Thursday, 20 October 2011

More daily outfits than you'll know what to do with...

While I was computer-less, I ended up with a massive backlog of daily outfits. I figured the best way to deal with these was to squeeze them all into one post. At least after this I will be up to date! So here goes:

Casual outfit for bellydance rehearsal.
T-shirt: charity shop, £1.50
Skirt: XS Punk, I've had it for about five years so I can't remember how much it was!
Leggings: Tesco, £10
Boots: New Look sale about seven years ago, £10
Coffin earrings: Thriller, £6.99
Hair clips: Claire's Halloween, £4

Then we had the first two rounds of hair dye remover.
Number one:

Crown earrings: bootsale, 20p
Boots: New Rock, £150
Skirt: secondhand, free
Belt: random alt store, £25
T-shirt: MusicNonStop, £20
Necklace: market stall, £2.50

And number two (this outfit was for a date):

Tank top: Tesco, £2
Net top: gift
Skirt: Camden Market, about £20
Books: Pleaser via Dark Kitten, £60

Then I made the mistake of using Schwarzekopf's Mystic Violet. I was hoping for a really vibrant purple but it just looked as though I'd dyed my hair back to black. :-/
Gloves: market stall, £6.99
Tank top: bootsale, 50p
Shrug: Peacocks, about £15
Necklace: The Sorcerer's Apprentice, £5
Skirt: bootsale, £1

Gloves: secondhand, free
Necklace: The Sorcerer's Apprentice, £5
Hair stickers (they're little butterflies): Claire's sale, £2

Jeans: Primark, £12
T-shirt: charity shop, £2.50
Braces: Claire's sale, £2
Ring: fancy dress shop, £4
Ray-Bans: charity shop, £2 (get in!!!)

A random shot of my new belly bar:

Black top: Next, £7
Waistcoat: charity shop, £4
Necklace: Claire's, £4
(I've got pink tights on with this, by the way...)
Hairclip: feathered hairclip, £3.99 from British Heart Foundation. I glued a plastic skull onto it.
Fluffy jumper: New Look, £19.99
Belt: charity shop, £3.50
Necklace: gift

Dress: charity shop, £5
Gloves: lingerie shop, £7
Hat: charity shop, £2

This was my tea last night:

And this is me today:

Hoodie: Camden, £8
Skirt: vintage shop (bit of a cheek, it's from bloody Matalan) £5 in sale
Socks: Poundland


Chloris said...

I love those ghosty stockings! Lookin' fab as always.

Maggie said...

The hair clips are brilliant, I wish I had enough hair to wear stuff like these.
Also, the boots you wore with your date outfit are great - and so is your new hair colour. Even a Goth girl needs a change from black every now and then ;)

Lolitadewdrop said...

It's cool to see all the outfit posts together. I really love your hair colour!! It looks so good.

Chloe said...

Wow, all of your outfits are amazing! It's fantastic that you seem to be able to create loads of different outfits without them ever looking too similar. Mind you, having 5 or so wardrobes filled with clothes must help XD

wobblinbetty said...

wow! so many cool outfits doll!!!!
I want your wardrobe :)

linnea-maria said...

Wow. Spooky soup and ghost stockings!!! Not to find here anywere I can tell. Love all of your outfits!

VictorianAndroid said...

I wish my wardrobe was half as awesome as yours *sigh*. I like the belly bar!! :)

Fae said...

I love the outfit you wore in the 12th picture!And the boots you wore on your date oh my gosh I love them!

The Irish Phantom Cat said...

Lovin the bellybutton ring!

I'm also loving the white socks/pumpkin hair combo! It creates an interesting look. I likes it!

You know, I was looking at the fluffy jumped in New Look a while ago (I assume its the same one) and I was in two minds. After seeing it on you I shall def have to at least try it on!

Your outfit posts always make me want to go shopping! :)

GothicGuy said...

Dan is lucky that his girlfriend is so pretty.

Phells said...

Your outfits are so varied! I feel like everything in my closet looks alike. Also, I love the curled hair.

marika carrel said...

like it alot

*Sothis Dhampir* said...

Wow! Those outfits are just amazing! :D

Serenity said...

Are you naturally a red head?! That second set of photos with your root growth looks red. LEAVE IT ALONE!!! I LOVE your natural hair color, its beauuutiful! My grandmother had red hair and green eyes, and though I'm her splitting image, I have brown hair and brown eyes. Your hair is gorgeous, grow out that red!
I want your "Goths have more fun shirt", I didn't know E.A. sold those! I love your ghost socks. I like those photos with the long skirt and you're outside. You look elegantly creepy, and I mean that as the highest form of compliment I can muster (I like creepy things, creepy is beautiful in my eyes). <3!

ultimategothguide said...

Serenity - actually not a redhead at all. That isn't natural root growth, it's hair dye remover which gives hair a copper tone. My hair is mousy brown/dark blonde, sorry to disappoint.

skinny ties said...

Amazing photos! Love your black wardrobe very elegant and fashionable.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading some of your blog now, and I just want to tell you that I think you're quite pretty! And you do a good job with your clothes. Your style reminds me of my own and I have found all of your tips and photos (mainly on the outfits) quite useful! I've been looking for a blog like this, and I'm glad I finally found it. Good luck to you!


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