Wednesday, 28 September 2011

My Summer As A Goth

I was so excited when I recently stumbled across a link on Twitter to the My Summer As A Goth webpage, and have been practically foaming at the mouth to post about it (no, I don't have my computer back yet...). So without further ado!

My Summer As A Goth is going to be a genius movie. Think Gypsy 83. You've probably already read the synopsis for the movie over at Gothic Charm School - yes, the all-round fabulous First Lady of PerkyGoth, Jillian Venters is supporting this movie, and not only that, she's the consultant for the production team (aka their "Go-to Goth") - but if not, here's a rehash: sixteen-year-old Joey Javitts is sent to live with her grandparents for the summer. During the course of the summer, Joey falls for the neighborhood Goth boy, Victor. She is transformed by Victor and his merry gang of fellow Goths from an average, run-of-the-mill teenager to Goth goddess–falling in love, making friends, and finding herself in the process.

Our heroine, Joey
(c) My Summer As A Goth
I want to see this movie. So. Much. But sadly, there's a catch. The My Summer As A Goth team need to raise money to be able to make the movie, otherwise they can't afford production costs, staff wages, and all those other oh-so-necessary costs.
Behind the scenes
(c) My Summer As A Goth
So. If you're thrilled, as I am, to see such a wonderful Goth-friendly project in the pipeline, how can you help? Well, you can pledge a donation via Kickstarter to get the project moving - oh, and if you do so, you'll get some scrummy rewards from the team as well, such as an I Heart Goth button or even a walk-on part in the movie or VIP tickets to the black carpet premiere, depending on how much you donate.

No cash to spare? Follow the team on Facebook, stalk their blog, or help promote the project by linking or blogging about My Summer As A Goth. You can also join the street team by e-mailing At Kickstarter you can also keep an eye on how the funding is coming along and check out excerpts from the script, a pretty video featuring some VERY familiar music for GCS fans, and some more photos from the project such as those I have cheekily 'borrowed' to use in this post.

Please show your support in any way that you can for this fantastic project! I want to see more Joey, dammit!


akumaxkami said...

I'm actually really look forward to this!

Gothic Charm School said...

Thank you so much for posting about the project!

Nightwind said...

This really looks exciting! Maybe I can donate a bit and will certainly spread the word.

Anonymous said...

Accurate goths in a movie? sounds interesting.

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