Saturday, 22 October 2011

Dreams Divide, Deviant UK and Modulate, Southampton, 27/7/11

This is quite a belated concert review as the pics had to be recovered from the wreckage of my old computer! We attended the Robots Tour 2011 way back in July.

Here's Dan and I pre-gig:

Dreams Divide
I wasn't expecting to see three bands so this was a pleasant surprise; even more so when the warm-up act turned out to be my most-adored local band Dreams Divide. As you may recall I caught these guys at their first ever gig and I thought they were fantastic so it was really great to see them again. Their slightly synthpop-py electro sound is the perfect thing to get a perkygoth stomping her boots on the floor at the beginning of the night.
Just like last time, a polished and energetic performance, no complaints from me whatsoever. Some of their songs are so catchy that they can drag you straight up onto the dance floor like old favourites. I am pleased to see that this band have been supporting the likes of Covenant and KMFDM; they are a fantastic act who deserve a bit of recognition within the alternative electro scenes and I think they are going to get it.

John is my current favourite track from Dreams Divide, if you want to know what I'm raving about so much you can check it out here, although it sounds SO much better live.

Deviant UK
Every time I see Deviant UK they have a different line-up! Unfortunately they had some difficulties with this show - they were very late (I think they got stuck in traffic?) and as such ended up on stage moments after arrival, without their stage outfits or make-up. It was really odd to see the usually impeccably-dressed Jay clad in a baseball cap!
The set was by far the worst I have ever seen from Deviant UK, I wouldn't go quite so far as to say 'shoddy' but certainly not up to their usual standards. Jay's usual manic-overlord performance style was lacking a bit, which was fairly understandable giving the trouble they had getting here!

I guess everyone has their off days, and having seen two or three brilliant performances from Deviant UK I definitely haven't been put off from going to see them and I still think they are one of the best Industrial/darkwave acts that the UK scene has to offer. Jay's voice is incredible!

I was excited to go and see Modulate as I didn't catch their set at DV8 Fest. Described as 'the hard Industrial project of DJ Geoff Lee' with such subtle song titles as 'Skullfuck', I was certainly not disappointed.

Modulate were Dan's favourite band of the night; he likes anything bleepy you can bounce around to, which was delivered in spades by the lads on the stage. This is hard electro dance music at its most raw, it threatens to blast you right out of the club with sheer force and pretty much guarantees to turn any crowd into a bunch of sweating, writhing maniacs by the end of track two.

For me the highlight of this full-on electro frenzy was Modulate's cover of Faderhead's Dirtygrrrls/Dirtybois, it's a huge club hit in its own right and Modulate have managed to turn their re-work into something downright spectacular.
Overall this was great; Deviant UK were slightly disappointing but through no fault of their own. The other two acts were beyond brilliant; most of Modulate's songs are either already club hits or soon will be, and Dreams Divide are talented enough that they have no trouble holding their own amongst such well-established underground acts.


Toxic Tears said...

Ahh Deviant UK played at the club I'm going to tonight last time I was there.:)

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