Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Spotlight on: Johnny Hollow

I hadn't heard of Johnny Hollow until I logged into my account at and came across their name in the 'What are you currently listening to?' thread. The name caught my attention so I looked them up. And discovered their website (, where you can win free MP3s if you correctly answer riddles...

This should give you some kind of idea of what the world of Johnny Hollow is like... their music conjures up decaying fairy tales and abandoned houses; elegantly spooky, dark, beautiful, and just a little bit twisted.

So who are Johnny Hollow? Formed in 2001, the Canadian band is comprised of singer Janine White, digital artist Vincent Marcone, and cellist Kitty Thompson. Their music ranges from cello-driven rock with a stomping beat (This Hollow World, Devil's Night) to bittersweet slow songs of lust and lies (Alibi, Boogeyman).

Vincent Marcone asked Janine to design the sound effects for his infamous My Pet Skeleton website, which was how the idea for the band was born. At the same time, Kitty Thompson and Janine were beginning to experiment in their recording studio. They had sessions perfoming as gig musicians, but in the wise words of Wikipedia, 'these weren't satisfying enough for them. My Pet Skeleton quickly rose to the forefront of the web hall of fame. The trio was heavily encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive response of the web audience, and decided to form an alliance. Their first material was presented on the My Pet Skeleton website.'

In March 2003 Johnny Hollow set up a small site to announce the release of their self-titled first album. A month later, they were invited to contribute their first single, Bag of Snow, D-Side's sampler disc, where it was featured alongside artists such as Martin Gore of Depeche Mode, Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins, Type O Negative, Goldfrapp and Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance. Many of these artists are cited as having an influence on Johnny Hollow's sound.

But I think Johnny Hollow describe themselves best: "There is a creative famine in the current state of our popular culture. We are living in a world of plastic pop songs that are lip synced by an army of synthetic faces......... We just can't help but feel pinned against a sonic wall by this new wave of starlit mannequins. And to this we say:
Fuck that.
Johnny Hollow won't have it."


linnea-maria said...

Thank you for that tip. I will check them up.

Traicetrak said...

I found them maybe a couple of years ago by searching the "steampunk" tag on I haven't listened to Johnny Hollow that much specifically (have to be in a certain mood), but that was my introduction to many artists that straddle the line between both subcultures, like Rasputina, The Dresden Dolls, and Dr. Steele.

Maeam said...

Oh, MAN, I WILL be checking them out!

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