Thursday, 13 October 2011

A tip of the hat for 'Cheery Goths'

Following the news that Whitby Goth Weekend founder Jo Hampshire has backed the photography ban in St Mary's churchyard in Whitby, upon seeing examples of some of the photos that had caused offense to local residents (effectively saying that a minority of Goths attending the event were making the rest of us look bad by behaving like idiots in a place of respect) it was uplifting to read a letter from a regular Whitby attendee in the Daily Fail on Monday.

Frankly I was surprised to see Andy Gilford's letter published on the Mail's letters page; perhaps they have forgotten their columnist Richard Littlejohn's incredibly rude and offensive comments about Goths previously (examples include 'she should be spayed' and 'Gi' us a stick and I'll kill it' concerning Tasha Maltby, who only wanted to get on a damn bus). Nice of them to let us tell our side of the story for a change.

Anywho. Mr. Gilford's letter, headed 'Cheery Goths', really made my day (although I was reading it with my bat-shaped torch during a powercut... that's British weather for you)  so I thought I would share it with the rest of you.

"The portrayal of Goths as pale-faced, gloomy, doom-laden people intent on disrespecting the memory of the people buried at St Mary's couldn't be further from the truth. The people who attend the twice-yearly event in Whitby (including me and my wife) are the opposite of the stereotype.

"We're a rich blend of intelligent, artistic, kind, peaceful and generous souls whom local residents and traders alike welcome, not least because the event brings a huge income to the town. People don't go to Whitby simple to drape themselves over the gravestones, they attend the many music events and the Gothic community raises funds for charities.

"It's interesting to note that, despite thousands of Goths arriving from all over the nation and beyond, there's rarely any need for intervention by the local police. Indeed, they've often praised the event for passing off peacefully."

Very tempted to add 'so there' on the end here. 


Parkin Photography said...

I would hate to say but how are they going to stop it. As you probably know there can sometimes be 20-50 photographers up near the Cemetery at once never mind the people in the subject matter. Can probably agree some people are disrespectful but don't really see how this is going to be controlled

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