Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Goth challenge, days 27 and 28

Day 27 - The worst thing you did to a newbie.

Um... I do try not to be mean or rude to newbies, there's no need for it! Mallgoths grow up into perfectly nice members of the Goth community and there's no reason to put them off by being spiteful or unkind because we were all daft, eyeliner-besmeared little creatures once. Babybats? (Apparently I have actually been misusing the term babybat, Gothic Charm School informs us that it refers to someone's age NOT their knowledge about the subculture; I do apologise.) I AM still a babybat in either sense of the term, being under-21 and not being a well-socialised Gothling (hard to do in a small town), so what would be the point in being unkind to people in exactly the same boat as me?

BUT. These things said, please remember that I created the guide as a sixteen-year-old overeager babybat (as I am so fond of saying) to harangue the kind of people who post on the Cure's YouTube videos with comments such as 'THIS ISN'T GOTH ITS EMO GO CRY EMO KIDS' (not a direct quote, but you get what I mean), so my intentions in the beginning were not entirely pure, and I did once recruit a posse of fellow Gothy Piczo users whilst in a fit of righteous rage to back me up in an argument with another Piczo-er about whether or not one band or another were Goth. *facepalm*

Now we shall not speak of this, ever again.

Day 28 - Do you consider yourself an eldergoth?

No! For starters, I'm too young to be an eldergoth at 20, and I've been involved in the Goth scene for five years, which compared to acquaintances of mine who are in their late 40s and discovered Goth right at its beginnings in the 70s and 80s, is little more than the blink of an eye. Ask me again in ten years!

Plus, as mentioned above, in many ways I am still quite a babybat, as living in a suburban area with no Goth scene whatsoever my contact with others in the subculture is predominantly online, which as a commentor on this site previously pointed out is not the best way to experience and learn about Goth culture and its community. Whilst I can (and do) strike up a conversation with another darkling in a shop or on the street, put me in a club situation where everyone is dressed up to the nines and I suddenly become horrendously shy!

By chance I recently met a charming eldergoth couple outside of the internet, who have been encouraging me to put a slice of my paycheque towards travelling to London to visit the clubs there. By chatting with these Goths, I have learned that whilst my online research has given me up-to-scratch musical knowledge, my lack of socialisation with other spooky types means I have been missing little things - simple stuff, like which music magazines occasionally feature a Goth-themed pullout.

I am looking forward to becoming more involved with the subculture offline by getting out and about to more clubs and events, but I am also terribly nervous, perhaps because I've read so much and heard so many horror stories with regards to cattiness, elitism and cliqueishness amongst Goths. At events I have been to in the past I have met some very nice people, so I know that some reports of snarking are somewhat exaggerated, but I hope that if you see this anxious babybat at a club near you, you will come and say hello!

Wow these pics are even worse quality than usual! Sorry!
Top: Omen, some shop in Camden, £20
Skirt: vintage shop, £5
Tights: gift
New Rocks: skip
Bracelet: Superdrug Halloween, £3.99
Necklace: Coven of Witches, about £10

Listening to: Intimate - Godyva


CNGB said...

I'm surprised by this "new" definition of Baby Bat, but also, I like it. I'm fairly sure that I may be the only Goth in northern Mississippi, so to have a few more years in the scene to develop my "Gothiness", well, that's a good thing.

LucretiaLevi said...

I always use the term "babybat" for the ones who just got in touch with the goth subculture, regardless of their age. Also I think it´s quite a cute term.
However, Amy, I wanted to encourage you to actually try and go to goth clubs! I´m rather shy myself and the scene around here has also this elitism reputation. But I always met very nice, openminded people and you just can´t compare the feeling of being sourrounded by dark creatures to online contact.

Nightwind said...

Although I can be quite talkative in one on one situations with people I know, I can be quite shy and withdrawn in social situations that involve more people. Still, there are times when I feel that it's in my best interest to overcome my loner status, and when I do, I benefit.

That said, I now belong to a local tea society of which at least several members are Goths and we are doing things together; getting to be friends. I also occasionally go to Monday night metal shows at a local venue, where I find a nice mix of Goths and metalheads. Everyone seems to get along just fine and I have not experienced any snarking or contentions between the two groups. I'm sure that it happens occasionally, but if it does, you can just ignore it. Overall, getting out with others should be a positive experience.

If you ever find yourself at a club here in Northwest Arkansas U.S.A. I would be very happy to say hello to you.

ultimategothguide said...

LucretiaLevi - I know, I always really enjoy myself when I go to festivals and gigs, I don't know why I get so anxious about clubs because there's hardly a lot of difference!

Nightwind - If I am ever in Northwest Arkansas, you'd better! :-)

Nightwind said...

Not only would I say hello to you, but I would be more than happy to give you an historic tour of the cemeteries that I take take care of here.

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