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Gentlemen's Hour: Accessories for gentlemen

I have been accused on several occasions of neglecting the guys with my fashion posts, so I'm hoping to rectify such a situation by posting a weekly 'Gentlemen's Hour' theme, which will include ideas, tips, advice, Q&As should I recieve any, inspirations, and links to dashing gentlemen in dark fashion all over the internet. Guys, please bear in mind, I AM a girl, but I will do my very best. :-)

To see more on this blog for male fashion, you can click the 'gentlemen' tag in the sidebar to the right.

Today's topic is accessories for men. I have often heard that girls' fashion is more versatile than men's, but I don't believe that, in regards to the Goth scene at least. There are few feminine accessories in Goth fashion that do not have a masculine equivalent - even nipple pasties, although the most-sported male version of nipple pasties is an 'X' in black tape.

Items like gloves (fishnet, leather, or lace), collars (leather, studded, spiked, or, again, lace), jabots, neckerchiefs or scarves, ripped tights worn on the arms, pendants, chains, rings, goggles, gas masks, hair falls (dreads, cyberlox) and hats are all just as suitable for men as for women.

For more unusual masculine accessories, I'd advise looking towards the Japanese Harajuku fashion scene, and more specifically styles like Kodona and Visual Kei. With styles like these, crazy contact lenses, epaulettes, spats, eyepatches and canes are common, creating an extravagant, decadent appearance.

Ayu on Japan Forum
There is simply no excuse for gentlemen's Goth fashion to be boring. Even a sleek, minimalist style like hipster Goth can be damaged by lazy accessorising - all it takes is a cross ring or pendant and some strategically placed studs and chains on one's boots, but without the right accessories you run the risk of either looking like you didn't put in any effort or like you're just a chap who happens to be wearing black clothes.

Whether your preferred style is trad, deathrock, Victorian, cyber, Industrial or something else entirely, accessories will turn a bland outfit into a showstopper. Take a plain black T-shirt and jeans, for example. Add chains from the belt loops, a studded or bullet belt, a spiked choker, skull pendant and ripped fishnets on your arms and voila, basic deathrock. Take the same outfit and add goggles, a gas mask, leather gloves and a UV reactive gauntlet and you have something cyber/Industrial-esque.

Where can you buy interesting and unique Goth accessories for guys? Well, for many things it's off to the thrift stores (fishnets, hats and belts can often be sourced secondhand for next to nothing) or even mainstream stores where you can find items like dog tags (Claire's) and tribal pendants (British Heart Foundation), but otherwise, here are a few links:

AllyCatMetalWare (for cyber and Industrial accessories including goggles, gauntlets, masks and even iPhone cases).
Kreepsville666 (for the more deathrock, Gothabilly and gore inclined; pins, patches, belts, bags).
Attitude Clothing stocks a little bit of everything, from shoelaces and contact lenses to watches, scarves, headphones and headgear.
Alchemy Gothic is a cliche for a reason.

Etsy is the place to go for:
Top hats


Nightwind said...

I'm a hat person myself and am rarely seen not wearing one.

Due to being on a tight budget these days I cannot buy many of the clothes and accessories that I'd like to, but I have found some excellent clothing items such as hats, vests, leather jackets and awesome T-shirts in one of my local resale stores at very reasonable prices.

My favorite source for unique shirts, both of the T-shirt variety and long-sleeved however, is Black Rose from London. They carry shirts with unique designs from a variety of artists including some containing artwork from the Anne Stokes Collection.

Belts, bracelets and occasionally jewelry, I'll actually acquire from Hot Topic or Spencer's. It seems that if I'm willing to wait long enough, they'll actually come through with an item or two that strikes my fancy.

Generally, I buy my jeans at ordinary retail outlets.

When all is said and done, I manage to achieve a style that resembles a Fields of the Nephelim look that is mingled with vampire, Romantic and a generous dose of metal.

As finances allow I hope to keep my personal style evolving, but I'm really not complaining at the moment.

snapexforever said...

I am really excited for this section! I have a potential faq question, though it's kind of a tricky one: what if you're small and have a hard time finding men's fashion that fits you appropriately? And I mean...small. I'm a 5'2" petite female who prefers men's garb, especially along the lines of both deathrock and victorian. The victorian stuff I've found has always been super expensive and looks like it'd need a lot of altering, so I usually stick to a casual look more remniscent of trad goth. BUT ANY DIRECTIONAL ADVICE WOULD BE GREAT :')

akumaxkami said...

@snapexforever: I recommend buying from overseas like China or Japan. Their sizes tend to run a lot smaller, since most Asian people are naturally shorter and thinner than us Westerners. ^_~

~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~+~ said...

yeay =D

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