Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Goth Challenge, Days 19-23

More catching-up to do on the Goth Challenge - I managed to find some photos on my phone for day 19, so without further ado:

Day 19: Share beauty advice and take a photo of your make-up.

Well, this photo is a few weeks old now, but it's how I do my make-up most days. Although I grew my eyebrows back in for the Filthy Victorian year next year so they are a bit more even now!

As for sharing beauty advice... well, I don't have anything new or groundbreaking! My top tip would be to never, ever sleep in your make-up - every time I do I end up with breakouts, which is a real pain. My favourite products are Nivea Soft, which is a moisturising lotion you can use on your face, hands and body, it makes your skin really soft, and Goth Rosary's Hair Detangling Creme Rinse (you can choose any scent, I'm currently using Crypt).

Day 20 - If you could dye your hair any colour what would it be?

Bright blue or bright purple. Currently my hair is a very dark purple, which was NOT the same as the picture on the packet (damn you, Mystic Violet) and as such rather a waste of time using two packets of hair dye remover to get rid of the black... but never mind!

Day 21 - What body mod do you have or have you considered?

I have assorted piercings (4x earlobes on each side, helix, scaffold bar, two nose piercings, lip ring, tongue stud and navel bar) and a bat tattoo on my left shoulder. I am currently considering further tattoos; I know it's cliche but I'm thinking of a vampire bite. I also would like something Halloween-inspired but am not sure exactly what, and something with the wording 'once upon a time is now'.

Day 22 - If you could attend any Goth event what would it be?

The Wave Gotik Treffen without a doubt. I have been dying to go ever since I heard about it.

Day 23 - Your favourite artist or photographer?

My favourite artists, and I can't choose between them, are Victoria Frances, Anne Stokes and Anne Sudworth.


Amunicia said...

"Mystic Violet" Lemme guess, Live colour XXL?
I remember talking to the girls at the salon I used to work at back when I was training and asking them about getting bright red hair, and they all said "Aw get one of those Live XXL colours, they're all while bright!"
So I did and instead of bright red, I got freakin' GINGER!

I now use their "Cyber Blue" as a black dye! XD

But aye, if you want more vibrant colour you do have to go down the oul bleach and semi-permanent route. It's a pain in the hole, but it's worth it. Also, despite what a lot of people tell you, bleach isn't actually that damaging to your hair, provided you don't over-do it/look after your hair well.

Jesus, this turned into a freakin' novel. If only I put this much effort into blogging! XD

ultimategothguide said...

Amunicia - got it in one! I usually use their blacks and blues, and I found their blonde very bright so I was expecting something a bit more... vibrant. I quite like it though. But next time, I'll go the bleach route.

Anonymous said...

Actually you may not have to go demi permanent, try for a red or blue toner which can warm up or cool down a color and make it more vibrant. But it always helps to pull the color out to a light or white blonde so your color is nice and vibrant. And deep condition a lot in between bleaching sessions. i dont know if you have aussie hair products in england, but if you dont want to pay an arm and a leg at the salon 3 minute miracle works nicely.

Gothic Queen said...

Hi, I like your pink tutu :)

Shock said...

Hi! I know this is an older post, but I've just stumbled upon the sentence about purple hair.

If you haven't already quelled your desire, I suggest Violet by Pravana, which I believe is available in the UK (but don't hold me to that). It goes in a bit dark, but after a wash or two it brightens up to almost ultraviolet purple. It's also permanent, so it stays for ages, but comes out easily if you want to change colors. But, be warned. If you're not careful, everything you touch will be purple. It comes off on skin for the first dozen washes or so, and transfers to walls, furniture, clothes, papers, money, even to other peoples' skin via your fingers!

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