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Resources for the Goth writer

A big hello to all my new followers who came here from Adora BatBrat's site; you can imagine how excited I was when Adora quoted me in her blog. <3 I'm almost at 666 followers now which may or may not be an omen of some sort. o.O

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Next month, as you may know, is NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). It's a genius event that takes place every November where a bunch of crazy writers (myself included, usually, although I have a bit too much going on this year to take part I think - perhaps I will try and meet the challenge via blogging instead!) attempt to bash out a 50,000 word novel in a month. It's great fun, and there are certainly plenty of Goths lurking on the WriMo forums. (Click here to find out more, get registered and prepare yourself for a month of creative anarchy.)

For all those Goth WriMos out there, may I present - this post.

Goths are usually creative types, and there is certainly a strong predilection in the scene towards writing as a preferred form of creative expression. Hence certain stereotypes of the moody Gawth teen locked in their darkened room writing morose poetry (or howlingly bad Twilight fanfic).

As every writer knows, the real trick to writing is the most obvious - just write. But sometimes getting the words onto the page can be the hardest task of all. I'd like to share with you my favourite writing tool, which has helped me through many a case of epic writer's block. Dr Wicked's Writing Lab is a writing application designed to encourage productivity by 'prodding' you (gently or none-too-gently, depending on which setting you choose) when you stop writing. This is also a fantastic tool for anyone who needs to get work done for a class!

You can give your NaNoWriMo a darker twist (yay, we here at the Goth Guide do so enjoy a dark twist) by signing up for GothNoWriMo, which follows the same principle as NaNo, except it takes place in October (of course!; and yes, you're a little late this year) and your piece of original fiction must be Gothic in theme or style.

The poets among you might wish to get some 'inspiration' - or more likely a laugh (or pained groan) -by using this Darkly Gothic Poetry Generator to create your next masterpiece.

If you dream of nothing more than holding your very own published tome in your lace- or fishnet-gloved hands, I can highly recommend Lulu from personal experience; it also has a bit of 'Goth cred' as it's used by none other than Mick Mercer. You can also create your own storefront to sell your books in download and print form.

Those who would like some creative criticism or simply to discuss their work may be able to benefit from joining the Gothic Poets and Writers Literary Club. It's free, and currently they are eager to collect as many works as possible.

If you enjoy writing non-fiction or simply about your life, why not start a blog yourself? Sign-up is free on many blogging platforms such as LiveJournal, Blogger and Piczo, and you would be joining such luminaries of the Goth world as Jillian Venters and Wednesday Mourning.

Goth gossip:

Tell me you wouldn't want to win the gown in this video. It's a mock-up for a Hollyoaks wedding from the E4 TV channel, and they're giving it away in a competition. I am not a Hollyoaks fan, but I would LOVE to win that dress. My entry is IN.


Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

I tried this last year. Instead, I got REALLY REALLY LAZY. I may write a book next year - how victorian! Maybe we should write a novel together? :P

Nightwind said...

As a short story writer, I really enjoy the Gothic Poets and Writers Literary Club. I've read some good material in that forum and have made inspirational friends there as well. Still, I bemoan the fact that there are so few in print venues, such as magazines, where a person can get short Gothic fiction or poetry published these days. It seems that by the time I discover a new venue, it closes. (sigh!)

Toxic Tears said...

Oooh thanks for the head up on the dress competition!O___O It makes my new ball gown type thing seem crappy in comparison.;o;

Dirgesinger said...


I am alwys reading you, only I dont have usually the time to respond. I wanted to many times - for example to the parenting post, being a goth parent myself, but well.

This nano thing sounds interesting. I write - for some 15+ years now, and I fear i won't have time for that, but sounds interesting. CAn I hand in completed stuff?:P

Luna said...

This is going to be my fifth NaNoWriMo and hopefully my third win. I write year-round (both non-fiction on my blog and fiction), but NaNo is different--maybe it's the competition, maybe it's the sense of community, I don't know. But I enjoy the challenge and it usually produces a pretty substantial first draft.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is astoundingly delightful. I have been writing for a very long time, and have been Goth for not-so-long-but-not-any-less-delightful time, and I am a great fan of NaNoWriMo (won last year! Woot!) This post made me choke on my orange juice and shriek excitedly, and I'd just like to say that it officially made my life. Thank you.

Lucidia-Rai LeFang said...

Aw, NaNo. Drove me completely insane last year, and it'll most likely be the same this time around. XD

Nina @ Death Books and Tea said...

This is going to be my first one this year...but I plan to do many more! And I've not heard of GothNaNo...I'll have to do that next year!
My book won't be connected to gothic fiction in any way...But I loved reading all the links and going everywhere!
Thanks for the post.

Stefanie said...

Tried and failed last year. I think my problem was I was doing it on the computer and I write better on paper so this year I'm going to write it in a notebook and type it up in the last week for the counting.

Also although I had a good plot starting point (albeit one that has been done before hint: godly parents and boarding school) I didn't plan it properly and got stuck.

This year I have a plot and I'm currently outlining it - and had a flash of inspiration for a mega twist ending at 1am last night - so hopefully things will go better :)

The main character Olivia is kinda Goth (purple hair FTW!) and the plot has Gothic themes, demons and things :D

Apologies for the long comment XD

Ghoulina Bones said...

I'm really happy you posted all of this!
I tried Nano last year and made it to 14k, this year I hope to try again.
I love the links you posted for self publishing and the like.
All have been bookmarked!

Qwack said...

I have a completely gothy book I'm going to write for the NaNo. I'm still planning, it's really complicated. And confusing. D:
It has to do with faeries and 19th century Ireland. Yay!

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