Friday, 7 October 2011

Inspired by Goth: Jessie J

Jessie J, better known to her family and friends as Jessie Cornish, is currently one of the UK's hottest pop artists with hits such as Price Tag and Who's Laughing Now. Whilst she may not boast Lady GaGa's Goth following - and has written for none other than Miley Cyrus, passthesickbagplease - I first noticed her on the front cover of a magazine at the train station, with the tagline lauding her 'Goth chic' style.

Source: Google
Her music is certainly not up every Goth's street but her style often offers a heavy nod to the dark side. In fact, she has drawn headlines in the UK this week for the beautiful black lace number she wore to the MOBO awards, where she scooped four awards.

22-year-old Jessie is also a fan of Goth-beloved Doc Marten boots, and her usual sleek black bob and dark eye make-up would also look far from out-of-place on any Goth girl, although at the MOBOs she sported tumbling raven locks (very Dita) followed by purple hair extensions and another all-black outfit when she look to the stage. She is also infamous for frequently wearing black lipstick.
Jessie at the MOBOs.
Source: Google Images
However, despite her increasingly glamorous-Goth image, Jessie J's particular brand of ghetto-pop steers clear of anything melancholy, spooky or dark. Whilst it may be a guilty pleasure for some Goths (don't we all have a few pop CDs hidden somewhere?), her music isn't going to be winning the collective heart of the spooky community any time soon.


Toxic Tears said...

I always feel people like her have so much potential that they throw away on mainstream music. She looks wonderful but I cannot stand her music. Lady Gaga is another one. I quite like a few of Lady Gaga's songs, but she could do so much better. They put so much effort into an original appearance, why not put the same effort into the music?

BallerinaDark said...

Jessie J's video "Nobody's perfect" is very goth looking in my opinion :)

I remeber also Christina Aguilera's video for "Fighter"..that was very gothy too :)

Pop isn't always a bad thing..

Celosia Myth said...

I agree with Toxic Tears - she looks beautiful, but I dislike her music. I think her dress at the MOBO awards was wonderful, I'm very jealous of it!

LucretiaLevi said...

I guess many pop artists try to dress a little bit gothy sometimes, because of the publicity and not because they are related to the subculture.

akumaxkami said...

I'm actually a pretty big fan of Jessie J. I like her voice.

I do hope she branches out into different musical styles though as her career progresses. She could go far.

Ashlee said...

Musicians dress crazy but make boring music because they're owned by labels who want to make money.

People like familiar things. That's why most popular musicians sound similar. They sell so they mass produce them. Easy money.

The HouseCat said...

Maybe she likes hip-hop/ghetto pop/that genre AND the goth fashion style. Maybe she likes wearing lace and black lippy and isn't just doing it to be edgy, but there again, maybe she is. Without interviewing her and asking her about it, we won't know. While she works in a popular style, she may genuinely LIKE that style, and that doesn't mean she is inherently selling out. If she would rather sing like Siouxsie and has been financially pressured not to and given in to that pressure, that would suck, but we have no evidence to say that this the case with Jessie J.

I'm Goth to the core, but I've got at least as much traditional Scots, Irish and Breton music in my collection as I have trad goth! I write eerie synthpop on my laptop and play folk fiddle, and also do the whole guitar singer-songwriter thing... One is allowed to enjoy more than one genre.

InfiltratorN7 said...

When it comes to pop I'm a big fan of P!nk who I feel keeps getting better and better. I didn't really take notice of her until her second album Missunderztood when she started breaking away from her earlier RnB style and also her breaking the pop starlet mould her record company wanted her to fit into her. You never hear people really talk about her as much as other pop stars. Her style is a kind of spunky pop-rock sound and her live shows are awesome.

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