Thursday, 24 November 2011

Gentlemen's Hour: hairstyles

I could never do a post describing every single Goth hairstyle that is out there for either sex... there may be a few 'basic classics' such as the deathhawk, and the standard long black waterfall of hair, but the trouble with Goths is that you just can't classify or catalogue everything they do, because most of us like to take inspiration from a style, and then make it their own.

Geen titel #121

With hairstyles as with fashion, there are just as many exciting and unique styles for gentlemen as for ladies, but unless you dig around you're likely to see just a few 'standard' styles - long, straight and centre-parted; deathhawk or mohawk; cyber-tastic dreadlocks, usually with some shaven head sections.

With this thought in mind, I have been digging around the internet to try and find some images of men's hairstyles that do not fit any of the above categories. (If you are inspired by any of these hairstyles, remember that hairdresses and stylists are usually more than happy to try and recreate an image if you print it off and take it to them.) I am going to link to these images so as not to tread on anyone's copyright!

This is Thomas Vitriol *passes round hanky to the Goth ladies to mop up drool*. I don't believe any further words are necessary.

Joji looking stunning as always.

Crimping and a ponytail. Very simple, can be done on almost any hair, yet weirdly underrated.

Plenty of inspiration with this photoset. There seems to be a sad lack of backcombing/teasing amongst young Goth lads nowadays; hopefully the first, third and eighth photos could provoke a comeback. The fourth and seventh photos I love unreservedly.

Bouffants! Not just for the ladies! Requires backcombing and A LOT of hairspray, but worth it.

This guy = when eldergoth meets Visual Kei.

I'm pretty sure this is Mana? Whether it is or not, 'pretty' was definitely the key word in that sentence.

Simple can be striking.

And on that note, there's nothing wrong with this either.

When in doubt? CLIVE.


SugarRat said...

plenty of great hairstyles out there for both genders have to say ^^

I have to correct you though on Mana which he isn't, that is Közi from Malice Mizer times. That band had quite a few wonderful hairstyles back in the time and I would recommend all guys to check their hair styles (why not the music and whatever else as well) out as well even though that is more of the older visual kei style.

Cheers for the awesome hair styles!!

Vyzov (Mike) said...

I'm currently rocking a mohawk that's getting close to being about 6 inches, possibly longer, or would be if not for the fact that winter is here and putting it up means not being able to wear a nice warm winter hat. It gets very very cold here in Winnipeg, MB. Temperatures well below -30 are not uncommon here, and we get more than our share of -40. With the occasional -50 with the windchill on some days.

So I guess I'll spend the winter growing it out some more. I want to get it long enough to have a nice deathhawk for awhile. Then I will shave it all off again and try something new.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love me some dapper dandy Goth gentlemen. Thank You for the eye candy pack, Amy! I am asking Santa for this guy in red coat for Christmas. :D

Lots of love,

Nightwind said...

There are definitely some unique and interesting styles listed here. I especially like some in the photo set. An inspiration perhaps?

Nymphonia said...

I found Thomas Vitriol last weekend, and he is one of the most beautiful men that has ever walked the earth (my opinion, but honestly- just look at him!)! He also has a beautiful voice *addicted*, you should check his youtube channel ^^

Louise said...

As SugarRat said, fourth from the bottom is indeed Kozi, whose clothing is definitely worth looking at if you're after some inspiration. He often wears things most other people would overlook, in ways and combinations you wouldn't normally consider. And never fails to make it work, somehow.

Anonymous said...

A lot of nice pics you got here. :)

The other day World Goth Day posted a link to a Goth guy model, kind of Romantic/Victorian. His style is superb so here's a link:

Tenebris In Lux said...

And this. Is why. I wish. I were a guy xP

I love my short purple hair undercut thingy going on, but I'm still confused with my hair. I'm thinking about growing it out and cutting it into a bob, and dying it black. Hair is so versatile o_o

Winda Tiodang said...

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Kristoff said...

What can I do with extremely kinky-curly-frizle hair? The humidty where I live dosn't help. -_- I would REALLY like something other than this '70s 'fro I got going on. I have thought about dreading it, but I can't due to my family, becuase I'm sixteen. Help?

Ashlee said...

My boyfriend shaved the right third (well, nearly half) of his hair. Hes wanting to shave designs into it, too, but hasn't bothered as of yet.

Pretty, pretty people with very pretty hair! Oh, and believe me, I could have said "pretty" more in that sentence.

There's also the "natural", how un-Gothygoth it may be.

Anonymous said...

There's some great styles here, and some really great ideas... unfortunately, I've been blessed with very thin, limp, silky hair which is very nice, but nearly impossible to tease up in any form... coupled with a slight undercut, I'm not left with many options haha.

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