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Gentlemen's Hour: Advice for small gentlemen

Firstly, a reader question: snapexforever asked, "What if you're small and have a hard time finding men's fashion that fits you appropriately? And I mean...small. I'm a 5'2" petite female who prefers men's garb, especially along the lines of both deathrock and victorian. The victorian stuff I've found has always been super expensive and looks like it'd need a lot of altering, so I usually stick to a casual look more remniscent of trad goth. BUT ANY DIRECTIONAL ADVICE WOULD BE GREAT :')"

Another commentor, akumaxkami, responded with, " I recommend buying from overseas like China or Japan. Their sizes tend to run a lot smaller, since most Asian people are naturally shorter and thinner than us Westerners. ^_~", which I think is good advice. Along these same lines, for Victorian-inspired clothing try looking for Lolita Ouji/Kodona/boystyle clothing - you can get frock coats, ruffled shirts and that sort of thing in smaller sizes.

It might also be worthwhile contacting some independent designers in person, for example through Etsy, to ask if they are happy to make designs in a smaller size. No, it won't be cheap, but for special occasions or That One Item that will make your wardrobe/life complete, it could be worth considering.

Source: Amber Jaded
Model unknown
Deathrock is slightly easier, as it doesn't matter especially whether you are buying mens, womens or even childrens (if you're REALLY tiny) clothing if you're going to rip it to pieces and put it back together with safety pins. Small men could very easily get away with buying women's or teens skinny jeans, vests and T-shirts from mainstream stores like Primark and then customising them until they are unrecogniseable.

Hope this helps!

On another note, a frequent complaint I hear from the gentlemen of the species is that they have difficulty finding images, sites and resources for men's Goth fashion (hence this entire series of posts). I have been bustling about the internet to compile some helpful links, and here's a few of the best I've discovered so far.

  • Antimony and Lace has a helpful page full of links to stores selling men's clothing online.
  • Steff Metal ran a great post on male Goth fashion with a bit more class.
  • The wonderful Gothic Charm School has also taken the time to address the issue of where one can find men's clothing.
  • Joji's blog provides plenty of inspiration and advice.
Now, what topics would you guys like to see covered for Gentlemen's Hour? I have a few up my sleeve but I want to know what you would find interesting. Photo posts of inspirational chaps? More resources and links? Specific fashion questions that should be answered? Delving into the weird and wonderful world of gentlemen's style such as dandyism and Kodona? You tell me.


SaryWalrus said...

I would love so much to hear more about dandyism after reading Joji's tumblr about it!

Also, maybe male appropriate Gothy hair styles. The boy friend wants me to do something with his hair. :3

BallerinaDark said...

"..That One Item that will make your wardrobe/life complete.."

I love this sentence :)

I did notice one thing goth culture women can be (stereotypically speaking) both fat and thin..but the sterotypical goth men are all skinny if not even androgynous..what's your opinion on this?

Caroline Carnivorous said...

Don't think this would help for my 5'5'' black metal boyfriend xD He gets a lot of fashion inspiration from me, and I dress.. something alike tradgoth? With more victorian inspiration.
I'm 4'10'', btw! :D

ultimategothguide said...

Caroline Carnivorous - we'd look like Little and Large if we stood next to each other, I'm 5'10"! XD

BallerinaDark - I think it is literally just a stereotype, I've met men of all sizes, heights and shapes at events and festivals, and if you look through the WGT galleries online for example there are a lot of different shapes. (But I have never seen a heavily overweight Goth guy, though.)

This stereotype is probably because non-Goths might find it difficult to associate a subculture where men wear make-up with anything other than androgyny - my boyfriend Dan has this issue, he can't understand how a guy in eyeliner could possibly be masculine *facepalm*

Naomi said...

Qutieland would be a very good site to find some aristocratic blouses and vests. And the price is reasonable ^^

BallerinaDark said...

eheh thank you for your answer Amy!I think too that's the reason :)

snapexforever said...

ahhh, thanks so much for addressing my question, Amy : D It was indeed helpful, as you've given me somewhere to start :) (Also thanks to akumaxkami! I, incidentally have never thought of buying overseas. I will look into that!)

Nightwind said...

Hmm...I'm pretty much at a loss for suggestions at the moment. If I do come up with an idea I'll certainly suggest it though.

Steff Metal said...

Hey, thanks for linking me up in this! If for no other reason than it helped me discover your blog!

ultimategothguide said...

Aw, you're most welcome! And thanks! <3 I think you're awesome :-)

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