Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Spooky Castle

Fans of the game Spooky Castle ( may be interested in the new TV project from members of the band Many Splintered Thing. Giles Milner and Rob King have put their talents to good use writing a supernatural drama of the same name, based on the game.

The show (and game) focus on a team investigating things that go bump in the night in and around a suitably dark and haunted forest. Filmed by David Broomfield, the show is being recorded at various locations around the band's native New Forest (Hampshire, UK), a perfectly creepy but beautiful setting. As you can see in the photos accompanying this post, there are some fantastic costumes being used in the show, credit for which goes to Kristina Milner.

The cast and crew are working independently and have completed a trailer and a short film entitled The Black Crow of Narth as a taster of what is to come - you can watch it here.

Most excitingly, Many Splintered Thing have of course provided the soundtrack for Spooky Castle thus far; inspired by such titans of dark music as miserylab, Fields of the Nephilim, and none other than The Sisters of Mercy their gloomy, atmospheric sound is nothing short of delightful. You can listen to and download the band's early demos and several tracks from their album The Empty Space completely free on, and on SoundCloud you can download nearly thirty (!) free tracks including covers from Sisters, Joy Division, miserylab and The Pogues.

Currently, the team is looking for funding to make a full-length pilot episode of Spooky Castle. To see the films and find out more about the cast and crew, please pop across and visit them at the Spooky Castle webpage. You can also find out more about how to get involved if you would like to help fund this innovative project and get a full-length series of Spooky Castle onto your screen.


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