist the image of a flock of bats pulling a coffin sleigh through the night skies?

For me, the utter highlight of Krystal's Etsy store is her newest experiment - completely gorgeous necklaces, each featuring one of my favourite pieces of Zombified art inside a coffin-shaped frame surrounded by tiny bats! These beauties are around £10 each, which is a fantastic price - I cannot wait to buy one, and the only reason that I am not already the proud owner is because I can't choose between my two most-loved designs. Krystal, I take my hat off to you for creating these perfectly spookycute pieces!

Rounding off an impressive display of unique art and showcasing the morbid imagination and Burton-meets-B-movie aesthetic of The Zombified is the comic book Hallowhaus, a steal at around £3 an issue. Hallowhaus tells us the story of the recently deceased young Zoey, who finds herself unexpectedly undead and soon comes to join the assorted bizarre inhabitants of Hallowhaus Castle, including witches, frankenkitties, talking skeletons, and 'Grumpers' the dragon (but don't call him that). Hallowhaus and its denizens are creepy but endearing; the kind of (mostly) friendly monsters and ghouls you probably hoped lived under your bed as a child. Fresh from the grave and settling in amongst her new fellow creatures of the night, Zoey has perhaps more problems than the average Goth girl. Most of us don't have to worry about finding payment for Doctor Frankeinstein to, uh, reactivate our pets, let alone chunks of skin dropping off here and there.

Oh, but Gothlings, it gets even better! What you need in your life right now - yes, my friend, right this very instant - is The Zombified's FREE downloadable Halloween party pack, although, as Krystal herself notes, it will certainly be appreciated by spooky types at times of the year other than Halloween. Consisting of cupcake wrappers, gift tag stickers and cake toppers/tags in sixteen totally adorable designs, it's sure to warm your black little heart.

Listening to: Thank You for the Venom - My Chemical Romance


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