Sunday, 27 November 2011

Filthy Victorians 2012: Little Alice

Firstly, Things I Have Been Forgetting To Mention!

1) Thanks everyone for breaking the 1m pageviews barrier! Ohmigosh... o.O
2) I got interviewed! Check it out here.

Today's topic coincides with Kitty's creation of the Filthy Victorians 2012 LiveJournal community; a few woes and ramblings about the upcoming Victorian year.

Now it's almost December, I'm having some misgivings about spending a year attired in Victorian clothing. I love the clothing, it's beautiful, but I have to admit that it feels very limiting to know that I only have a month left to dress in whatever style I like.

Plus, Dan has been expressing some mild concerns at the idea of a) Victorian underwear, b) Victorian swimwear, and c) Victorian nightwear. He's a lovely chap, and I can understand his concerns about having a girlfriend who is trussed up like a turkey 24/7.

My third worry is about my job. It involves a lot of bending, carrying and lifting and I'm not sure how well I can go about doing those things in corsets, bustles and long skirts.

Now, as you may know, Kitty has introduced some very sensible rules regarding Filthy Victorians. I quote from her blag the following:
  • "Once a week is your Timetraveller Day. Constant 1800s is tiring. To help me carry this through, I am instating that once a week, you are Anything Goes Goth. Steampunk, cybergoth, industrial goth or Jeans And Tee goth - everyone needs a break! I bet most of these will be me in my 40s gear....damn you time travel!"
  • "If for any reason you can't dress Victorian, you can use an Emergency Pass. (I will literally print and laminate a card saying "To Whom It May Concern; Please Excuse Ms. Lovett's Improper Dress. Her Chameleon Circuits Aren't Working Today.")"
For the personal slacking reasons listed at the top of this post, I'd like to add my own rule to the above. (Please note, fellow Victorians, this rule applies ONLY to me unless you get Ms. Lovett's written permission. Yes, I'm quite serious, Filthy Victorians is Kitty's baby and we can't ALL go around bastardising it for our own purposes.)
  • For work, seeing the boyfriend, or other occasions as I see fit, I'm going to allow myself to downgrade from Victorian to Neo-Victorian, burlesque or Victorian-themed (my definition of Victorian-themed is quite broad, too). This means that I may be wearing full Victorian attire on average about three days a week, which, yes, downgrades me from Filthy Victorian to Little Alice.
I'm sad about this because this is a great, fun idea, but I do like to have a bit of fashion freedom and I'd really like to keep my job. Kitty also sayeth, "Not everyone can do it 24/7 - I will - but we need to set a certain amount of hours per week need to be spent Victorian in order to qualify to be a full Filthy Victorian. Remember, if you can't dress up, you can still be a part, and share things with the community," so I'm still intending to take part as much as I feel able. ^^

Necklace: The Zombified, about £10
Jumper: Miss Sixty via charity shop, £4
Tank top (underneath, jumper is see-through): charity shop, £1
Jeans: Miss Selfridge, via charity shop, £3.30


Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

YOU BITCH lol jks give me your hair.

You're still a Filthy Victorian. Perhaps very early victorian would suit you better? As in, Pride and Prejudice regency style. You can buy the right dresses right out of stores. <3 Still Victorian, just....early.

Hurry up and write that post about Jesus-is-Savior. I need to get my bitch on.

AmaranthineMess said...

It's a relief see your amazing outfit realized with a really small price. I'm a supporter of "alternative outfit with a small expense"! I see lots of people spend a fortune to obtain the same result I can obtain spending 10€ o___O

Le Professeur Gothique said...

Hi Sweetie! Sounds sensible enough to me. And I wanted to compliment you on your gorgeous hair color. VERY, VERY nice. You look marvelous, completely beautiful.

Nightwind said...

I wish you well with this year-long endeavor. It seems that you've found a way of balancing your goal with a reasonable amount of practicality; a good idea in my book. After all, there are always real-life considerations that cannot be easily dismissed or ignored.

inktwister said...

That idea sounds splendid! (<- LOL at lame period-talk attempt.)

Seriously, it sounds interesting. I would like to participate if not for the fact that I only have a few pieces of clothing and accessories that can pass off as Victorian. If there's loophole to the dressing up part then please do tell me where to sign up! :D

Anonymous said...

What is your opinion on fake piercings? I wear fake snakebites sometimes because I like how they look and I'm too squemish to get real ones, but my friends say it's misleading.

Silver Snow said...

Oh, it sounds so FUN! I really wish I could join on this year-long adventure, but I believe it would be slightly (okay, very) inappropriate to wear to school. ;) But whenever I can, you can bet I will be trying for a Victorian theme at least! :)


Good luck Amy. You will probably need it. Being Victorian isn't a perfect situation I'd like to be in. You've got a lot of guts Amy.

Miss Eva Morgan Reeve said...

'' Her Chameleon Circuits Aren't Working Today''

I laught so hard!

InfiltratorN7 said...

I'm confused by this Filthy Victorians thing. What is the point of it other than to look pretty and take lots of pictures? Is it for charity? That would make sense to me.

Kitty Lovett; The Unadulterated Cat said...

InfiltratorN7 - have they not invented "fun" where you live, yet?

Cadhla said...

Wow everyone who is doing this is seriously determined! Personally, I don't think I'd ever be able to do this. Perhaps someday if Ms Lovett decides to do this again! Best of luck!

InfiltratorN7 said...

*rollseyes* Yes they have. But if it's fun then why implement so many rules? It sounds like something you'd do for a study or for charity or (heaven forbid) a tv show. Asking sensible questions about a project does not mean someone does not know how to have fun or is criticising the venture. How about answering the question instead of attacking?

InfiltratorN7 said...

To clarify: what was the initial spark behind the venture? What set the ball rolling? I'm curious. I had a look through your blog but had trouble finding where it all started, though can find plenty of advice regarding clothing etc. I've dressed up for historical re-enactment before and have friends who do it all the time, but just wondering why for a whole year if it's normally something you do? I mean you get people like the Lady of the Manners who appears to dress cupcake goth 24/7 but if you're new to dressing that way on a regular basis a year seems like a long time! Bit of background info: I do academic research so I'm used to asking "why?" all the time, trying to understand other people's reasoning and justify my own. People might think it's rude, but it's the way my brain is wired. I always want to know more.

Btw did you ever see Channel 4's 1900 House? The Adam and Joe Show did a piss take once called 'The 1980s House'....then it happened for real about a year ago. O_O [well 1970s/1980s/1990s house - the show was called Electric Dreams. The funny and bizarre part is the kids actually had a hard time of it].

Miss Eva Morgan Reeve said...

''But if it's fun then why implement so many rules?''

I don't know about you, but I play games for fun, and believe me some of them have tones of rules... (Careful for I am going to look like a ├╝ber dork here)Some games like D&D or any other RPG are basically a set of rules by which you play.

I don't exactly know where I was going with this, but yeah, fun and rules, they go well together. Other wise they would be chaos, destruction and all the little kittehs would cry.

InfiltratorN7 said...

I'm a gamer Miss Eva Morgan Reeve so yeah I'm used to playing lots of games with rules (yes they are important for most games). :-P I guess I'm just more curious about the origins of Filthy Victorians. The idea behind it. Obviously yeah it's about having fun but it seems bigger than that at the same time. Maybe I'm trying to read too much into it and subsequently failing. >_<

I should also make it clear I don't think it's a bad idea at all. It should prove interesting, though this does not stop me from being curious. For example I'm also wondering about the different reasons behind people's decisions to participate. Do people have different reasons? What they think they'll get out of the experience or learn from it if anything?

Miss Eva Morgan Reeve said...

Nice to meet a fellow gamer.

Well since it's for fun, I guess everyone has a different reason to ''play the game''. Wether it's to challenge yourself to be creative with your wardrobe and still efficient or because you simply think it's pretty and want to take picture to draw attention to yourself and blog by inspiring people with fashionable photos.

After all, it is a blog mostly about alternative fashion.

Anonymous said...

Me and my friend were discussing gothic styles and we were wondering, Is they're such thing as "skatergoth?" (Like skateboarder.)

Hellcat said...

Due to the job that I have I can't do this 247 -though I might be able to wear certain neovictorian items in my closet to work, but on my off days I will be in full victorian garb :)

Jamie said...

Yeah, as much as I would love to try the full-on Filthy Victorian, needing to pack light for the semester abroad I'm doing in New Zealand will keep me at Little Alice status, I think. Also, I don't know how I feel about corsets UNDER blouses. :P Let's be Little Alices together!

Ashlee said...

lol. My boyfriends main concern was all the clothes - so I told him that drawers are crotchless. Problem solved, lol. ... is that TMI? I'm really not sure.

I still need to do so much for this. Make skirts and buy blouses, mostly. The accessories will be Christmas presents.

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