Thursday, 8 September 2011

Goth Challenge catch-up, days 14-18

Day 14: What was your best and worst DIY disaster?

My worst was probably my first few attempts at DIY - I butchered a lace skirt because I just started cutting and sewing random bits of it without any idea what I wanted to achieve. BAD idea. I also killed a white T-shirt attempting to replicate an outfit from the graphic novel Clubbing. Note to self: cartoon characters can have clothing that stays up by gravity alone. You? Not so much.

Best? Well, yesterday I bought a not-very-pretty handmade hat from a charity shop; somebody's botched attempt at milinery, I imagine. It has a wire brim, which I have bent into a new shape. Just need a couple of ribbons, a few faux roses and maybe a bit of lace, and I have a brand new Victorian bonnet. *exudes smugness* ^^

Day 15: Your favourite or most expensive item in your wardrobe.

Oh, darklings, if only I had a functioning computer of my own so I could post photos! I don't think I can pick a favourite, not even at gunpoint... my most expensive item to date is my purple New Rocks with cobweb design for £150... if we're being clothing-specific, it's a velvet dress by Raven which was £79 or £89 in the Drac In A Box sale. However it was actually a Christmas present so I don't know if that counts! Other favourite/expensive items include two multi-layered ruffly rainbow skirts, they are astonishingly beautiful although being perhaps too colourful for the 'average' Goth palette. They were £50 each. I also adore my red and black striped two-piece bustle skirt, it was custom made and cost £60. The most expensive item I bought in my babybat years was my full-length, high-collared, corset-backed Victorianesque trench coat which was £70.

Day 16: What's the most casual you've ever dressed?

Well, when I was about ten I was quite the tomboy - baggy ripped jeans, baggy T-shirts, battered trainers, and if you were really lucky I might even brush my hair before I left the house! Post-Goth transformation, either my badminton wear (black trackies, T-shirt) or what I'm wearing today - indigo skinny jeans, 'Goths have more fun' T-shirt and my spiked baseball boots from Demonia. Not even any jewellery, which for me is beyond shocking. I don't really like to be casual, but at least I didn't get sworn or spat at whilst walking across town today.

Day 17: Your favourite Goth brand.

I have a mildly embarrassing amount of brand name stuff so I find it quite hard to choose a favourite... probably Lip Service, although since I operate under quite a strict budget (sometimes, anyway) I don't have much of their stuff. I do, however, have a LOT of stuff from Hell Bunny, Poizen Industries and Living Dead Souls... it's not always the greatest quality and I do like to mix-and-match with handmade gear to avoid being completely unoriginal, but it's affordable and a lot of their pieces are cute. I also have a massive soft spot for my Strangeways 'Every Night Is Halloween' pyjamas.

My most COVETED Goth brand, however, is without a doubt Heavy Red. YUM.

Heavy Red. No words required.
Day 18: Worst hair experience.

The aftermath of my fourteen-year-old self's attempt at dreadlocks. I do have a picture, but it will NEVER see the light of day. Although, more because I'm acting like a prat than because of the incredibly bad hair. I was not photogenic before I discovered make-up.

Day 19 requires me to share photos so I will have to get back to you on that... at least I have made SOME progress!


Miss Gothy Girl said...

Pretty gothy please repost day 15 with photos!!

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